Phaseshift hit detection

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Saool, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Saool

    Has anyone noticed that occationally hits are not hitting with the Phaseshift? I've had a few cases now were I have done a plum head shot, well within range and got no hit indicator and the target is still sat there oblivious.
  2. Vikingo

    Its not only the Phaseshift. Play NC a bit with the slower fire rate weapons, you will notice this happens with all weapons. I suspect this is a EU server issue.
  3. Godsmangamer

    same here but with the crossbow near range got no hit indicator and a head shot hit twice more still nothing had I have had it happen like 5-6 times in game
    I am a connery player
  4. AuntLou42

    My problem is not only are the hits not hitting but the projectile isn't even coming out. Happens about ones every 50 shots or so.
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  5. EvilMindedSquirrel

    Same problem here!
    Every so often I aim, charge up, release the trigger,.... and nothing happens. No recoil animation, no tracer, no heat build up.
    It is VERY annoying!
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  6. Godsmangamer

    I don't know about some of the other observations about this but I think this bug
    might be part of the reason that your having a problem
  7. AnuErebus

    This is most likely part of the same bug which makes a certain number of shots from slow firing weapons not do damage. It may also affect fast firing weapons, but it's harder to tell since each individual bullet is less important on those weapons. Essentially every so often the bullet information doesn't get sent to the server and you're left firing a dud. This can also happen with things like recon darts which will fire a dart, but on impact the dart won't do anything. In my experience I often will see a bullet or two fly out of the gun and visibly impact the target on my screen. They'll perform the flinch animation, but I won't get hit markers and the target won't take damage.

    A person who is moving around is well past the point where they'd have spawn invulnerability. Spawn invulnerability only affects players who are still loading into the area and the only place that's really noticeable is people spawning on sunderers.
  8. Godsmangamer

    as I said in my post just trying to centralize the discussion I also wish I had made a greater effort to gather information before I tried to put these threads together.
  9. moriarrr-ceres

    It happen to me also.
    I have already seen this same bug on the lancer and the vortex at their release.
    After the charging delay the gun dont shoot.
    I have also the scope shaking bug sometime epescially when i'm near a rock or a tree or on a slope.
  10. moriarrr-ceres

    The bullet DONT FIRE
  11. Vivicector

    Oh, so its only me shooting those still-standing guy in the head with no-drop weapons and not getting hits? Good to know.
  12. Nanomorph

    The last update pretty much broke hitreg across the board.

    Plus it trashed performance, plus it added a bunch of invincibility exploits, plus plus plus :eek:
  13. Trilateral

    Yes I see your problem. Try using less vaseline, it tends to wad up below room temperature.