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  1. Iridar51

    Made some updates to my Performance Guide. Mostly just moved information around to make it look better and easier to read. Nothing new, but do check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

    I never posed myself as PC performance guru, and originally the Performance Guide was just a poorly formatted compilation of various tips related to PS2 performance. It still mostly is.

    But, for obvious reasons, performance has always been a hot topic for PS2 community, and Performance Guide is one of my most popular articles, so I did my best to at least streamline the presented information.

    It is unfortunate that I cannot offer substantial expertise in that field.
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  2. Taemien

    There's some good stuff here. Even if you have a beastly PC getting over 200FPS there's still going to be good info here regarding other tweaks and utilities.
  3. Pfundi

    So I read the thing. Great work!
    Are you sure about VSync? Doesnt it just lock the Max Framerate to your monitors redresh rate? I have it enabled all day long and I get my 60 FPS for my 60Hz monitor.
  4. Iridar51

    Yeah, I'm sure.

    There's Adaptive VSync (nVidia) and Dynamic VSync (AMD) which automatically enables when FPS > Refresh Rate, and automatically disables otherwise. But that setting has to be enabled in GPU control panel, has nothing to do with the game.

    Maybe you're just playing on a good PC that can always sustain 60 FPS? Or maybe your GPU driver somehow substitutes normal VSync with its own version.
  5. Garedar

    This might just be the most complete easy to read performance guide.
    And its about time! Will help new players greatly.
    Dang, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure some of this out.
  6. Iridar51

    It was published for years on my site, and people have used it. I'm just reposting the link to raise awareness.
  7. AtckAtck

    You don't need Nvidia Inspector to enable a simple thing as adaptive v-sync...
    There is simply no reason not to use adaptive v-sync (apart from never reaching the monitor refresh), might as well set it globally on. (for 120hz monitor I recommend half refresh adaptive sync.)
    It costs near to no compute power. It is superior to most ingame vsync options which are often bad as hell and cause microstuttering.
    It can all be configured in the normal controlpanel.
    In 99% of all cases tinkering with the special rendering modes that the inspector offers is not needed, which is about the only reason one need this program, to access special rendering modes.
  8. Iridar51

    Who said anything about inspector?

    Half refresh VSync for 120 Hz monitor will essentially cap FPS at 60, defeating the whole purpose of having a 120 Hz monitor - go above 60 FPS :confused:

    Considering it's just an FPS cap, hellz yeah it doesn't cost compute power.
  9. Garedar

    And it's about time this guide had a permalink located in the Home > Forums > PlanetSide 2 Discussion > Optimization Folder
  10. Pfundi

    Yeah, my PC can handle 60, but I always thought VSync worked differently. I guess I'll read a little on the topic.
  11. Gundem

    Speaking of refresh rates and moniters, I was wondering if you'd consider adding a monitor overclocking section. It's a fairly considerable benefit(60 to 75 Hz is an improvement of 25%) and can be done with most monitors without risking damage as long as you keep it within reason; any 60Hz monitor can easily handle being boosted up to 75, even 90Hz.

    I can easily provide the guides, resources and instructions or whatnot. But It's up to you whether you think it would be appropriate.

    Actually, maybe you could add an Overclocking section, since PS2 is a fairly process intensive game. I'd be game for that if you are.
  12. Moridin6

    i get weird tearing crap if i turn off V.S.(im on a tv), but better FPS. th frames arent worth it, the tearing is Terrible (wawaaaa)

    you saying to enable something else via control panel and disable VS in game, and this Should run similarly to VS on, but with more frames?
    EDIT: adaptive enabled normal rate (60)
    so now i turn off Vsync in games and i Shouldnt get tearing and More frames?
  13. Iridar51

    Pretty much. You could also just enable Smoothing, which basically does the same thing as Adaptive VSync - caps FPS at 60.
    That's assuming your TV refresh rate is 60 Hz, of course. Could be lower.

    I'm not sure that's a good idea.

    Line of thinking "oh my performance sucks maybe I should overclock" is a wrong approach to overclocking.
    The PC has to be built with overclocking in mind, because if any of the components turns out to be a weak link, the whole system can crumble.

    Monitor overclocking sounds intriguing, though. I didn't even know that is a thing. As long as it can be safely applied to most monitors, I'm all for it.
  14. WeRelic

    Although I've read it in the past, it's still a good guide. Nice work, Iridar.

    Raw VSync is designed to limit framerate to an even multiple of your monitor's refresh rate. This is done to eliminate Screen Tearing.

    This means that if you get 59FPS but can't hit 60, it'll drop you to 30FPS, despite having a 60hz monitor.
    Not only does it actively hurt your framerate if you can't hold that 60FPS, it's actually hurting your gameplay as well...
    VSync (not sure about the more modern variants) introduces input latency, and in an FPS, that is a very bad thing.
    So, unless you're getting really bad screen tearing (or have a modern variant), don't bother with VSync.

    Just something to keep in mind.
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  15. Gundem

    Oh for sure, I would hate for some poor soul to burn out their PC as a result of negligent overclocking.

    I was thinking more along the lines of a player such as myself, with pretty good hardware, and a desire to see just how damn sweet I can make the game look. More of a "Enthusiast" section. I personally can run the game on full ultra with 2.0 Render quality with my setup properly overclocked, and damn does it look sweet.

    As for the Monitor overclock, that one is simple enough once you understand it, but it can be fairly daunting when you first open up CRU(The program I use) and think "Dafuq does this mean?". Sadly, I personally can only boost my monitor to 65Hz due to firmware limitations, but in most cases, you can overclock to at least 75hz, or as a more generally applicable number, you can overclock by about 25% with no risk of damage to your monitor.
  16. Iridar51

    Well, I could give you an account on my blog and you could lead your own overclocking column, including the monitor article, that I would just link from the performance guide, how's that sound?
  17. Gundem

    I think that would be great! I assume we'll work out the details via PM?

    I am going to bed now though, so I'll respond tomorrow when I get the time.
  18. Moridin6

    RIGHT, TV Says 120 but.. lol

    so i turned it on and so far have only played Total War:Warhammer (aside: LOVE IT), and turning VS on in game on That game makes the UI go crazy. but no tearing.

    using Nvidia smoothing only Slightly more tearing than in game VS, but only a few UI trips every now and then. so.. 1 good so far? its prob my imagination but i think my card may have been quieter .

    will need to try PS2 tomorrow, remind me the way to show the fps?
  19. Iridar51

    Alt + F or type "/fps" in chat.
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  20. Diggsano

    What are the settings for looking at Infiltrators?
    I really can't see them so well even with good PC