Phaseshift and its state and possible little changes that would make it Viable

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  1. Fujikaze

    Fist of all i dont have this weapon but bare with me
    Now im not saying this weapon is terrible or whatsoever but i will list the things i found while playing with this weapon on two trial runs. Fortunately i've found quite nice scenarios to be in with this weapon.

    Scopes. The scope on this weapon is totally terrible. That scope may look normal on a heavy weapon but atleast for me its painful to use that scope. New types of Scopes can be made easily i think atleast a scope would cure a part of the wound that this weapon creates.

    Recoil: Some cases you wont notice it but you will feel it when it comes to it. Holding breath and shooting targets becomes pretty exhausting and boring after a while. Both SA and Chargetshot has terrible recoil. In some cases this will prevent you from hitting your target on some distance because scope sway is unreliable and holding breath and shooting becomes exhausting and time consuming after a awhile.

    Fixing this recoil issue is easy. Lowering the recoil would help alot.

    Bullet Velocity: T1 grade Velocity. Okay i know Chargedshots doesnt have any bulletdrops but the Charge mechanics, holding breath, Leading your reticule, Calculating your targets path becomes unnecessarily hard with this weapon. Because charge mechanic adds to your everyday sniping actions before every shot. TL;DR bullet velocity adds to the imaginary skill levels to this weapon. Totally unnecessary and boring.

    Atleast buff it to the T3 sniper rifles level like 650 velocity to make it fair and atleast useable over weapons like XM98

    OHK range: Only 200 meters. Over that range you'll need to chain up another chargedshot or a couple of more SA shots which again adds to the skill level which takes to use this weapon efficiently. That is if you count shooting motionless enemies fun or think that it took skill to do it.

    Okay you know what. For a chargedshot to kill enemies with one shot over 200m is kinda sad. This stat has to be buffed. Making it atleast 250m for OHK on headshots would help alot and make it "okay" to use this weapon over any BASR VS has because right now this weapon is an scavenged thing. A part of Spectre and a part of Lancer plus unlimited ammo (which was totally unnecessary because people literally cried over this for nothing).

    Chargedshot: ANY sane Infiltrator with and BASR will murder you if decloak and prepare an chargedshot. This feature basically leaves you vulnerable to any avarage infiltrator who can actually aim and shoot things.

    Let us charge the shot while cloaked. Put some sort of CD to its reload if that shot kept too long to balance things or not. This charge combined with low bullet velocity gives your opponent an time window to react to you.

    Or is there a planned change for this weapon that i dont know of ? Because whenever i asked about this weapon ingame, even the people who auraxiamed or got close to it told me to stay away from this weapon, this weapon doesnt suit any of the roles mentioned for it or stick to Parallax because even the people used this weapon alot told me that their aim accuracy and kill ratio is dropped whenever they are not in a battle like Tech plants etc.

    Sure its easy to kill ducking enemies with infinite ammo and no bullet drop but we're missing the main fun factor of the infiltrator class while playing with this weapon. Moving targets and fellow enemy sniping infiltrators.

    This weapon looks better and has great sounds. Its a waste to see it as an T0 weapon or hear everyone saying "ITS A PHIT WEAPON STAY AWAY FROM IT"

    Please do enlighten me if you have a way to use this fun and efficiently.
  2. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Are you sure the OHK range is 200 yards? I did some long range sniping with it yesterday. I just went back and rewatched, the base is 233 meters away and I OHK almost everything I shot at. Also did some testing in the VR and got the same results. The only time it became more than a OHK headshot was while suppressed, in which it only OHK out to about 185 meters.
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  3. Wobberjockey

    last i knew it was a 200m hs

    also dear god it needs access to a 4x scope. even if i can't get the situational awareness outside it.

    at the ranges i want to use it as designed, 6x is just so....claustrophobic. i feel like im using the specter all over again
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  4. starlinvf

    The Phaseshift is viable.... it just doesn't mesh with the mountain of bad habits snipers have when it comes to sniping. I've seen a number of the youtube videos on the matter, and while it takes a slight mental adjustment, its not this bad weapon people make it out to be. Its just like the rail jack, the slight behavioral adjustment to get around delay and its just like a Longshot with more velocity.
  5. Maelthra

    I've tested the OHK range multiple times in the VR and it's always ended at 200m. Infiltrators should be a OHK out to a little longer since they have 100 less health, but every other class should be 200m. Unless there was a stealth buff recently.
  6. EvilMindedSquirrel

    I have so far 684 kills with the phaseshift and i really like it. Took some getting used to, but it works great for me.

    From my experience the OHK range or infiltrators is render distance; aka, if you can land a head shot on an infil they are gone. This even includes when they are riding a flash and are therefore outside of the normal infantry render. This is also what I use it most for, counter sniping.
    This way the incredibly slow bullet speed is also less of an issue. It is still painful to watch when you see you round (or is it a plasma pew-pew thingy?) travel.... and travel... and travel. Iif your target is stationary (like most snipers are when they are taking aim) it is not AS bad.
    The no-bullet drop is also handy here, if you know where an infil is but they just cloaked you just aim where their head just was, and with any luck they are out.
    The infinite ammo is the best thing since sliced bread for me. It happened far to often that i go behind enemy lines and run out of ammo. like this I can go on long camping trips to my hearts content.

