People with ridiculously low TTK. How?!

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  1. Towie

    Funnily enough it wasn't him (although I recall his name from the forum too) - it was another who kept cropping up - yet they both just happened to belong to the outfit Dasanfall (in fact there's at least one more that frequently appeared on here and currently inactive).

    But on the subject of Dasanfall himself, the timings from the various sites seem a bit weird. His killboard shows activity on the 30th of November but not since, yet outfit stats says he was last seen 16 hours ago and planetstats says December 1st with no session time nor kills / deaths at all. Maybe he's taking a break or playing something different - i'm sure TR and NC will rejoice ;)
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  2. Person7man

    He's still playing.
    His alts include:

    Also he doesn't hack, and neither does any of DA. It's actually hilarious to say otherwise.
  3. Gundem

    PC definitely has issues with memory leak, most players here concerned with stats will restart their PC after about an hour of playing.
  4. Towie

    Wow why is it whenever he gets mentioned some fanboiz jumps in and says 'but he doesnt hack' - did I say he did ? No. Geez,

    If all of those alts are the same person then frankly I doff my hat to him.
  5. Person7man

    I wasn't directing that at you, and neither am I a fanboy. A lot of seasoned players have a lot of high level alts at this point considering the game has been out for 4 years and getting to BR 100 takes around 9 months or less with a decent SPM.
  6. SarahM

    Serverside wouldn't have flying maxes, a lot less movespeed shenanigans, no infiltrators dropping ammo and generally a lot less inconsistencies in gameplay.
  7. Mageever

    I can understand the .2 or so lag, but the lack of hit detection has me really frustrated lately. I'm sick of dumping almost a full mag into someone's back and have them turn and wipe me out. Sometimes they shift side to side a bit (adad, right?), and I'm still wicked on target and... nothing. I'm wiped out again. Add to that how you can knife and it doesn't register half the time either. It really seems to be getting worse, and I've played this game for over three years. After some game play tonight like this, I think I'm taking some time off.
  8. dejavuallover3

    Yes, some of this is clientside, lag and so on. A fair bit of it though is indeed cheating. And no it would not just favor a certain few if it was only lag, clientside etc. By the way some of those who announced they were taking a break are back now, since they found out that Battleeye isn't actually working yet in the game. The community is in deep denial and has been for a long time. It's a major reason why many players have left and why few new players bother to perservere. With the broken mechanics, obvious cheating and server problems, as well as the infestation of laggers on servers such as Connery, the game is pretty much not worth it for those who are not in denial and see pretty quickly what a godawful mess the game is. Mirta is right I'm afraid. Some of these 'top' players are laughing at the community for not only not seeing what is right in front of them but for desperately coming up with all sorts of ******** excuses for the obvious.
  9. DasAnfall

    DasAnfall has a strict anti-hacker policy. If you see any of our members hacking, feel free to submit PROOF to

    If you can tell me the name of the person who you believe was hacking, I will probably be able to show you some footage from their PoV.

    Hyperbolic recreations of events that probably didn't happen will not be accepted.
  10. travbrad

    Client side hit detection isn't an excuse for just how terrible the netcode, servers, and client movement prediction is in PS2. I've been playing Battlefield 1 lately which makes PS2 netcode/servers look like a bad joke, and BF1 isn't even the most responsive shooter out there. Counter-Strike puts them them both to shame in terms of hit detection/netcode/input lag/etc (and is one of the reasons it's so popular for competitive play)

    PS2 used to be better too after the OMFG updates. It was never great but it was a lot better than it is now. At this point I am only playing it about once a month hoping they have fixed it (since their patch notes always say "server improvements") but it's always really bad still.
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  11. DasAnfall

    The general lag from servers and a misunderstanding of clientside hit detection are probably what causes the majority of hackusations.
  12. kr47er

    lol I bet I lost 5 fps everytime they make a "server improvement". truly fun
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  13. Pikachu

    I also wonder aboyut this. For me it takes on average 70% extra bullets to kill. Especially with bullet hoses like tje rounded tr carbine. Spend 20 bullets to take a guy down.
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