Phantasm!: If the Valkyrie had a cloak the same way as the flash

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ISKNausicaa, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. ISKNausicaa

    Return for no onboard weapon systems, effectively making it a cloaked transport like the Phantasm in PS1.

  2. Murx

    If you want to play as a cheating bug-abuser you can cloak every unit at will. Clearly no one cares about it so why should one have a preference for an official cloaked Valkyrie. Have seen and fight against cloaked heavies, lights, MAXes and Liberators. Why not a Valk? :p
  3. ISKNausicaa

    Bugs aside, if this was a legitimate addition to the Valk.
  4. CipherNine

    Cloak would be an interesting feature but I'm not sure what it would add to the gameplay except ability to do shenanigans (like fly cloaked over a clueless tanker and C4 him)
  5. lothbrook

    Sure as long as every guy inside the vehicle is an infiltrator.
  6. Xebov

    I dont see a point in a cloaking device for the Valkyrie. I dont like the idea of a mobile spawn point that can be moved around cloaked.
  7. K0NFL1QT

    If it was ever introduced, it would probably be an alternative to the Squad Logistics Utility slot. You'd be sacrificing spawn ability for stealth. The reason I don't think we'll ever get it is because a stealthed Valkyrie full of Light Assaults could drop on and demolish a column of tanks, and you know how much tankers complain about even the slightest reduction in their ability to sweep up armies of infantry. I mean, you could do that now, but at least enemy air and anti-air can see your Valk and bring it down.

    I'd love to see a cloaked air vehicle but the Valkyrie doesn't exactly have a stealthy profile. A small one-man air transport with Cloaking couldn't be abused as easily.
  8. Xebov

    I did this several times without needing stealth. Having ppl jump out and spawn back in to drop them over and over again to kill vehicles is fun.

    That would be an option. Ppl have asked several times for a cheap air Flash, but so far there was never a reaction to that.
  9. Rikkit

    hmm cloaked spawn somewhere in the air hmm,
    i don't know sounds pretty strong to me.
    so in my opinion you have to be forced to either use claok or squadspawn.
    would be interesting
  10. Kayth

    Yes, I've always thought this would be a great addition, well, fun if nothing else. I would recommend that obviously it couldn't be used with spawn capabilities and that it should not remove the weapon, but instead disable its use and reduce vehicle speed noticeable while in use. I think this would be a good addition to allow it to make those tactical air drops.
  11. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    well, i like the idea, but only a VERY VERY short time and it shoueld replace the flares and make it impossible to spawn in the vehicle while cloaked / use the #2 gun / repair the vehicle itself from a seat / shoot from seat 3+.