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  1. soultrax

    What kind of performnce can i expect from my rig...
    Amd phenom ii x4 850 3.30GHZ
    8GB ram ddr 3
    win7 64bit
    560ti 1gb

    Will i get 30fps and above? and what settings should i be looking at med to low settings?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. HerbertKnivez

    You'll be able to play on mid gfx, but your CPU is gonna get ***** playing this....
  3. user101

    Once they turn on PhysX that video card will not cut it. You will be running on low and having to turn off thing. You need a lot better card.
  4. Dragam

    user101 : what a load of BS.

    PhysX will always be a seperate setting, that can always be turned off, and as so wont influence anything else.
  5. BlackDove

    The 560Ti is old, but it's still 1.2 TFLOPS with a 256bit bus and like 130GB/s memory bandwidth, so it's better than A LOT of current GPU's out there.

    There is nothing wrong with the GPU you have, but your CPU does suck. You can turn graphics on all high(except for flora and shadows since they are CPU limited), leave fog shadows off, and see my configuration guide for Nvidia GPU settings.

    Use stable drivers like 331.65 or the really old 314.22's.

    Keep in mind that PS2 loads GPU's A LOT in the 2D menus(many threads have been written about the power virus 2D menus), so set up a custom fan curve, and make sure your card stays cool!

    Make sure your PSU is good, and your heatsinks are all clean.

    You will want to upgrade your CPU(keep the RAM) and get a new motherboard. Get an Intel i5(Ivy Bridge, Haswell or even Sandy Bridge are all fine) and a compatible motherboard.
  6. entrailsgalore

    Up until yesterday, I was running almost the same build as you:

    AMD Phenom X2 560 (Unlocked to an X4 B60) running at stock 3.31Ghz
    GTX 560ti 1GB
    8GB DDR3
    (NOTE: Planetside 2 was the ONLY game that gave me any kind of real FPS issues, including SWTOR, WoW, Tribes, CS:GO, STO, SWGEmu, BF4, etc, so your hardware doesn't suck, PS2 just has way more things for the CPU to render than any other game.)

    I was able tp turn the graphics settings all the way to ultra and it would run, HOWEVER the only time I could get consistent framerates was inside the Warpgate. By Consistent I mean 45-60 FPS. I currently have a 20-inch Monitor so I run the game at 1600x900, which is just barley 1080p. With Render distance set to 1000 (Which sucks for flying, but is playable btw) launching out of the warp gate my FPS would start to drop within the 40-50 FPS range, which is pretty reasonable considering my current hardware.

    In small fights you can expect to drop to the 30FPS range, and in large battles, especially Biolab battles, you will drop to 15 FPS. If there are 200+ players in the battle (Including infantry, air, and armor) PS2 will drop your FPS to it's knees, dropping below 10 fps. Granted that is just an averaged number, as your FPS will fluctuate so it will jump back up to 20, then back down in a large battle. This is pretty unplayable IMO, especially for a First Person Shooter and MMO for that matter. So I had to adjust my user.ini file and made some changes:

    Graphics Detail I set to Medium since Night Vision and Thermal are useless at low settings.
    Anything CPU intensive turned off (Flora, Shadows, etc.)
    Texture detail I left to High due to my GPU having 1GB of VRAM, but turning it to Med, or even Low would be better.
    Resolution I kept the same.
    FOV I always play at max, but you can set it to a nice medium level, most people use between 50-60.
    Render Quality I always play at 100, but if you don't care about Aliasing, then you can set it to around 75, I am just OCD about jagged edges.
    I always play with Vsync on since I am also OCD about Screen tearing, but turning it off would net you a few frames here and there.
    I always have FPS smoothing disabled as it limits my maximum frames to keep a more consistent framerate.
    I also had Max Voice Channels turned down to around 20, since your CPU has to render them, this takes a load off. Ignore this if you have a dedicated soundcard though.
    I also Unparked my cores, which you can google how to do.
    I also made sure everything I didn't need running in the background while I played Planetside 2 was off. You can also acheive this by using APplications like Razer's Gamebooster.

