Performance issues with latest Game Update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Higby Developer

    All -

    We are aware of some players experiencing performance issues since the latest update, and continuing issues with hitching from a prior update. At this point we've found and fixed an issue related to memory management which, if all goes well, we'll be hotfixing tonight and which we hope will help alleviate the performance decreases many of you have reported. This particular issue is not affecting all players equally and is much more likely to happen if you have a lot of memory usage occurring in the background while PS2 is running (other memory-hungry applications running, long time since reboot).

    If you're having a new issue with framerate choppiness, closing background processes or rebooting may help while we get this fix ready to release.

    Note: We are still having issues with the latest NVIDIA 334.89 drivers causing black screens and crashes with the game which we are working with NVIDIA to resolve. If you are running these drivers we highly recommend backing out to an older driver version.

    As always, thanks for your patience as we work through these issues!

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  2. RadioActiveLobster

    What about FPS issues caused by GPU PhysX? It was not mentioned in patch notes so is it not suppose to be enabled?

    Are the FPS drops with PhysX related to the memory management issues?
  3. Gav7x

    feinally tenks hegbi
  4. Doomzzg

    Always about Nvidia, where's the news on AMD drivers?
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  5. Fildred

    680 using 331.82 and a dedicated 550ti physx card. Back in the day, enabling physx cost me 0 fps. However with the latest update, enabling it costs me at least 10 fps.
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  6. Dtswiss

    Wait they added the option to enable physx back?
    There is definitely a memory leak with the game exe. After a while ps2 exe weights around 2.9 gb ram.
    I'm affected by this bug even with 16 gb rams (entire system with ps 2 never exceed 7 gb )
  7. Vioxtar

    Did they really add PhysX back?
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  8. Ethancol

    I noticed the Voice Over's stopped working after I was hit by an EMP Grenade.. Also at Tawrich yes, 10fps decrease that what'd be normal for me :)
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  9. QFAN

    BOOM, it's black!

    **** Nvidia.

    (and previous driver version crashes in LoL.... so I have to find something released in 2013, which doesn't have Twitch streaming....)

    so everything breaks, nothing works, nvida...
  10. Metallic123

    Getting a lot of CTD's
  11. Mastachief

    Fingers crossed that this fixes the ******* hitching
  12. Dtswiss

    Still hitching. Is the game exe limited to 2.9 GB of rams? Because it seems to happen every time the game hits 2.8 - 2.9 Gb of system ram. The amount of mem for .exe increases rapidly until it hits set target and starts hitching. I still have more than 10 Gb of free system rams when this happens
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  13. Octiceps

    Still hitching, same as before.
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  14. EmmettLBrown

    I had 1 day to play with PhysX turned back on. :(
    I'm gonna miss those amazing looking nanaites floating around jump pads, teleporters, and mediguns...
  15. 3asyD

    Same here still hitching.
  16. rogerraa

    28th patch did not resolve the drop in performance for me
  17. GoEErs

    I have seen no performance issues and have not experienced the aforementioned hitching on my old system. I'm building a new rig that's a little leaner than the quad core I had before. Just got everything today. I think I will wait a few days before I re-install PS2 to see how this bug issue is resolved.
  18. Octiceps

    I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix. It's gonna be a while, if ever.

    What are your old and new system specs?
  19. GoEErs

    Old system was the P7-1421. I went with the A6 Dual 3.7, Video card is the R7-260xoc 2GB GDDR5, 24" LED HD Monitor(1920x1080), Motherboard A55BM-E with 8GB DDR3-1600 Ram, 120 GB SSD, Super-Multi DVD RW, etc...My son took my Quad Core P7-1421 for school so this was the best I could get for now. Will upgrade to the new A10 in a few months and drop another 8 GB of ram. Not the greatest specs but she'll do for Planetside.
  20. Octiceps

    And you had no performance issues with the HP, AMD iGPU and all? I'm highly impressed.

    You really need to rethink that build. The R7 260X is a fine mid-range card but that APU is gonna bottleneck it bad. Honestly, the A6 APU is utter crap, plus it makes exactly zero sense to overpay and get an APU when you already have a discrete GPU. And before I get flamed for saying that, yes I'm aware that AMD has the Dual Graphics thing where you can pair certain dedicated GPU's with the onboard graphics on an APU in a CrossFire configuration. However, this is never gonna get you a consistently smooth experience due to the frame pacing issues and frame time variance caused by the performance gulf between the onboard and discrete GPU, so it is not a realistic option. Not that it would matter in this case, as the R7 260X can't do Dual Graphics with any APU anyway.

    Even an i3 shats all over the A6, especially in a game such as this where it is all about single-threaded CPU performance since there is only one main render thread and it is incredibly expensive. The absolute lowest "gaming" CPU I'd consider is an Athlon X4 750K, but go for an Intel build if at all possible. Even getting a Celeron or Pentium for now until you can pony up for an upgrade to an i3 or ideally an i5 in the future would get you better performance right now (vs. an A6) and pay huge dividends for you later down the road when you upgrade to a higher-end Intel chip.

    Moral of the story: You don't need another 8GB RAM, so save yourself the money and please, please put it toward a much better CPU. Your PlanetSide 2 experience will thank you.