Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Hagestol

    So then you wouldn't oppose us getting BR, AR and LMGs I guess? Since they aren't better? :/
  2. Goretzu

    To make you happy I'd even support it :) , it won't happen though, and even if it did there'd still be no weapon that was the best at all ranges as you keep repeatedly asking me to somehow "give" you. :eek:
  3. Hagestol

    Not asking you to give me anything, asking the devs to give us weaponry and utility to counter being heard 60m away and not having invisibility to counter being seen. You're so insistent on the second worst class ingame getting nerfed that you're forgetting that we can't survive head on fights.
  4. Goretzu

    This is just plain silliness, the idea that a LA "cannot" ever win a fight. o_O

    Carbines, SMGs, and Shotguns are all perfectly capable of winning against any other infantry weapon in their best ranges (or even out of their best ranges with a bit of skill and luck), Engineers have the same choice of infantry weapons with the addition of one very poor BR and they kill plenty of people with them.
  5. Hagestol

    If people at equal skill meet and one class has overshield and superior TTK, the one with said advantages will win. Every time. The counter to that utility was the element of surprise. Ever tried taking down a HA in CQC that was actually aiming at you, and had equal health/shield percentage and overshield? No? Thats because you can't.
  6. Goretzu

    A medic, engineer and Inflitrator don't have a shield.

    HA do.

    Play a HA if you want too, that's up to you, because yes give a HA and a LA the same type of PA Shotgun, the same skill and face them off in CQC the HA is likely to win (now that the Flying hitbox issue has been somewhat fixed).
    However they aren't certain to win (certainly not with the latest PA), and a good LA will beat a bad HA in that situation.

    But then stick an engineer or Infiltrator (inf would have SMG, of course, as the closest match) in that situation and they are likely to lose not only to the HA, but the LA if they full advantage of their jetpacks.

    So I'm wondering what you want really LA != HA that isn't going to change.
  7. Hagestol

    Medics have heal and AR, and they are a support class. Engineers have turrets and are usually camping with MAXes. Infiltrators can stealth and search you out. Are you seriously arguing that LA will be fine because we can take out support classes camping? We are a DPS class. Pure dps in fact, but we cannot touch any of the DPS classes defending objectives IF they are aware of LA in the area.

    Go find me some metric data to support your argument.
  8. Goretzu

    As I keep saying there is nothing in that spreadsheet that shows anything about the effect of Jetpack volume on the LA (which is what you keep asking for data one), if you can find it the please show me.


    And LA have the ability to |, a faster running speed and by far the easiest and most effective use of several weapons with this ability.

    Yet again you can't have it all, sorry.
  9. PanH

    Tell me how a LA can be as competitive as, say a HA in a one to one fight ?
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  10. Hagestol

  11. Goretzu

    Already covered this just above :)

    There is no data on the effect of Jetpack volume on LAs, it doesn't matter how many times you ask for it, it still won't exist. :confused:
  12. Hagestol

    Context mate, context. No other class is as good at sniping at long distances than the sniper. They oneshot me. Nerf the sniper.

    As for the LA vs HA - LA doesn't have flight advantage inside, and with the HA knowing that the LA is about to arrive in a minute before he does, he will be prepared. There is no flight advantage in generator rooms with this fix. Only the overshield and LMG/launcher advantage.
    Give me arguments outside of your feelings.
  13. PanH

    As well as flight is a disadvantage in a fight. It's useful for getting in position, but if you use it while fighting, you have decreased accuracy, and predictable direction. The answer is simple, on a one-on-one, the only way for a LA to kill a HA (of equivalent skill) is ... by surprise. So let's just make noisy jetpacks, right ?
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  14. Goretzu

    Within 300m the Pheonix is a snipers nightmare. :)
    I still can't give you what doesn't exist.
    Er.... maybe you don't know how to CQC jump to your advantage, but that doesn't mean that is doesn't exist or isn't done (admittedly it is not as ridculously effective as it was before the hitbox issue was fixed - I suspect if you'd known about this you'd have been complaining about that too?).
    But yes HA and LA face to face the advantage is going to go to the HA all things being equal, it is nothing like an unwinnable situation for the LA though, especially with PA Shotguns.
    Mmm.... both of you don't know how to use Jetpacks in CQC? :eek:
    But again you can still surprise a HA, you just can't jetpack right next to them and surprise them (with audiable Jetpacks). :confused:
  15. Hagestol

    Contra nerf: Then I believe we won, we provided stats that the LA is the second worst class at almost everything, and does not need a nerf. You've admitted that the fix will lower effectiveness of the class, which is classified as a nerf.
    Pro nerf: You provided feelings

    Will you cease and desist now?
  16. PanH

    If you have issues dealing with LA that use jets on CQC, I can understand why you want a nerf, but CQC jump has nothing on shields or bigger mag.
  17. Goretzu

    It was nasty until I discovered the hitbox bug, and since that has been fixed it is nothing like as useful, but to claim there is NO advanged from it is pure nonsense.

    Again those stats say absolutely nothing about whether the LA Jetpack should have an audiable sound.
    The don't even provide infantry vs infantry stats of LA vs other classes.

    Although I still find it quite amusing though that you think the HA shield should have a sound, when it in fact DOES have a sound about 5 times louder than the current Live LA Jetpack, which really shows the scope of the issue here and in fact that SoE could make LA Jetpacks 5 times louder and they'd still only be as loud as a HA turning on their sheild!!! :eek:
  18. Hagestol

    Doesn't carry 60m. HA is a direct assault class and sound doesn't matter much as they have utility and weaponry to counter direct attacks. But please continue making the same argument, it is amusing for us.

    Nobody is saying that those stats show wether the LA jetpack should have an audiable sound (which they have on live, just listen). They show that LA should not recieve nerfs, they should be significantly buffed. So your nerf support is weakened by them

    I'm asking YOU to come up with any data, including whatever forum posts, reddit posts or whatever to support your claim. Until you do you only have an anecdote to support you vs my data which clearly support my side.

    So you loose. Until you get some data to back up your claim that is. Get to it.
  19. Goretzu

    The sound on the Test server doesn't carry 60m either so everything is fine. :)
    They don't, they simply show score per hour, that might result in buffs, but that doesn't however mean it therefore precludes any nerfs or fixes.
    Again it doesn't exist, not on that spreadsheet (as you've finally realise) and not anywhere else.
    Yet again asking for the impossible/something that doesn't exist is NOT an arguement. :)
  20. Hagestol

    It does, we tested it. It does preclude nerfs if we are at the bottom of the food chain. So no proof? Only your feelings? Okay, why are we still discussing if we won? I'm not arguing, I'm asking for evidence to support your theory. If there is none then why are you making an obviously false claim?
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