    Doing all of that gave me a very playeable framerate, and gave me a balance between FPS and Visual quality. Granted you could go even further and turn everything off and resolution and everything to Low, however there is a point where your GPU will then stop being fully utilized,and you might as well keep SOME settings on or set to low/med to maintain Visual quality to some degree. So my average framerate with that User.ini setup was:

    Warpgrate 60
    Small battles 45-60
    Large battles ie:Biolab 30-40
    200+ Battles 15-30.

    As you can see it was a big difference on average in terms of playable framerate. Now keep in mind, this is still not optimal in terms of playable framerates when it comes to any First Person Shooter, however it was very playable about 75% of the time, and still looked 10X better than Planetside 1, which was all I cared about. Now, I have played PS2 since Beta with this rig, and had ups and downs throughout the past year. I had to quit the game for a few months do to it initially being unplayable early on, however after the first OMFG patch I noticed about a 20% perfomance boost on average with the same hardware, so I came back. There are times when my FPS still dips below 20, or even 10, but that is once in awhile, and when a lot of crap is blowing up and I am looking at a big FOV of things to render.

    As of Yesterday though, I upgraded my Mobo and CPU and am now running an FX-6350 (Had to compromise with my wife as I wanted a 3570k/4670k, but had to settle for price/performance.) I have it OC'd to 4.5Ghz with the same GTX 560ti, and it is like breathing new life into my GPU and into the game. I can play the game with everything set to High/Ultra, render distance between 3000-4000, and shadows set to low, with amazingly playable framerates. I know I could crank everything to Ultra if I wanted, however I would then be reaching past the Limits of the GTX560ti, so until I upgrade to something else (maybe a 7870 since prices dropped, or a 280X) I will just enjoy the game at high-ish settings with consistent framerates.

    Also, I did try to OC my Phenom X2 to 4Ghz, however my ASROC mobo was an early AM2+/AM3 board, and would not let my OC it. I have a feeling it was related to the TDP or the voltage regulation on the board itself, but your Mobo may allow you to OC that chip, and if so, get an aftermarket cooler if you don't already have one and OC that bad boy to 4Ghz. It won't net you magic FPS, but you could see around 5-10% performance gain in PS2, if not any other game you play. Would extend the playability lifespance of your machine for another few months, or until you upgrade/rebuild. That chip should actually be able to reach OC speeds closer to 4.5Ghz, but that will be dependent on your Mobo/PSU/Ram/Cooling etc. Sorry for the wall of text, but I noticed that not a lot of people give information like this with their own experiences, and since you had almost the same hardware as me, I thought I would let you know what I found over the last year of playing PS2, and my struggles with FPS.
  7. Dragam

    entrailsgalore : oh boy, youve bought one of the worst processors in regards to single core performance, for a game that craves for just that...

    You should really have done yourself a favour, and saved up a bit longer, till you could have afforded an i5.

    But if you are satisfied, then thats all that matters i guess...
  8. user101

    The 560
    The 560 does not have an cuda cores in it... it has pipe lines.... it is garbage for this game.
  9. entrailsgalore

