[BUG] Performance since the patch has diminished

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Oheck, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Oheck

    Not sure whats happened devs. But something took me from having great gameplay performance to large drops in FPS when looking at stations or among other players, as well as some visual glitches taking place. Shame I was looking forward to this patch. Hopefully you can get some hotfixes moving before your next patch release. I'm a subscriber, so I WANT to continue supporting you folks and the development of this title.

    I run everything on High except for shadows at medium. I even put the render distance back to the default 4000 and still get the clunky performance. Using an i7-2600, gtx 570, 16 gigs of ram, win 7 64bit.

    Here's a vid of just one of the odd visual glitches i'm seeing.
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  2. CyclesMcHurtz Code Monkey

    This looks like a problem people were reporting with all the MAX bursters. It looks like the code for this in line for the hotfix.
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  3. EricBlue

    When I start playing this game I was doing real good. In last past days I get next ot place with lotes of people and it get so jerking.
    I can not see what going . When I am out in the open it all well.
    I think it is so many cleints in on spot the sever they are all on can sent information in syc with the other sever.

    I have OS 7
    GTX 660 ti
    16G ram
    I7 2700 cpu
    super fast cable.

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  4. lilbabygiraffelegs

    Thank you, sir. Wam bam thank you ma'am fix. GG
  5. Oheck

    Thanks for the response Cycles.
  6. planetephantome

  7. Judgement

    I got an idea test your patches before releasing them!
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  8. Cyridius

    I'm sure they're testing them, but they're releasing too much at once for effective testing.

    Though with this last hotfix... clearly wasn't tested.
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  9. the pestimist

    they should have delayed it till next week instead.
  10. Birddog01

    My performance has went to the crapper. I even put everything on Low and it's still jerky. Shooting with tanks, AA - no idea if anything is coming out of the barrels. Worst update ever and bad enough, in my humble IT opinion, to back out of if they can't fix it promptly (like in a day). I cannot play this game now. I will check daily to see if it gets fixed but they have destroyed the experience for me.
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  11. Azzatai

    Could you please reduce the sound volume of max burster shots beeing fired by, I don't know, 65%, or give the option for it somewhere? To me the sound volume is really abysmally loud compared to every other sound and I normally deactivate sound completely while playing burster max in tight rooms. My ears get easily damaged tho, so probably not a big issue for "normal" people...
  12. vaxx

    Was hoping the hotfix would fix this. Did not seem to though. The "stutters" and dips in FPS are making it very hard to play, espcially when you add in the pop in and out enemies 20-30m in front of you.

    Hoping this gets fixed ASAP. Good thing its Superbowl, or I would be bored not being able to play today.
  13. Smoothshot

    Not sure if this is the fix but this morning I noticed that the new Render Distance slider was set really high to a max render distance of 6000 meters. Since I'm pretty sure infantry and vehicles aren't going to render at that distance anyway, I moved the slider down to around 2000 meters and have had zero hitching or stuttering. Completely different than last night.

    I wonder if the client is hitching trying to process stuff way off in the distance that isn't relevant anyway? This would explain why the hitching was primarly outside but inside Bio Labs was always fine.

    Again no idea if this is a real workaround but be interested in hearing if any other folks experience positive results.
  14. Birddog01

    As a heavy, I shot at a guy coming down some stairs, hitting him the whole time emptying 75 rounds, he made it out the door turned around and with one shot took me out. What is up with the game?
  15. Judgement

    Anybody else notice when checking your usersettings file that the texture quality automatically defaults to 3 even after changing it to 1? I think this needs to be looked into.