    BTW: you do not need to charge the weapon all the way to get the maximum damage. As far as i can see you can OHK infils at about 0.3-0.4 seconds. after that the increase in damage will not increase at all or not enough to make a difference.
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  7. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Yep you're right. My earlier testing was for something completely different (suppressor range) and I actually had no clue that 200 was the max OHK range. The live action kills I got yesterday must have been right inside of that. Because like I said the distance to base said 233, but it was a tower and they were out on the platforms. And now that I actually know that, I do recall getting some headshot hit markers where I was amazed that they didn't drop the player. It all makes sense now lol.

    More often than not this won't have any actual effect on me since my sniping usually falls within that range. It is a bit odd though, but I'm guessing it's in there to counter the weapon not having drop.
  8. Nyscha

    It's no where as good as the parallax.
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  9. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Maybe not but it's a lot more fun to use IMO. Also it does offer some stuff that the Parallax doesn't.
  10. Nyscha

    Well guns are meant to kill and the parallax does that a lot better than the phaseshift.

    I gave up on it and went back to parallax before it destroyed my kdr.
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  11. Fujikaze

    Its just like you guys said. Its not a terrible weapon it has its pluses but its cons shadows over its pluses. As for the Railjack, i have it and im using it, not gonna say too much about it but is a long range sniper and i like it very much beause of its "Long range sniping" capability. I just cant find it in Phaseshift. Yes i know they arent the same kind of weapon but i feel like SOE forced that charge idea onto this weapon and released it without further testing.

    Now where this weapon is extremely bad IMO, A fight against a Sniper who knows what he's doing. He's not going to wait for you to take that charged shot and you are pretty much a sitting duck waiting for your execution since you move very slowly or try to hold your breath and take a headshot. And since weapon cant OHK outside of 200 m, you are pretty much dead.

    I wont deny that weapon looks really good and has nice sounds and fun. But this weapon is fun in only some certain positions and mostly this weapon is going to lock you down in 200m for the maximum effectiveness. Despite what people claims about this weapon namely " Versatile all around weapon" its not. It only works on some lucky shots, sitting ducks and Extrelemy exhausting and time consuming leading shots. Its SA can be done with Spectre and OHK can be done with any other BASR.

    Now im not the best sniper around here and there are lots of really good snipers who does really cool and skillful shots but these are what i observed about it and the people who commented about it.

    Because whenever i asked about it in platoons and yell region etc, i always got the same reply.

    "Stick to Parallax and forget about its existence" and i find it pretty sad for a weapon that looks really cool(except scope ughh)
  12. moriarrr-ceres

    what is bad in this weapon:
    -you need to wait to have the same result
    -you need to swap to secondary if you target move (the charging continue when you cloack)
    -every medium/good player will notice you. You will become an easy target
    -the weapon is too slow you are without defence
    -you are not rewarded by charged shot (lancer at least have an improved velocity)
    -no good scope
    -you cant start to charge while cloacked
    -your scope shake when you charge it near a tree or a rock.....:)

    what is good:
    -its look is different ammo......:)
    -no drop (but also no accurate :) )
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  13. DrankTHEKoolaid

    There are other advantages as well, it's just easy to leave them off when complaining about the gun:D
  14. moriarrr-ceres

    im not complaining im using it (gold medal for now) yes this gun have maybe some other advantages....but with 20 hours of trying to find them that all i remembered.
    i really want to say to my mates: "hey this gun is fun!"
    but i had 10x more fun to auraxium my parallax
    ok one good thing: if there are2 guys afk at the same place you can quickscope them :)
  15. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I'll be doing a video review Monday to talk more about some of the quirks the gun offers. One thing people overlook is that it has a built in mini straight pull bolt feature, which allows you to get off 2 shots capable of OHK's very quickly.
  16. Dcrd

    This gun should have railjack level velocity in semi auto mode (not basr) to compensate for it's heavy delays.
    It should overheat much, much less.
    It's damage should be higher within like 50-75m to ensure a 3 round kill on a nanoweave target.

    If those changes will be made, I'd think about using it instead of spectre, as it is not - it's worse. That's from a SASR infiltrator point of view.

    Too bad you can only shoot two rounds before it overheats, and those two rounds won't kill a nanoweaved target without headshots.
  17. moriarrr-ceres

    yeah you can quickscope but keep in mind it's slow velocity and the only 2 bullet in mag your ennemies need to hug and be afk to do that.
  18. moriarrr-ceres

    I wait a video from WREL now....:)
  19. Snicklefritzll

    Personally, I like the Phaseshift. I just got the silver medal for it, which isnt superb, but Ive had a fair amount of kills with it. My only real complaint is that it really needs access to 4x scopes. Using the 6x scope I have to set my dpi higher on my mouse and pray I can drag the mouse quick enough to have the lead on my target, and I wouldnt dare use a scope higher than 6x, it just simply doesnt have the muzzle velocity for that type of range. I also feel that the charged round should have a higher bullet velocity. Having to compensate low velocity + charge time + landing a headshot is a bit much, and I think an increase in velocity would help mitigate issues.
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  20. Nepau

    Actualy this is kind of the Problem that people seem to be having. People need to treat the Phaseshift as a Scout Rifle with a Bolt action ability when viable, not a Bolt action with quick fire ability.

    Really if people looked at it far more as a scout rifle, and played it as such, there would not be as many who think that it is Horrible.