[Suggestion] Performance of the Aphelion - Gatekeeper - Mjolnir

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  1. 3punkt14159

    So guys, I dont want to open a new "Tr is op" thread. But me as a VS player I verry often get slaughtered down by a gatekeeper who is 1000 meters away. Of course i dont get killed every time from this distance, but i am just woundering how good that wappon is on this awesome range.

    So i dont want to cry for no reason. Is there any serious official or non official statistic about this three wappons?
    I am verry happy with my aphelion, but year,. just courious.
  2. AlterEgo

    You could use the Oracle of Death. It's this tool that represents the performance between different weapons of your choosing.
  3. DooDooBreff

    the gatekeeper is getting looked at........

    that said its definatley gonna seem OP now that you cant just simply sit at range and laugh at TR vehicles any longer

    also git gud
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  4. Gundem

    You have to compare the ES secondaries properly. You are currently comparing 2 CQC secondaries with a long range one. Instead, compare the GK, the Enforcer and the Saron, or the Mjolnir, Aphelion and Vulcan.
  5. ronjahn

    Yeah because lockdown AP Prowlers with a Halbred were struggling so much before the gatekeeper came out. Smh.
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  6. Lord_Avatar

    The thread should be called: Performance of the Saron - Gatekeeper - Enforcer. Those are the weapons that we should be comparing.
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  7. Liewec123

    o_O because we all know how weak and anchored AP prowler is right? ;)
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  8. Demigan

    Please get this straight:
    Gatekeeper = TR long range AV
    Enforcer = NC long range AV
    Saron = VS long range AV

    Vulcan = TR short range AV
    Mjolnir = NC short range AV
    Aphelion = VS short range AV

    So if you are going to compare any AV weapon here, do not compare Gatekeeper to the Mjolnir and Aphelion. That's like comparing a TR Sniper rifle to an NC/VS SMG (if the NC/VS SMG's were worse than the TR sniper rifle)
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  9. PasitheeVS

    Gatekeeper = TR very long range AV
    Enforcer = NC middle range AV
    Saron = VS middle range AV

    Vulcan = TR short range AV
    Mjolnir = NC short range AV
    Aphelion = VS middle range AV
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  10. Demigan

    I stand corrected :p
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  11. Akashar

    I totally agree, I honestly can't chose between saron and aphelion when playing VS. With TR or NC, it's easy: Vulcan at CQC, gatekeeper everywhere else. For NC, well, enforcer everywhere, poor guys.
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  12. Wind_Walker

    What's wrong with the Mjolnir, anyway? I haven't tested it in VR yet, so I'm curious. Is it the bloom?
  13. Jubikus

    I wouldnt say NC poor guys the enforcer is an amazing weapon my personal favorite.
  14. Campagne

    I envy you. I wish I had never tried it before.

    It's a lot of things, but yes, it's mostly the bloom.
  15. Jubikus

    Its got slightly better dps than Vulcan but also has shorter range but the range is just a little too short to make incredible use of.
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  16. ronjahn

    The bloom and the punishing damage range profile make it ineffective, while at the same time the three shot burst makes it annoying to use. While I know it's intended for AV, in comparison to its VS/TR counterparts, it is also atrocious against infantry.

    I've had a few good runs with it, but it's need some love and there are multiple better options.
  17. Wind_Walker

    So the Mjolnir is too inaccurate while the Gatekeeper is too accurate. How about taking half the bloom off Mjolnir, adding it to GK, and taking it from there? I'm aware that one's long range while the other's close range, but I don't think the Mjolnir's in a position to suddenly become OP, due to the damage range. Thoughts?
  18. TheSquishling

    Would be nice if the gatekeeper doesn't go the way of the fractures, which were pinpoint accurate with high muzzle velocity for a while on release then got nerfed into oblivion due to the hordes of lockdown sniper maxes...
  19. Imp C Bravo

    This. And stats. And reasoning as to why stats are as they are. And why you think x is op. More intelligent posting = good.
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  20. Jubikus

    Yeah but honestly there the problem was how effective they were against infantry which they still didnt nerf till a while later.