Perspective time, K/D ratio: What is Good, Bad, Normal??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Knarfis, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Knarfis

    Hey guys,

    So I need some help here from the community. This is the first FPS I have really play since Golden Eye. Though Golden eye was not MMO one still got to play against 3 other friends.

    At this point I completely suck, or at least I think I do. I find death in these games personal failures, especially when there are others that do not die as often. I typically play as an infantry person. That is not to say I do not expect to die at all, that would be absurd. Death in inevitably in these type of games and I except such a fact. But how many deaths is to many??

    So for those that have played these kind of games in the past, I ask you, what is Good K/D ration as an infantry person?? What is a normal K/D ratio?? And what K/D ratio that if achieved one should just consider doing something else??

    The main reason I ask this is simply because, I am not having fun at this at all. I average 2 deaths ever minute I play. That is pathetic. Or is it?? I dont really know what is good or not, therefor my perspective might be a bit clouded by my expectations of myself and the game play. I understand there are great players out there, and there should be. I certainly am not one of them nor do I want to be. I also understand there are many cheaters out there, but not every single person who kills me on the spot can be labeled one. But when I average 2 deaths ever minute no matter how cautious or aggressive I play, there is a problem here. When I get a jump on someone, shoot them in the back several times only for them to turn around, scope me and take me down all while I am still shooting them, and find out they are a level 1 medic or level 5 engineer (both has happened just today and last night) there is a problem. Or is there?? Could it simply be I just super suck and really should consider moving on to something Im more successful at.

    Thanks for you input guys.


    PS. I forget to mention in the first post that this is mainly for infantry.
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  2. Goretzu

    K/D is meaningless.

    You can easily get a really high one by playing like an accountant.

    And you can get a really low one by playing like Chuck Norris.

    At the end of the day neither is important. :)
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  3. Isila

    There is nothing, because K/D is completely irrelevant. If you dedicate yourself to farming high K/D with easymode methods (HE shells, liberator bombs, sniper rifles, camping biolabs with MAXes), you'll get a high K/D even if you're a paraplegic chimpanzee. Everything else is varying degrees of balance between playing for objectives vs. playing for K/D.
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  4. Xuram

    K/D is silly. When I or anyone else is flying/driving an MBT it's very easy to have a high K/D. Yet when I play on the ground I like to toss wave after wave of myself at the enemy since dying is meaningless and I like to just be support and essentially not fight back at all. It doesn't really mean anything.
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  5. Emotitron

    Like most parts of this game, it is only as important as you chose it to be. I know great players with scores less than one (they play for glorious kill stories doing outrageous stuff with explosives)... and I know great players who maintain KD ratios around 10 (they stay in vehicles).

    There is no real win condition in this game, so you REALLY have to decide for yourself what winning is.
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  6. smokemaker

    Some as above state K/D is meaningless.... These peeps want you to die and die and die for some unimportant objective....

    I like my K/D. To me it says I kill more then I die. I dont care if we lose the base or take it. I am not here for that. I am here for the digital murder.
    1.0 average
    .9 and below, below average
    1.1 and above, above average....

    was pushing a 3.0 but sense the nerfs to ESF and the buffs to flak, im holding about 2.2 or so...

    its a personal preference thing.
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  7. Tatwi

    I'd say it's more like

    1.5+ Good
    0.8 - 1.49 Average
    0.79- Not trying or does not care
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  8. Knarfis

    Thanks for the response so far guy. I made a mistake and didnt mention that I play infantry and was wondering about the K/D as an infantry person.

    I get the vehicle thing as it is much easier to farm people with them. But I really dont play with vehicles at this point.

  9. Knarfis

    LOL I am sitting at average around .3 what does that mean??
  10. PaperPlanes

    Some stats do "matter" in that they can reflect the effect you have on the battlefield. However, disregard stats. What is actually important is that you have fun.
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  11. Purg

    The sad part is, K/D is still regarded as a meaningful stat by many. I'm one that prefers that the D stat not be recorded.

    My main character has a high K/D as I'm mainly a MAX. Given the amount of times I've been headshotted by an Infiltrator (which does about 10% damage to a MAX) my deaths would be 5x that alone if not for the inherent bullet resistance.

    I have a TR which is ~2 K/D where I only play infantry. The last time I played I was an engineer to a couple of TR MAX dishing ammo and repair. I was killed at least a dozen times with no kills of my own - but my support of the MAX units allowed us to push a heavily defended area for the cap. Had our Engies focused on killing instead of repairing MAX, the outcome of the battle may well have been different.
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  12. Xuram

    Don't worry about the k/d so much man. If you aren't doing so good in the shooter aspect just try to focus on the support ones. Play a medic, get revive/healing grenades instead of normal ones. Level up your healing tool and your healing aura thing. Or if you want to be an engineer do the same with your repair tool. Get some mines to lay down to get tanks also. Be the best damn support person you can be and it honestly doesn't matter because you're still helping your faction.
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  13. Gustavo M

    The "good" Is when you stop relying on a stat that was meant to be for closed team deathmatch arenas.
    I mean, really. There's 1:10 chances that you will find yourself outnumbered, outgunned that It Is a completely irrevelant stat.
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  14. Hael

    OP, if you feel compelled to track some stat, track accuracy. You won't have to worry about playing a support role negatively affecting it, and it'll give you a good gauge of how well you're performing in combat.
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  15. windexglow

    You know what's more important than KD? A lot of things.
    One of them being how much fun you are having.
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  16. Phazaar

    It's a useless stat in this game because deaths are still counted even if you are rezzed. This means you can play with a 0.2 K/D ratio and be a phenomenal player doing more for your team than anyone else, and actually killing 30 people per time that you are actually forced from the battlefield (this is the only time a death is meaningful, because it gives a TINY - 5-10 second - advantage to your enemy), and scoring 200,000 per hour in base captures alone.

    The rule of thumb if that weren't the case is 1:1 is fine, but if you were to play -pure- support, this would still be meaningless.
  17. Cougarbrit

    k/d as an infantry is generally a lot lower than k/d as a vehicle, seeing as pretty much every vehicle has an advantage against infantry. I'd say anything around 1.0 is good for someone who is purely infantry, assuming you go to more places than a biolab or the crown.

    But yeah, K/D in team orientated games isn't really that big a deal, especially in a team orientated game that's all about land conquest and not TDM.
  18. Brainpan

    What does Kill/Death Ratio mean on the planet Auraxis where Rebirth Technology was discovered?

    Not a frakking thing! I'm around 0.43 and I'm going to suicide mine run packs of enemies all day long!

    Now, get in the pit and try to love someone! High velocity and explosive love.
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  19. Pixelshader

    In an even infantry fight with no terrain advantages a good k/d might be 2+. Defending a biolab or sniping it's more like 10. In an esf, 30+.
  20. IMTasty

    We got so many people in my outfit who love doing things like driving sundies, flying galaxies, heal, repair and so on, and most of them will suffer in k/d because of it. But nonetheless they are some of the most appreciated people we have. :)

    As for k/d, personally if you play as a purely combat role like Light/Heavy Assault or Max and don't care about teamplay at the time 3-4 k/d is around where I could log out without feeling like I've played bad. But generally speaking, anything above 1 k/d means you are doing better than most infantry people, 1.5 you're doing pretty well for yourself and is definately above average as far as infantry goes, and above 2 you are really starting to get good at the game and learn the tricks, after that it quickly goes up.
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