[Suggestion] Performance of the Aphelion - Gatekeeper - Mjolnir

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  1. KirthGersen

    >Blah blah blah
    >Prowler's only LR option were Halberd before
    >Implying Enforcer and (especially) Saron were long-range options for NC and VS respectively
    :rolleyes: Tell me moar about long range Saron pls.
    Have spent certs on Halberd-H just yesterday cuz tired of Saron-H slowness in those cases when you need to take out a sundy from 300-500 m distance. Especially if peasants try to repair.
  2. Tichy

    I want to set the focus on the comparison of Saron, Gatekeeper and Enforcer.
    Its ok to discuss how these weapons blend in with their factions overall arsenal, but its annoying to experience that a direct opponent is obviously outperforming your own equivalent. In addition its still possible to keep the Gatekeeper the best longrange option and let Saron/ Enforcer shine in other scenarios. This is as read over and over again the main concern of TR players when discussing these three weapons balance.

    Current state:
    If each of the three is hitting every shot they do nearly the same dps, taken into account, that the Saron have to reload each encounter at least once, where Enforcer/Gatekeeper don´t have to do so or at least have enough time to find the right moment to do so. Saron is fired as fast as possible in this comparison.
    Until now its simply numbers or testing, nothing to discuss about.

    So the difference is how hard it is to hit or how the dps drops according to distance and movement of the target.
    - serious bullet drop
    - rate of fire drops with longer range to keep COF small enough, which means lesser dps
    + 66% more bulletspeed than the Enforcer/Saron

    First conclusion:
    So two weapons have obvious and comparable drawbacks the Gatekeeper has an important advantage at the same time.

    Second conclusion:
    All three weapons are the long range option for their faction, but they are different.
    Saron should be superior at very short range in direct comparison, because the dps drop at distance is the worst due to ROF adjustment.
    Enforcer can still fire at the same rate but will miss more shots cause of the hardest aim characteristic at longer distance (leading+ bulletdrop anticipation).
    Gatekeeper has obviously the most range, cause ROF keeps the same, leading is the least and no bullet drop hast to be taken into acount.

    So simple conclusion overall: Each weapon must have a major drawback, which has the effect, that its best in a decent range, where the drawback has the least influence.
    Saron: Short range - outperforming the other two by superior burst fire and hit and run abilities
    Enforcer: Medium range - outperforming the other two by superior dps at this range by keeping ROF.
    Gatekeeper: High range - outperforming the other two by highest hit rate and keeping ROF and easiest aim characteristic.

    So my conclusion implies that all weapons have the same bullet speed meaning Gatekeeper=300m/s and that the base dps of Gatekeeper have to be lower than Enforcers. I would suggest ~10%, cause Proton PPA like overreaction is not the right way.

    I have to point out again that even with this two simple changes the Gatekeeper has the best long range dps and the best sustained dps at ~70+ cause of high magazine size.

    There are other possibilities to balance, but this seems the easiest for me while keeping empire differences. E.g. keeping GK current bulletspeeed needs massive damage drop over distance or massive overall dps reduction. Both make the weapon less versatile and would hurt more I think.
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  3. Orakel

    Unfortunable but needed (seriously) ??? so why they just dont remove that weapon ? im tired of seeing my gameplay geting nerfed because TR&NC clowns QQing ...if VS ppls talking about nerfing something it takes ages ...
  4. zaspacer


    They kinda did remove it. The nerfed it into (or close to) oblivion. Just like most other nerfings or Units/Weapons that were wrecking the game.

    Anytime you find a Unit/Weapon able to Farm or Steamroll in even Pop (or even Underpop) Med-Bigger fights (48 pers side on up), you're probably looking at a something OP outta control that is wrecking the game.

    The nerfing of PPA DID take ages. Just like most other nerfings or Units/Weapons that were wrecking the game.
  5. Orakel

    Gatekeeper still not nerfed ? How long will it take now ...1 month or 1 year or forever ..seems hard for DB ?

    PS: Dont forget to nerf Vanu more and more
  6. Jake the Dog

    Usually it takes 6 months to a year.
  7. Pikachu

    Think of the time it will take to bring it back up again. ;)
  8. Zombo

    nuh-uh, people also compared the NC Gauss Saw, Orion and the T9 Carv to see that the Orion was *obviously* overperforming, even though the orion was the only real CQC weapon of the three /s

    seriously though, you are right, but ignorant forum trolls and one-faction-fanboys are gonna compare all the "new guns", even though they are not as comparable as they think they are...
  9. Orakel

  10. Orakel

    Anytime you find a Unit/Weapon able to Farm or Steamroll in even Pop (or even Underpop) Med-Bigger fights (48 pers side on up), you're probably looking at a something OP outta control that is wrecking the game.

    Yeah like mini-chaingun and jackhammer most op infantery weapons ingame ? all TR shotguns are OP all TR medic weapons are OP ...but seriously DB just nerfing and nerfing VS things huh ...im tired from this **** ...if they can test things properly and balance the game isnt VS fault ...but we have to deal always with nerfs since NC/TR kiddys always QQ that much ...
  11. zaspacer

    So which are you more concerned about?:
    1) VS getting nerfs (or getting nerfs often)
    2) TR/NC not getting nerfs (or not getting nerfs often)
    3) nerfs in general (or nerfs happening often)
    4) the game not being ballanced properly by PS2 Devs in testing, leading to OP and nerfs
    5) PS2 Devs often nerfing thing so hard, that they then are bad
    6) TR and NC stuff in game that is OP and needs nerfs

    I don't use Mini-Chaingun or Jackhammer. I also don't use any TR Shotguns or TR Medic guns. If they are OP and ruining the game, then I am all for nerfing them.

    I expect TR's Gatekeeper might get nerfed, because it is frustrating a lot of NC/VS. Also, I think NC's AH might get nerfed, because it's too effective vs. ESF and MAXs.