Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Goretzu

    Er.... no. I said, nor implied no such thing. Please provide a quote or me saying anything of the sort. o_O
    That's feeling not empirical.

    Considering you don't play your VS toon, supposedly, you're always going on about VS weapons. :confused:

    However I don't doubt LMGs get more kills as they generally have a longer range, however that stats page opens up an whole can of worms.
    The SAW only gets 16.03 kills/hr! :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Which suggests by your reckoning that the SV-88 is very, very much OP. :eek:

    Numbers don't lie! :D

    (although the JH supposedly get 23.15 kills per hour, which is frankly bizzare!)
  2. Hagestol

    Actually, its based on every other game, so while it isn't founded in statistics I can wrangle up at the moment it is a trend that everyone who has played a MMO will agree to. Warriors in WoW, Jedi / TKM / Fencer in SWG etc etc etc. No need to prove that, but I guess I could get hackmax, magrider, prowler statistics for you if you don't believe FOTM is a thing.

    I know you never said it, but you're implying activation sound is equal to continuos sound. That is false. Hence the LA cannot be compared to HA / INF when it comes to sound. If you want to compare them then you'll have to have the same sound effects and length. LA TC is pulsing, extremely loud and doesn't stop until we do.

    I've been theorycrafting VS for the last few weeks and played a bit on and of, so it makes sense to talk about weapons I know of.
    LMGs are superior to shotguns and carbs. Especially carbs. Please do your homework next time.

    Stop with the taunting, spamming of emotes and trying to be funny. I've proven you wrong in every turn yet you persist. Why? You still don't have any actual arguments that stick in a discussion. Feel free to look at the played statistics on your way out of the LA forum.
  3. Zenith

    So, positions are now somewhat defenisble from the flying shotgun hordes? Good, as it should be.

    Stop spamming, and start thinking then. Any twit can do suicide runs, but a good player doesn't have to.
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  4. Hagestol

    In most fights where people use shotguns you won't be able to hear it as battle sounds will be louder. As in biolabs and other close bases. Not sure you'll be able to defend much better than you used to.

    It will mostly affect loner LAs going in front to get gens and vanguard units. Imo.

    Agreed. C4 suicide runs has no place in this game. If you can't detonate it before you die, you lost.
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  5. Goretzu

    There's other reasons too, which is why in PS1 NC dominated the US server, the EU servers were more balanced, and VS dominiated the Chinese/East Asian servers.

    But basially it's all about:

    Er.... no I never said or implied it should be that way for them, only that Jetpacks should be at least that loud, one does not equal the other. There is actually a HA shield sound, which is probably still louder than Jetpacks. But I'd be open to trying out a loud take off sound and a quieter activation should to see if that gave the required counter myself (SoE who knows).

    A very strange thing to do if you never play them, although it would explain you not knowing about slugs shotgun and bullet drop.
    Explain why the SAW only has a kill per hour of 16? o_O
    Or why the Jackhammer has a kills per hours of 23 :eek: (only beaten by rocket pods and such).
    Or the Lasher has a higher kills per hours than the GD-7F. :confused:

    I cannot. :confused:

    I'm not taunting you, emotes give context. :)
    I'm trying to answer your points, it's just they keep changing.
    So far we've everything from "I want a weapon with Pellet shotgun DPS with LMG effective range" to "why don't HA shields make a sound" from you to justify why LA Jetpack should remain silent. So far I think I've addressed all of those points. :)
  6. Zenith

    It just means battles will last longer, and attackers will have to work a little harder to get the cap. Not by much, but it all helps.

    Glad someone is seeing sense over this. ;)
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  7. DG-MOD-02

    Closing this down now. Petitions are not permitted on these forums.
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