Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Dragonblood

    pff, everytime a LA makes a C4-suicide run on my Max, I wish there was an indicator so that I can react better. It's so annoying because you can be sure....every two minutes someone tries to instagib me .....I might stop looking at ground targets....
  2. Evil Monkey

    LA's with JET engines will no longer be silent. How is this unfair? They were already 10x better at infiltrating than Infiltrators. That said, I will miss being able to float around an air tower OHKing everyone from behind. Good times.... :)
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  3. Hagestol

    They were good at flanking. They aren't infiltrating because they are completely visibile and often in the air with no infiltrating utilities or utilities at all really.

    And why is it necessary? Is the LA class overplayed? Does hundreds of LA roam around oneshotting everyone? I've never heard anyone complain about the class outside of the shotgun issue. Not sure how this will fix that, if anything more people will go for shotguns so they can deal enough damage in a short time frame after being spotted?
  4. Dragonblood

    The HAs need a nerf....the LAs should be the real Infantrykillers.....but not by making C4 suicide runs. The problem is that infiltrators or Max-units need to stay alive to get their job done. LAs just go in there not caring if they survive.
  5. StonedFlyingLamb

    You don't have to be invisible to infiltrate as many people in Planetside are half blind. You just have to blend in with the environment. And by flying you can get somewhere from anywhere and not just specific directions like the Infiltrator.
  6. Mustarde

    Sorry but I support the change on the test server. You will still be able to do your job, and do it well. Some attentive players will notice your jetpack and go looking for you. You still get to fly in the air and take advantage of height - the best LA's out there know just how effective that is.

    I'm not projecting about the infiltrator class. I just think this change makes sense, it was a flaw to leave LA's with a magic stealth jetpack. Hell, when I take the rare opportunity to leave my inf and spawn a LA, I get to run around c4'ing maxes, sundies, tanks, and OHK'ing infantry with my uppercut. It's insane. You guys will be FINE. Less drama, learn to adapt.

    My cloak makes lots of noise, so I am selective about using it. There's a hint.
  7. Hagestol

    How can we kill infantry if they can hear us a mile away and have better defense and firepower? And more utility?

    By flying you are completely visible as you contrast to the sky. Infiltrators are partly invisible, LAs fly. Infs can use snipers, LAs use carb/shotties. Thats the difference, they are both designed to "infiltrate", though in different ways. We flank by surprising positioning without anyone noticing, INFs infiltrate by sneaking invisibly through ranks of enemies.

    If we cannot furfill our primary directive, what are we then? HAs without LMGs and overshield, but with a jump capacity and the ability to blow out eardrums?
  8. Hagestol

    C4 is our counterpart to the HA launcher, I'd take a launcher over C4 really. OHK is an issue with shotguns, not LA. Learn to adapt, well.. Since we are already underplayed, adapting will probably mean going to different classes.

    WHY are they nerfing a class that isn't overpowered? Whats the reason outside jetpacks make sound IRL or INFs suck so LA should to?

    We can't be selective on using the jetpack, we have guns that require you to be really close (have to use jetpack to get close) or are just generally worse (have to have the element of surprise to counter worse guns). Will we be getting ARs then to compensate for not being able to get close easily now? Or overshield?
  9. Dragonblood

    The HAs should be more slow as **** for the firepower, utility and hitpoints they have to the point that they are easier to headshot. And for what it's worth wouldn't mind, if the LAs could fire accurate while in the air as long as they can't sneak up to you that easily.
  10. Hagestol

    I've heard that Higby wants the LA to be more of a duelist, infantrykiller. So I'm guessing this is the first step before the LA pass to make that happen. More noise, less sneak, more defense and more firepower. And hopefully some utility to give us spots in operations.
  11. ironeddie

    Far as I'm concerned jet pack noise isn't a nerf its something that should have been in the game from day one. It's blatantly rediculous to have vehicles have engine noises & not a bloody jet or rocket strapped to your back make a sound. I don't play LA so I can't speak to how weak the class is & what needs to be buffed, but jet pack audio is a must.
  12. sozo

    while i agree totally with your opinion on suicide bombers and snipers..

    sadly suicide bombers are a growing part of real world tactics ..they should add a added redeploy time to a "suicide" death anytime it doesnt happen from inside a vehicle ......aka 4 wheeler death lol
  13. Hagestol

    Something being good through alpha, beta, release and months of play suddenly becoming bad is a nerf. If you don't know the class and how it works, then why are you arguing for a nerf that will lower effectiveness of the class? Keep your opinions to yourself? Sorry, but either try it and comment or don't and stop fueling the fire.
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  14. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I don't have a problem with Jetpacks causing sound, the volume might be disputed.
    I'd have a problem with Drifters creating a significant commotion, though.
    Their main point is floating like a butterfly, for extended periods of time, with no way to harm anyone short of using limited explosives.
    They needn't be silent, though.
  15. PaperPlanes

    But jetpacks are not silent. I always hear enemy jetpacks in small scale skirmishes. The simply get drowned out by the sounds of any medium to large sized battle.

    The thing is, this actually isn't going to do very much. What it will actually accomplish is people getting annoyed as **** at hearing dozens of jetpacks constantly. You're barely going to be able to pick out a single one from the crowd, since you're going to have all the typical battle sounds with a bunch of different jetpack sounds layered on top. It's just going to annoy and confuse people.
  16. Goretzu

    All of that can still be done - it just can't still be done in near silence.

    There is a very real possibity if it wasn't a bug-fix that the Pump Action shotguns causes this, for pretty much the same reason Infiltrators had shotguns removed - if you're going to be OSK from behind you need a fighting chance not silent death.
  17. Hagestol

    OHK shotguns is an option, but not our main weapon. Nerfing LA accross the board will ruin the rest of our gameplay and in biolabs you wont hear us anyways. Bandaid fix?

    And no, we cant surprise people if our arrival behind enemy lines sounds like a tank fight.
  18. JudgeDeath

    Surely the OP must be kidding .... Adding a long missing SOUND on the jetpack is a nerf ?

    Silent jetpacks are just 0.o The thing is that they are JETpacks not antigravitypacks.

    If this simple fix makes you unable to play LA then you prolly cant do much else either.
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  19. supernauttt

    AHAHAHA "making suicide runs worthless" wonder why they did that...O YEA CUZ SUICIDE RUNS ARE RUNNING THE F'ing GAME!
  20. supernauttt

    they should get rid of C4 altogether and more nerfs are on there way for it so get ready and stop crying about something that is helping the game
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