Petition to rename the Mattherson server SolTech

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneRedBlock, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. OneRedBlock

    The name SolTech conveys so much win.
    Mattherson was the last name of my fifth grade teacher.
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  2. Devrailis

    Submit a bug report and tell them they spelled the server name wrong.

    It was obviously SolTech from the very start.
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  3. Zaik

    Matthertech or Solterson?
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  4. VanuSovereignty

    All of my disappointment, OP.
  5. OneRedBlock

  6. Devrailis

    A wild Vanoo appears.


    We fail to care.
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  7. Selentic

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  8. Lucidius134

    **** mattherson its all about SolTech
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  9. Vertabrae

    Sure, lets change the name of a well known, populated server to that of a low pop failed server. That's like taking General Motors and renaming Buick.
  10. OneRedBlock

    "Low pop failed server."

    SolTech was medium pop and had one of the best communities. With the merge, Mattherson brought lots of hackers to all the factions, and the Enclave to the TR. I try to avoid fighting TR when I'm not in a squad, because the Enclave is just that effing annoying.

    SolTech was fine until the merge, the only good thing that Mattherson brought was more people to play with on Amerish and Esamir.
  11. DG-MOD-02

    Closing this down as petitions are not permitted on these forums per the SOE Forum Guidelines.
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