Perspective time, K/D ratio: What is Good, Bad, Normal??

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  1. Liberty

    Hah! I play a bit of everything really. While a majority of my playtime is still heavy (around 45%) the other half is split pretty even between LA, Medic and Engie. All depends on the squad comp / what we are doing / what auraxium I'm working on.
  2. Liberty

    What you have to understand is, this kind of play style leaves you as a very one dimensional player. We all (myself included) have made that death run to revive a downed MAX that you know there is no coming back from.

    Basically, any fool can whip out a med tool and point it at dead bodies / top people off with their health. There is no skill behind the actual mechanic of it. (There is positional skill, but the actual click M1, revive, etc lacks it) However, a medic who can provide cover for other medics by downing enemies or who can clear a room where the bodies are that need reviving is much much much more valuable.

    Keep in mind, the better you are at shooting the other guys, the less your teammates will die. Which is why the "Combat" in combat medic comes first. The best form of mitigation is killing the other dudes before they kill you or your squad.
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  3. Epic High Five

    It's super easy guys, let me show you.

    Let X equal my KDR at the time of inquiry, and Y be the KDR being judged:

    If Y > X, then Y is a vile hacker who is not to be trusted
    If Y < X, then Y is obviously a good player just trying to do his best.
    If Y = X, then Y is probably a p cool guy tbqh

    But really anything over 0.9 or so is good, with >1.0 being quite enough to consider yourself as having an above average KDR. KDR really is kind of silly in a game where there's so much incentive to play support with your weapon holstered.

    Regarding your sig, NivX was the target of the statements made in that post and I stand by my belief that he is not legit (and my total lack of concern because there's zero chance of any proof either way ever coming up so why bother good lord people)

    Your stats only really got brought up not because they're unachievable, but because typically they're seen on Liberator/HE Prowler autists and not people who primarily play infantry. I've since had a chance to play against you quite a few more times and I'd like to formally rescind my previous statement that you're probably not legit. Unless you enjoy having been called that, in which case I am more than happy to re-assert it with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
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  4. SKYeXile

    ****, this threads still alive, clearly because nobody cares about KD...
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  5. FBVanu

    I would be much more interested in my ASSIST stats.. We get the assist xp.. but there are no stats to show how many Libs ESFs and Gals I helped to kill with my skyguard..
    there is not assist stat that shows how many Vanguards I helped to push into the great unknown.. with my Prowler..
    I would like to know. I got 350 vehicle kills with my prowler.. but what kind? How many ESFS.. Libs, Sundies etc.. THAT would be a stat I'd like to have.
    IMHO, an assist stat would show more of an effort and value than scores per minute, as they are boosted and paid for..
    Even if you don't get the kill, that doesn't mean that you sucked, it just means that your KD doesn't go up... but when you can count your assists, you can actually see if a player is contributing ..
  6. Blastuh

    The fact is that we don't have "support player" stats (to my knowledge). I used to be bad and I used to wish there was another stat I could track besides K/D. When I came to accept that K/D is what is tracked by many people, I decided to do something about it and get good.

    Here is what I did: Practice in VR daily. Practice for head shots at all ranges including ADS and hip fire head shots. Once you have mastered head shots with your weapon of choice, make a new character. Go to a tower or bio lab defense and pull the class that you practiced with. Go out there, rack up some kills, then redeploy when the fight is over and head to the next defense. I used to be a 0.5 K/D now I am 3.5 (my goal was to be above 3).

    I am still working on my accuracy (25% right now, I would like it above 30%), KPM (currently 0.6, I would like it to be above 1.0) and my SPM (although I do not have any boosts so maybe I should invest in some). It takes work to improve stats but the feeling of seeing them improve is worth it!
  7. Dark Pulse

    My rule of thumb: Score Per Minute is a heck of a lot more useful of an "overall" indicator (if there must be one) of how a player does than K/D, for reasons a ton of people have already mentioned. There's some people out there who have high K/D but pitiful SPM; these are the guys that sit in tanks all day. Then there's the guys with low K/D but high SPM; these guys are actually doing stuff, and just dying a lot.
  8. Posse

    So if I had bought a membership when I started playing I'd be 50% better than I am? Makes sense.

    You don't need SPM to know if someone sits in a tank all day or has a high K/D because he's sniping from 300 meters
  9. Astealoth

    I'd rather spend an hour repairing my sunderer or driving random people around in my Halberd harrasser than farming K/D. If you want to think about K/D at all you really should play a game that's designed for it. There's too much stuff besides farming kills to do in this game that's much more meaningful.
  10. Syphers

    SPM is first and foremost a matter of boosts though. Personally I have high k/d but i'd like to have it removed just so to not care bout it at all.

    And remove some elements of the HUD like certs and xp %, it's a bit ******** to have this in your face all the time - the motive become kills and certs grind instead of simple - immersive fun, if you think about it
  11. Dark Pulse

    No, but then again, I don't know how boosts work in that sense. If they count in the boosted amounts, that's silly as most of the higher SPM members will get more points for obvious reasons (and it also means there's pretty much no reliable assessor of skill). If it counts a "base amount" as the calculation and then the boost simply increases how much more you get, that means SPM calcs are inherently fair and will be equal regardless of a boost/membership or not.

    Mmm, potentially agree on the XP Boost (as it already tells you how much of an XP Boost you get when you do a successful action anyway) but disagree on the cert count. Since certs are right now the end-all, be-all, I don't want to have to look in my menus to see how much certs I have.
  12. Syphers

    Well I meant as an option
  13. Dark Pulse

    I'd be fine with it being an option. Then again, I'd like more HUD customization in general. The lack of ability to assign squad colors is irritating, for example, and it's made me accidentally put a few bullets into a friendly once or twice, as I keep all factions color-coded, and as a result, in big platoons, some of the squads can show up with colors kind of close to VS Purple.

    I'd also really like it if every friendly in line of sight had a dorito pop up at least so I don't have to guess if that aircraft 400 meters away is a friendly Liberator or an enemy so I can start shooting it, as opposed to tapping the spot key on a small object and knowing that it's a friendly if it fails to spot.
  14. Posse

    It shows the score with boosts, you have no way to separate the base score.
  15. Dark Pulse

    Then it's a very silly and ultimately pointless measure, as while K/D is perfectly independent of boosts, SPM can be theoretically doubled by players who have memberships and boosts versus those who don't.
  16. NCstandsforNukaCola

    K/d itself means nothing,
    But If you consider someone's k/d with his/her main class, vehicle usage, accuracies of weapon
    I think it could get some meaning rather than score per min
  17. SinerAthin

    Both KDR and SPM are pretty pointless, really. One can be artificially doubled, the other fails to account for vehicles, MAXes, spawnrooms, complete lack of matchmaking, support roles etc.
  18. Posse

    This is what I tried to make people understand for a long time, I already gave up though, I'll just leave them with their Dunning-Kruger.
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  19. Dark Pulse

    Though there is some irony in that statement given DasAnfall's known rigidity for using K/D as a membership criteria. :p

    (Not that I'm against it, mind you, as I'm sure most of the folks in there know that it's not the end-all, be-all measure either. You just don't want guys that sit in MAXes or Vehicles all day.)
  20. Posse

    Not really, if a guy with an overall 8 K/D but whose K/D with infantry weapons is 1 applied, we wouldn't take him, that's perfectly consistent with the conception that K/D alone doesn't say anything, but K/D put in context says a lot.