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  1. Goden

    Whether you drive a ground vehicle or fly aircraft, chances are more than likely that these horribly unbalanced weapons have ruined your playing experience. I have noticed (and chances are you have too) that the usage of vehicles (air and ground) has decreased to almost nothing. The flight squads and tank columns of ye' old days are long gone and any attempt at creating any form of vehicle platoon is usually crushed in a matter of minutes by a barrage of rockets coming from every nook and hole on Auraxis. Planetside 2 has turned into an almost exclusive infantry game. Combined-arms is dead. I feel no desire to type up some long exposition regarding how these things are broken because you folks already know and have experienced it first hand. Something needs to be done to bring SKILL-BASED combined-arms back to Planetside.

    My personal proposals:
    Remove lock-on launchers completely and refund all those who purchased them fully. Offer alternative anti-vehicle weaponry. If they must stay then either tweak flares and provide them for free for every vehicle (without taking up a slot) or tweak lock-ons so they are returned to their previous tracking ability and remove the ability (No more following you even around sharp corners) to sit on an ammo pack. AND FIX THE BUGS. Fix the bugs with flares and fix the bugs with missiles such as rendering problems and missiles hitting you through objects.

    These weapons are skill-less and have no place in Planetside.

    If you think these weapons are a problem IN ANY WAY then please leave a comment, like, tweet the devs, anything. Let them know because a lot of us are getting tired of Infantryside 2.
  2. vincent-

    You can't have petitions on the forums you can though make a suggestion and idea, brainstorm on ways to improve our gaming experience.
  3. Goden

    I'm not going to condemn this by putting in a section the devs don't even read.
  4. Mr_Giggles

    Too late.
  5. Sossen

    Calm down, there's no need to caps lock.

    And no, they shouldn't be removed.
  6. vincent-

    I will also throw my 2cents into this and just say I don't mind lockons I would rather see improvements made to heavy armor getting more armor and better tools to counter lock on weapons.
  7. Flapatax


  8. maximus

    And honestly if you think SOE cares what any of you think lol.
  9. Goden

    That works too.
  10. Zexis

    I think they're fine and I still regularly see vehicles of all calibers in use. Lockons sacrifice damage and target acquisition speed for an easier hit. They can still be avoided at range, with working flares, or if the launcher operator doesn't lead the rocket (at least for the Striker, can't remember if that's all lockons now).
  11. Regpuppy

    I personally think replacing the current lock-ons to something that both takes more skill and is funner to use would be beneficial. The AA launcher could be turned into a slow firing flak launcher. The AV launcher can be converted to guide by wire. The combo launchers could be some weird combination of both, or more simply, have firing modes you can change by pressing the b button. Like with a lot of infantry guns

    Regardless, this isn't because of vehicle combat. It's because I disagree with lock-ons in a game on this scale. I still believe most bases should be made to protect the points and the travel between these points from vehicle fire so that infantry can keep their role of base capture.
  12. DG-MOD-02

    Petitions are not permitted on these forums per the SOE Forum Guidelines.
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