    I wouldn't say I bought the worst CPU for Planetside 2....buying an Intel Pentium 4 would have been buying the worst possible CPU for Planetside 2. Keep in mind I upgraded from a Phenom II X2! As far as the performance you mentioned, It is because AMD FX cpu's use 1 module per 2 cores. That is something I already knew when I bought the chip. I did a lot of research on which CPU I was going to upgrade to and had narrowed it down to a few choices: Intel i5 4670k (Top of the List) 3570k (2nd choice) FX6350 (3rd choice) FX4350 (4th choice). I didn't include an 8350 since I don't plan on utilizing 8 cores, and it runs warmer than the other two FX counterparts when trying to find a stable OC, but has the same performance on games that don't use more than 4 cores. Obviously since Planetside 2 is a DX9 game, it favors single core performance, which Intel has the upper hand with right now. However, Intel is also usually 15-20% more expensive for their CPUs sometimes even more. Since I had to upgrade BOTH my CPU and Mobo, my set budget was about $250. That is almost the price of a 3570 (locked) and about what a 3570k (Unlocked) would cost WITHOUT a mobo. Frys did have a bundle deal for an i7 3770k with mobo for $399, however it would still be out of my budget. I could have expanded my budget to get the better hardware, but decided I would settle for a Price/Performance compromise, and just build a completely new Intel based computer in say 3-6 months. Besides, even though I have enough to go Intel right now, I have other things I want to buy as well! Anyways, I figured if I settled for an AMD FX cpu, the mobo+cpu would be $250, and I could OC the crap out of this CPU. Look at it this way, the FX6350 is a big upgrade from my Phenom II X2 I was running, so I still feel i came out ahead at the end. I have this clocked at 4.5Ghz right now, and so far in game with almost everything set to High or Ultra, I can get a consistent 40 fps average. Most of the time I am between 50-60 fps, then in large fights I get to the 40 range. When it is a giant battle it will get to the 30-40 range but that is when it stops dropping. Considering the performance I have experienced in the last year of playing on a daily basis, not able to run the game at max settings, and my FPS dropping to 20 in big battles..... this is a huge upgrade for me. It is not the "best", but then again how many people here have a GTX 780i/Titan/R9 290? Most people probably decided spending that much on a GPU wasn't within their budget, and settled for "Good Enough" performance for their money. I will build another machine in the future, as mentioned above, but this will hold me off until then, and for now I can play Planetside 2 with eye candy and acceptable performance. Like you said, I am satisfied.
  10. FBVanu

    Dragam and User101, do either of you ever have any crashing issues with your systems?
  11. Dragam

    FBVanu : no, and ive never had, aside from when my voltage was a tiny bit too low for my OC.

    Why do you ask?

    entrailsgalore : im not saying you bought THE worst cpu for planetside 2, but if you go through the single core benchmark list, youll find that the cpu you bought is faaaaaar Down the list.
  12. FBVanu

    thx Dragman..
    asking 'cause I'm about to buy a new rig.. got fast internet connection but slow PC.. i crash every 45-60 minutes..
    Can't get into big fights.. and sometimes the smaller fights turn into big ones, and I crash..
    Can't take a gunner for my tank, ... crash even faster..

    I copied your PC specs, (thx for posting them, by the way)..
    Any idea what those specs should cost me to buy them ?
    Anything that you would change on them?

    really appreciate all your help.
  13. Dragam

    FBVanu : well, if expenses are any concern, then you might not want to copy my setup :p

    My entire setup (everything included) has costed me about 37.000 DKK, or somewhere around 5k euro... but thats the prices when the stuff was new, and most of the components are pretty old by now... screen and gpu's were bought in 2012, psu 2006, speakers 2002, etc.

    If i were to make a completely new build today, i wouldnt change all that much (except newer psu, speakers etc), but the case, cpu, ram, cooler, ssd, hdd etc... i would buy that Again :)

    The only Things id change would the screen and gpu's... which is why im waiting for a 4k screen with the g-sync module, and a couple of really fast gpu's to power it (will most likely end up getting the upcomming 880 Cards).
  14. entrailsgalore

    Yup, I have already looked at that list and already know what kind of performance to expect when I bought the FX-6350. Again, this was a choice of free will based on researching benchmarks, performance tests, and watching a lot of videos on different CPU's. I had a list of options to get based on PRICE, and decided to stick to my preset budget. That is sort of the point of a budget, deciding on boundaries, then staying within those boundaries. Now I don't know what your personal finacial situation is, but based on the price of your PC, which would have been more than $5,000 USD, since you estimated it in Eruo's, I would guess that either you saved up ALOT of money and blew it all or most of it on a PC, or had income from someone else given to you or bought for you, or you work a job that pays you great income. In either of those cases, I am happy for you and you have a killer rig there, Core i5/i7's are wonderful CPU's and perform very well in Planetside 2 due to their single core performance, no arguements there!

