Phaseshift = full bore awesomesauce

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by ISKNausicaa, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. ISKNausicaa

    cutting a long short its a bloody good weapon right now

    6 shots in semi before, 2 shots in bolt action mode before cooldown

    semi mode: the recoil is much lower than it used to be and with the charge lag gone semi mode is has a much faster fire rate than it used to:

    headshot in bolt action mode = 240m with silencer on, 259m without

    2 body shot kill 142 m wo silencer, refire time is about a second, large recoil

    in essence its now a combination of the spectre and t1 bolt action rolled into one but with heat ammo and no bullet drop but with less ammo before a reload

    its a really nice versatile weapon, love it :)
  2. BartasRS

    yeah. too bad it didn't make into today's patch.
  3. ISKNausicaa

    wrel is probably giving it more time on the ptr so people can submit feedback, not many have given any feedback from the ptr on it atm (he said as much in one of his recent vids)
  4. BartasRS

    I see plenty of feedback on reddit about it. I myself gave quite extensive feedback on it. I believe that many people, myself included, love Phaseshift as it is now on PTS and are afraid it will not come to live in its current state. TBH in my opinion it is a very very good blend of scout/bolt-action rifle. I could say it is on the verge of being OP but deffo is not. It has some downsides still (like massive bolt-action mode recoil) but is nicely balanced. The bad thing about it is that it makes all non-auto scout rifles obsolete but hey... any starter sniper rifle with ballistic comp makes them obsolete already.
  5. Liewec123

    i still think they need to give you other scope options, i'd pick it up in a heartbeat if i couls stick a 1x/2x on it!
  6. Luminari

    Wow a difference of only 19 meters with or without silencer. Almost makes the silencer standard issue now.
  7. BartasRS

    My thoughts also but you must keep in mind that with silencer bullet will disappear after some time/distance and is much slower. Phaseshift has already low bullet velocity to begin with. In general, this gun is not meant for extreme range sniping but it is possible in some cases.
  8. Irlogia

    Whaddaya mean, not meant for extreme range? It's really easy to land headshots on stationary targets, range be damned. I could do without the almost sickening recoil the bolt action has, even with forward grips tho.

    On a constructive feedback note, i'd advise bringing back the previous Phaseshift aim reticle, and have the previous charged shot visual for bolt action shots, making it easier to distinguish the firemodes, compared to the tiny indicator it has now.
  9. BartasRS

    Aim reticle is the same in bolt-action mode, new one is for semi-auto which, IMO, is very good choice.

    By "not meant for extreme range sniping" I mean that it is quite hard to hit anything moving with Phaseshift tho not impossible. It should be easier with no fire delay/charge up. Cannot really test it on PTS.
  10. Irlogia

    I find hitting moving targets not particularily hard with the current live model. The charge mechanic is something you grow into, i have to say. By the time i hit Aurax on the gun, it was by far my favorite sniper ever.
  11. zaspacer

    Semi Auto Sniper Rifle (VS/TR Starter sniper rifle) is currently one of the lowest used non-gimmick guns in the game by experienced (BR100) players. And these are guns what every VS and TR has free to use.
    source: sort by Sniper Rifles: ALL BR, Q4, BR100.

    At least the Spectre has no bullet drop...though the Spectre is among the lowest Kill-Per-Hour non-gimmick guns in the game.

    It's another example of the terrible New Player Experience that this is (since launch) what new starting Infiltrators get. Imagine starting a new character, spawning as Infiltrator, using a Semi Auto Sniper Rifle, hitting Instant Action, and being dropped into Hossin vs. an enemy zerg. As a bonus, if you chose VS, you also get to start with a Beamer... and the Beamer also has one of the lowest Kill-Per-Hour stats of non-gimmick guns in the game.
  12. MrMinistry30

    @zaspacer actually, you described my first few minutes playing PS2 some years ago :D (except it was indar, not hossin)