petition thread removed. (SOE love community).

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  1. MasterDk78

    Recently i've made a post about a petition about removing continent locking,
    cause i felt like there was so many who did not like this idea.
    (to make a long former post short).
    It was so SOE could see how many actually liked the old ways, and wanted it back.
    In that post, i will quote. : "freedom of choice would be removed from player.
    and some joined this game without knowing PS1, or where PS2 where heading to".
    Hench there would be a lot of player i believe who actually liked the old ways,
    finding small fights, or big fights, there where plenty to do, and loved it.
    I will not argue about major part of this community also was looking forward
    to the continent locking. tho i dont understand how someone would force
    a player to do something he does not like to fulfill.
    Ill head back to the issue about removing my post.

    I find it disturbing that my post was removed without any words about it.
    Yes, there was no mail in my inbox when i logged back into the forum?
    I had to contact a moderator and ask whats going on! he really could not tell me,
    and was stunned about me not getting a mail, but he told me (will not mention names)
    that its not allowed to make petitions on the forum.
    SO SOE would like to get your opinion on stuff? they like to hear what we have to say?
    but we are not allowed to speak our heart to SOE what we want to see happen,
    and let them know when people are not happy about stuff? Its realy weird.
    i will quote what my friend said about this subject. ; "that is just stupid in my opinion"
    i could only give her right in her statement (all so only my oppenion)
    listing to the comunity is important if you want your game to survive.
    All So i noticed on some threads where people are posting there concerns
    about the current state this game is heading that SOE dont post there,
    or say. "thanks for the input guys". But in other post where people
    praise them and tell SOE they did a good job, then i do see post from SOE. weird is it not?
    I am most certainly this thread will be removed, coz they dont want us to speak our heart,
    they want it their way, its clear to me. and i will prolly get banned from the game,
    coz simply they are tired of me stating my mind.
    I know SOE is making a zombie apocalypse game, where freedom of choice allso should apply. i was really looking forward to that game. but what i see what SOE does here make me doubt i want to spend money or touch what SOE makes.
    I hope this post will raise some eye browns within SOE, or maybe they are just stubborn and delete it. i guess we will see.
    Kind regards
  2. PKfire

    Read the forum guidelines, friend.

    No petition threads.
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  3. Vearo

    Petitions and polls aren't allowed because they just make giant spam threads of no real substance aside from (possibly) the original post.

    The best way to bring up topics is to create a post outlining areas of concern, and provide insightful elaboration on why we should share said concerns, such as the (very) old implant threads. Creating something like "Petition to make the PPA projectile huge like the bug a while ago" is just an opinion piece.

    The idea behind the forums (feel free to debate on what happens in reality) is to raise concerns about gameplay or such and provide player opinions on what is good and what isn't. Your ideas behind removing continent lock would have to detail why locking is a bad idea, and most likely will need to convince a large number of players why the first large-scale objective that actually affects gameplay should no longer be.
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  4. Dasubur

    off topic but I have to ask were your sig is from.
  5. Ken Photon

    Lol, I've wondered the same thing ever since I saw his sig...
  6. Phyr

    Forum petitions don't accomplish anything to begin with, especially when it's trying to remove A CORE FEATURE THAT'S BEEN IN THE WORKS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

    You may as well be asking to remove guns.
  7. Flapatax

    Unconstructive threads are also not allowed. Suggesting the removal of cont lock is unconstructive. Also bad.
  8. MasterDk78

    people did not play wih this core system you talk of. i liked the old way. and since it only has been a Work in Progress, you cant possibly be serius about removing a gun? unless your talking about the hit detection?
  9. PKfire

    Playful secrets!
  10. MasterDk78

    its not unconstructive, man.. the idea was to get soe attention to see what their beloved comunity wanted. wow wake up dude
  11. Phyr

    Is english your second language?
  12. MasterDk78

    my English is bad i know it, so you can imagine i spend a lot of time doing the first post right? so yes.. why are you asking?
  13. Ken Photon

    And most want this in place. I'm sorry, but continental locking is here to stay.

    Remember, the continent locking mechanics is in it's early stages, and it's supposed to go with the whole continent lattice and battle islands jazz coming up eventually. This is the earliest implementation, so it's not expected to be the smoothest experience ever...
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  14. MasterDk78

    like the rest of the game..
    this bull**** might stay in the game, so enjoy it.

    how will you know? i might just be changed, esp if people can voice out
  15. Ken Photon

    I have to agree with you on one thing: the development of this game seems lackluster. I personally think that the new update showed that there's some change coming in how the devs handle this game, but that's more of a subjective observation.

    And yeah, this will change if people voice out. The problem is that you don't have enough people that agree with you. Most players either like or are okay with the idea behind continental locking. There's some issue with the current version of it, but the concept is largely accepted. I'm sorry you don't see that.
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  16. Ronin Oni

    Doesn't change petitions are not allowed on the forums. Read the ToS if you don't believe us.

    As for your opinion, it's not as popular as I think you think it is.

    If you want to try and prove otherwise, I suppose you could always try asking reddit

    In fact, please do.
  17. Ronin Oni

  18. MasterDk78

    dont need to prove anything, but thx for letting me say what i think.

    what? i am still only voicing out. many players are just playing not registred on the forum. ill guess we will see how many players there will be left before this months go out