    However for us "Normal Folk", we usually don't drop $5,000 on something unless it is to buy a House or to buy a car. I haven't even dropped that much on Equipment when I used to be a Touring musician. Now with that said, I did have money set aside for this purchase, but my goal wasn't to spend all of it, or see what the most expensive computer component I could buy was, my goal was to spend SOME money, but try to only spend what I absolutely needed, or in other words, the best Price to Perfomance part available. Sure I could have dropped $500 and got a nice Mobo with a nice i5 or i7, then maybe dropped another $300 or so got a 770, or R7/R9 card, maybe a 7870 since they are almost at the $200 range, then beefed up my PSU, then added more memory,......... but again I am "Normal Folk", I unfortunately have to budget and shop smart when I buy things in life. Even though another $100 bucks may not be a big deal to you, which is perfectly ok if that is your situation, but for us "Normal Folk", $100 could mean the difference between being late on a bill or not, or even just having enough food to last till your next paycheck. Now my situation isn't that serious, but still, for the time being I am "Normal Folk". Sometimes shopping smart doesn't always mean getting the best choice, it means getting the least expensive choice that will suffice. Another reason why I choose to drive a new Mazda 3 rather than say a new mustang or new corvette. Sure they are faster cars, but my Mazda will accomplish the same thing for the most part as a Mustang or Corvette, which is getting me from point A to Point B reliably. It is also great on gas mileage! (Another thing "Normal Folk" have to worry about, how much $$ we spend on gas) And in case you are wondering, yeah sure I could have not gotten a new car and instead just dropped $10,000 on a Computer...but could I get to work? Anyways, I made a WILLING choice when I bought my CPU knowing the benchmarking results, and knowing exactly what I was buying, and I was passing up to buy. If Fry's Electronics has another Bundle deal for eitehr ain i5 2500k, 3570k, or 4670k for under $300 bucks, I may return this chip and Board and go for that, since that would be about what my budget is after tax. Otherwise, I just gave my PC new life for another 6months, of which I now have time to enjoy my games right now, and plan on building a new PC later on, and replacing my wife's with this one. By then Haswell will be replaced with the next gen core chips anyways, and the prices of the current gen i5/i7's will go down and will be more affardable for us "Normal Folk" to afford being Elite just like you!
  15. BlackDove

    The 560 has plenty of CUDA cores in it... WTF
  16. Dragam

    entrailsgalore : i dont have alot of Money... infact the exact oppersite. I simply prioritize to set Money aside for my computer gear, rather than spending it on going out, fancy cloths etc..
    So i set about 1k euro aside per year, and upgrade gpu's on a 3 year clycle, and everything else on a 5 year clycle... meaning that when i do upgrade, i can afford to get basically what i want in terms of new computer gear.

    But as with most Things in life, its a question of what you prioritize :)
  17. fumz

    I know, right! I read that and for the first time in a long time considered slamming my head on the desk. Some people should have to pass a test before being allowed to hand out "advice".

    btw, how ya been BD?
  18. Nasher

    560 is fine. I was using a 460 back in beta and didn't have any problems. You will notice much larger gains from upgrading the CPU.
  19. BlackDove

    Been good, except that I keep posting the link to the comprehensive hardware guide I spent the time to write up on this forum, and it gets ignored!

    Should I buy this? Will this run it? Will a 1.2 TFLOPS GPU run the game?There are too many of those threads on the forum.
  20. FBVanu

    Well, when you search the forum for "comprehensive hardware guide', this thread comes up..
    It is very difficult , sometimes, to find stuff on this forum. We would all appreciate if you would just include that link in every post..
    the more it goes out there, the more players get to find out, the more players we get.. good for everybody.
    Same as when I reply with the same list for deleting files and installing razer game.. Let's try to help the new players.

    Please post the link.. thx.