[Suggestion] Personal Update Wish-List

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  1. Shadowpikachu

    Starting note: Not for Oshur, just a collection of theoretical patch notes i'd wish for eventually, compiled from all my old posts ideas or things i agree with over my time playing.

    Proximity Chat
    • Range increased by 10m
      • No one uses this unless they are breathing down eachothers neck and at the edges you cant even hear it when it should be used to players in the same building. Also cannot reach one corner of a colossus gunner seat to the other.

    Heavy Weapons
    • Thumper projectile lifetime increased by 40%
      • Allows more flexible mortar-type use of what is usually an indoors noob-tube that loses to anyone in a direct fight.

    Sniper Rifles

    • Projectiles start at half speed, hitting top speed it over 50m, the trajectory wont change
      • Skill equalization over range, close range is closer to hitting long range skill wise without killing close range uses
      • Doesn't have to be 50m in code, can have it be timed and gain more the more projectile speed it has so it evens around 50m when it hits top speed
      • Though the coding hell required for the second part lets me post the original idea:
    • OR the aiming down the sights elongated by 0.1 seconds
    Fun fact: most people seem to want a suit slot that just lets you equip snipers, that's fine and all but i like theory crafting.

    • Decloak time increased by 0.05 seconds so it is more accurately networked
      • You often can get shot by an infiltrator that is 20% uncloked, especially in higher pop when the server is slow, this makes that better without stepping on anything else or being too noticable.
    • Can no longer aim down sights with primaries when fully cloaked OR just in general when using non-stalker cloaks

    • Spitfire turret placement denial radius around already built Spitfire turrets increased by 50%
      • This is linked with an Implant change below

    • Gains a 'top priority mark'(TPM) when having killed a bounties worth of players, worth 250(high threat)/500(menace) base xp and replaces next bounty reward they would give once.
      • For instance, you can gain any number of bounties and gain a mark as long as you do great with armors, even with maximum bounties

    • Engineer can now equip the Firewall exceptional implant
      • This is linked with a Spitfire change above

    A7 Resource
    • Bounties also awards 5 A7 for normal bounties, 10 A7 for high value bounties, +5 if they had a 'TPM'
    • A7 terminals now give a minimum value of 20
    • A7 terminals can be interacted with 50% faster
      • Sometimes you see it in an actual combat area, this lets you grab it and go much faster given the speed of combat in the game. (Also fix the A7 sound being a generic ambience or broken, thanks)

    • Assists where you did over 100% of a target's health grants directive kills progress for the used weapon, called "kill assist credit" in the exp pop ups instead of normal "kill assist"
      • Only comes into play with medics and heavy assaults, rare enough and doesn't touch K/D
  2. RabidIBM

    You covered a wide range of topics in one post which may be why you didn't get much response. Regarding comms, I've never specifically tested the range limit of proxy chat, but you're right in that it is extremely limited. If it truly doesn't go from one end of a colossus to the other than that is silly.

    On the topic of comms, one idea which has been bounced around in the past is a vehicle VOIP channel. I don't know if there is a coding reason it can't be done, but it would be nice to have.
  3. Shadowpikachu

    Yeah i think comms is prob the most important change on a meta level in the list, weirdly everytime i suggested that before i get told 'i dont wanna be told what to do by some tryhard' or something which sorta just ignores the fact it most likely will be used for silly stuff more then someone saying something like 'you cover over there i got over here'.