Performance Loss?

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    I do not monitor actively performances: I use a 4K rig with ULTRA settings and I have capped the FPS to 60 to ensure a smooth experience in small and big battles.

    Since a few weeks I have started to experience a number of separate performance issues:
    - FPS drop in big battles especially when the Thumper is used
    - sound latency
    - lag (example: dropping dead from head-shots, then seeing the enemy sniper appearing and not the other way around)

    It is a kind of creepy behavior, not always consistent or reproducible, but clearly noticeable. Basically the DX11 gains have been gradually eroded by this.

    Am I alone?
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  2. TRspy007


    There's a bunch of people playing since it's double XP week, so guess what? THE SERVER LAT BUG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! Well, not back really, since it never went away.

    Basically if you remember that bug that causes the server to drop client packages (causing disconnections and lag spikes) that becomes apparent in huge fights - it's still there. Once the double XP is over and the pop goes down a bit, everything should be normal again.

    Also you might wanna lower your settings a bit and perhaps update your CPU core thread speed. Large battles rely mostly on your CPU (one core of the cpu is used, so independent clock speed matters). Only do this if the problem persists next week.

    Until then, you're gonna be killed by people who lag, you're gonna lag yourself and overall have a pretty annoying end of the week in large fights. All thanks to DBG rushing DX11.