performance when using nvidia SLI

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by indian spice, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Aldaris

    Niche products compared to the reason you're buying a GPU in the first place, and a potential £100 saving when used on new products? Yes, that bloody well seals the deal.

    Because we were talking about the 980. More power translates to....comparable performance for way higher price. Well done.

    Half the power my ***. It's lower than the 290X and I never denied that, but under full load it's no where near half the amount.

    No he can't afford that. He's already stated he doesn't have that kind of budget. The Titan is the absolute max he could get with his budget and get good gaming and DP performance, and only refurbished version at that. As for overpriced, You seem to be confusing AMD with Nvidia. 290X are cheaper than the vast majority of Nvidia's lineup. The 290X will equal or beat the 970 in gaming and outright beat it at DP. Why not wait for GM200? Already covered that multiple times. We don't know price or performance of any new products. If you are right and the first model released with be the DP one I have doubts he will be able to afford that either, but Nvidia could still surprise us on price.

    Costs pretty much the same, barely uses less power as I've pointed out, CUDA is not better or worse than OpenCL (though I do acknowledge he does want to test out CUDA). Both perform well.

    He can't afford a full GM200 from his own estimation. For the price of the two 970s he can get two 290X, smash them at DP, equal or outperform them in games, absolutely smash them at higher res and get a bucket load of extra games to boot. Only issue is power but the difference at full load is more than made up by other savings, such as the games, he will make.

    None of this is still relevant and never will be relevant to your initial speculating based on nothing statement.
  2. chevyowner

    SLI at least gives me better performance. My FPS does not drop below ~45FPS in large battles. I did have the problem with the game dropping down to 2 FPS for a short time, for me it was not caused by SLI. For me it was caused by EVGA Precision X, and was fixed by uninstalling that. The only time I have seen weird things like planes hanging in the same spot for seconds at a time it was caused by implants, and it completely stopped by removing the implants.
  3. Dragam

    Im using the rig in my signature, and i have zero issues - including no stutter of any sorts.
  4. f0d

    i never had problems with fps with my 2x 670's it was only the stutter and hitching while using sli that i had problem with - infact i was getting 200fps most of the time but it was just horrible frame latency and stuttering which ruined it for me

    never had precision x or anything like that added when i used sli - i pretty much just installed the card/sli bridge and installed a new driver (cause the one i had was old so i updated) and that was it, ps2 ran poorly and bounced between 5-200ms frame latency with horrible horrible hitching

    either way i have a 970 now and it performs great with very low consistant frame latency and high framerate
  5. chevyowner

    I'll just keep my 660s for the time being.
  6. BlackDove


    Wow lol. Two extra free games he may or may not even like seals the deal!? Yeah thats way better than features that you can use in all your games or CUDA development! Because theyre Nvidia only features i guess.

    The guy wants a GPU for gaming as well as compute work, with an approximately $700 budget(two 970s are about that).

    Some types of compute work pretty much rules out a small SP focused chip like GM204. Even two of them.

    I suggest that he wait for GM200 because based on history(GF110, GK110) it would be much better for his purposes than GM204.

    The 290x is priced about the same as a 780 or 780ti which perform equally or better in most cases. Why would he get a 290x now? Why should he drop $700 on two 970s instead of waiting for a GM200 Geforce?

    How long did it take 780 to come out after Titan? Not very long.

    How can he not afford a 1080 when it will be cheaper than two 970s if its priced similarly to how they priced GK110 after GK104? I clearly stated that he could get a Titan 2 if he has an extra $300 or so.

    And how does two free games make up for not meeting one of his requirements: CUDA? Youre giving bad advice baed on your AMD fanboy bias.
  7. Dragam

    My frametimes are between 10 and 28ms, aka no stutter what so ever, and thats at constant 60 fps. But you really didnt do yourself a favor, if all you did was attach the bridge, and install a new vga driver... usually youll have to have your mobo fully updated with the newest drivers and bios aswell, else youll often get issues pcie lanes, when running multiple cards.

    Im guessing you didnt manually configure the nvidia driver either ?
  8. f0d

    my motherboard already had the latest stuff before i even thought of using sli
    manually as in the sli modes? yeah i tried afr 1 and 2 and the default and it actually made it worse when not on default

    sli being borked for ps2 seems to be a common thing as the OP mentioned since the performance update and on reddit (urgh reddit) theres loads of people with sli issues

    maybe its the last few drivers that are borked as i only tried the last 2 whql ones (not beta) before giving up
  9. chevyowner

    Do you know what version they were? I don't use the beta drivers, and have none of the problems you are referring to.
  10. f0d

    344.65 and after i still had problems 344.60
  11. chevyowner

    I did not use those versions. I went from (IIRC) 340.52 to 344.75. I don't update to every new version as some of them cause problems.
  12. Aldaris

    No, because they're either niche or propriety features. Learn to ******* read. You're buying a GPU to game mainly. Free games will pretty much always be useful. Niche aspects? Probably never. The only really useful one is G Sync, and I've covered that already.

    Which he can't afford so an irrelevant suggestion, especially given you made a speculating statement as capabilties of everything involved.

    Why? I've already told you that! Some DP perfromance now with gaming performance. Because he can't afford the GM200.

    Again for the record he's stated he probably can't afford a full GM200 card. We have no idea on the price of the Titan 2, as I've covered 50 thousand times

    CUDA was only an option. He mainly wanted DP performance. Nice try though that using my words against me. Shame it massively failed.

    Still irrelevant ******** to your original comment. Loving you ignore that again and again.
  13. John_Aitc

    I am in the same boat as the OP. I was forced to turn off my SLI before OMFG and have not tried it since then. If it works again, they implemented it very quietly. I do not remember hearing about it.
  14. Dragam

    "Implemented it Again" would imply that it was disabled - it wasnt, it just ran poorly for some people. However, it was never an issue for me.

    Obviously frametime variations are less with sli disabled, but there isnt any stuttering with it enabled (for me at least).
  15. BlackDove

    Ok, let me see if i can explain some basic math and a little logic.

    $350 + $350 for 970s in SLI is what? $700.

    A GM200 Geforce will be about $650 if they peice it like GK110(GM204 was priced like GK104 so they PROBABLY will price GM200 similarly to GK110).

    So, stop saying he cant afford a GM200 part. He might not want to spend $1000 for a Titan 2, but if he can afford $700 for SLI970s he can afford a GM200 Geforce, so stop using your circular nonsense as an excuse.

    And really? Some games that he may or may not like outweigh useful graphics features that he can use in every game, or in the case of CUDA, use for the second reason HE SPECIFICALLY is getting a GPU?

    Thats ridiculous lol. Thats about as stupid as someone choosing a few free DVDs as an incentive to buy a garbage car, over a second equally priced option with a better engine and drivetrain.

    Where did he say he MAINLY needs DP performance? That contradicts your advice for a gaming card with free games if its teue lol.
  16. UltimaRecon

    I have sli gtx 660s, and it was running perfect up until a few patched ago, now it is awful with sli on.