Petition for real minefields

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Radian12, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Radian12

    Increase mine count to 20-30.
    Mines cost 5 per one mine .
    Lower the mine damage to 1/5 current damage.

    Now !
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  2. Wobberjockey

    petitions not allowed....

    that said totally agreed
  3. Anvildude

    Only allow mines to be deployed outside a 1 meter radius from each other, to avoid stacking mines.
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  4. KM131

  5. Xebov

    I would like to add and change some things:

    - double the carry capacity of mines (to a total of 10 instead of 5)
    - tripple the inventory mines (from 40 to 120)
    - change the price from 75 to 50 points
    - set the minimum distance from mine to mine to 0.5m
    - fix the bug that mines vanish
    - fix the bug that mines dont go off when vehicles drive over
    - make mines immune to splash, explosions and shooting so minefields need to be either set of by driving over or disarmed
  6. MaxDamage




  7. Xebov

    Leave Cpt Capslock out of this. I dont think that mines should be deployed. To make it clear, there was a tweet that they want to change mines to only detonate when driven over. In order to set up minefields a minimum range is required, but no setup time. C4 is fine as it is, its a special explosive, has a longer time between 2 throws and a cooldown after the throw befor you detonate it.
  8. swatti

    Honestly, mines are fine. If you have issues with mines, buy a MINEGUARD. If you issues with clowns using C4, buy a GUN and shoot the clowns.

    ANYONE GETTING MINED DESERVES IT. I for once just LOOOOOVE popping unguarded sundies with mines.
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  9. Caydn

    I rather we get tac nukes can you also do a petition for them :p
  10. supahitecjetfyta

    0.5m spacing? make it 15m and itll solve a lot of issues. no more instakills on stationary vehicles and no more stacking.

    want a large minefield? get your squad mates to lay mines aswell. they dont have to run around as Engy to have mines on the ground.

    i do alright with just 3 mines, if 10 guys laid 3 mines each all spaced 20m apart nothing will make it down the road.
    20 guys laying mines? all vehicle access denied.

    the Flash has 2 seats now, thats twice as many mines in one trip.

    teamwork is OP.
  11. DirArtillerySupport

    This all sounds way way too much like PS1 to me.
  12. Bison

    I'd be ok with making it easier to lay mines, if they offer a counter as well. A mine-sweeper tool for engis, or attachment to tanks. The tool option means that smart engineers will reap xp cleaning them out ahead of the armor push. An easy counter to mine sweepers is, of course, a sniper. ;-)
  13. Matthew Clark

    solution: Have everyone in your squad/outfit buy level 2 Tank mines so each can carry two. You can now deploy a minimum of 24 mines on a road and more if there are engies with Utility belt.

    You now have a minefield.
  14. supahitecjetfyta

    you get the 1st 2 mines for 100certs(level1), its 200certs extra for the 3rd mine(level2) and an extra 600certs(level 2 utility pouch) for the 4th mine, the 5th mine is an extra 1500certs(level4 utility pouch).

    it takes 7 mines to kill a mineguard Sundy, its the minesweeper.
  15. Jake the Dog

    I... actually... agree with this I saw this post and threw up a bit in my mouth but it actually makes sense and by god it could work
  16. CruelStriker

    You also have to remember that minefields would null tank zergs. Thats bad because Everyone loves the massive tank battles that can ensue!
  17. Matthew Clark

    so if everyone spent 300 certs you could lay down 24 mines. Any dedicated engineers could lay an extra 3. say 1 engineer in a squad so you have 27 mines....layed by a single squad....on a battlefield that may have anywhere between 2 and 10 squads operating on it. If every squad took the time to do this, you could literally cover the roads/more popular traversal areas with hundreds mines/C4, since you can lay down C4 and mines independently as an engineer.

    The C4 is more expensive, but you could literally destroy whole columns with a bit of organization, especially once you apply some decimators to any survivors....

    And yet you want more?
  18. Anvildude

    Basically, what we have here, is a failure to communicate.
  19. supahitecjetfyta

    i dont want more mines, i want more people to lay mines.

    i can go through all my mines in one day and run out of resources when im the only one laying them down.
    hopefully with vehicle kills worth what they are now more people might start using them as mines.
  20. evansra

    While i would love a ps1 style mine system i think the reason mines and auto turrets have not found there way into this game is due to the huge performance hit that would come with it, and also because everyone can do everything in this game it would amount to mega overkill that would ruin the game.

    I lover planetside 1 but if everyone could plant 20 mines a platoon could place 600 and people are already having render issues with 1 or 2 :(
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