Perspective time, K/D ratio: What is Good, Bad, Normal??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Knarfis, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Blastuh

    High KDR does not = tank.
    My KDR Is 3+ and 95% of my play time is infantry vs infantry.
    If you want to know what play style someone has, you can look at their weapon/vehicle stats.
  2. Dark Pulse

    Yes, I know that, and I wasn't implying it. Once you get past about 5 or so, though, someone's either insanely good or doing a lot of vehicles.
  3. Liberty

    Just to clear this up, I don't really think there is some rigid K/D value players need to have to get in. I know two of our recent members were sub 2.0 K/D players when they first started. We generally look for players with potential who have enough knowledge about the game / bases / etc to keep up.

    Because most of our ops involve going up against superior numbers and firepower, we do look for players who can thrive in that kind of situation without needing a MAX or tank. (Not that we don't pull them, just we move around often and quickly so we don't want players who rely on them)

    But I suppose many other outfits do have very laid back recruitment standards, so it could be considered rigid by comparison.
  4. NC Carbine User

    The one thing I learned, after a late-night Planetside 2 session, was that it's not about K/D. It's about completing your objectives and grabbing land. Do that and, even if your K/D is 0.4 (which mine is close too) you'll have served your Republic, Conglomerate, or Sovereignty well.