People with ridiculously low TTK. How?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rydenan, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Rydenan

  2. LaughingDead

    Basically, yes.
    In actuality they are .2 seconds behind on your screen but thats plenty of time to land lethal shots.
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  3. Rydenan

    But shouldn't that be true for everybody? Why are there only these certain very noticeable outliers?
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  4. SquattingPig

    I played the game today for the first time in a year and I nothing has changed in this regard. If you see someone shooting at you, you're likely already dead or at most you'll hit them with 2 bullets before dying. If you scope in with HS/NV while the other uses another scope, you're probably already dead. If you want to get behind cover, you have to the very second you start getting shot or you're dead.

    The reason there are outliers is that at that distance, the TTK is low enough that good players will land every bullet and kill you instantly before your computer even registers the first hit.
  5. GuhMaster2512

    Most of these players have been playing for a very long time and have a deep understanding of the games mechanics. A lot of weapons have a TTK around .4-.5 seconds. In close quarters it isn't to hard to but burst into someone's head and half that TTK to around .2-.25 seconds. Factor in clientside hit detection you can easily get instagibbed by chunk damage. Some weapons like the Anchor, Lynx, GD-7F/Serpent, Armistice, and Cyclone have extremely quick head shot TTKs.

    In case anyone here isn't aware of what the clientside advantage is, basically if you are slicing a corner and spot someone, it is better to go back into cover and repeek the corner so that you seem them for a good quarter second before they see you on their screen. That's why you usually get killed before you even here the sound of them firing and then it sounds like they killed you in one shot when in reality, you were actually dead less than a second ago on the other player's screen.

    If anyone is interested in this subject in more detail, Wrel has a video called "Lag Compensation VS Time to Kill." As for gameplay videos, there is guy called D3STRUCTION who is really good at the game and uses this to his advantage pretty often. He has a youtube channel called D3S if anyone is interested. Links are below.

    Lag VS TTK:
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  6. LaughingDead

    Not many people can react that fast or line up as fast, which is why motion spotters were devastating.
  7. Towie least one of those players is from the small outfit 'Dasanfall' which has some notorious players - in a suspicious way.
    One of which has appeared several times on the forum but is no longer playing for some mysterious reason (in fact there's a bunch of them that stopped around 20-30 days ago).

    I'd still suggest /reporting anything suspicious.
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  8. Jawarisin

    There's a small delay between what you see and what's actually happening. So they've been shooting for a few fractions of a second more.

    Combine that with being able to do headshots and tada.
  9. Jawarisin

    Lol, they don't hack. Probably one of the most respectable outfits out there. Just kicking the **** out of you because you're not as good.
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  10. Liewec123

    i feel your pain,
    it always seems like i'm running with a handicap, the moment anyone looks in my direction i'm dead.
    ^this for example, it looks like i get shot twice... the first shot takes away my entire shield and half health, the second shot kills me.
    latency combined with clientside hit detection is a b%%h in this game, its the games big issue.
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  11. kr47er

    yeah so you guys would prefere a serverside play like call of duty?
    yeah good luck.
    people allways complaining about things without thinking how it would be without them.
  12. Towie

    I don't play on Emerald so have never come across them personally, only stated the fact that some names come up repeatedly on here so have a degree of notoriety - and the fact that some are no longer playing (unknown reasons) - other than that I can't say anything specific other than continue to use /report if you're suspicious...
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  13. Jawarisin

    Sorry, do you know the reason of everybody who left the game? Unless you do, there's no reason why you'd know why some of them don't play much anymore.

    You were clearly implying they were hacking though. And yeah, what can you do, the average skill level of people on this forum is trash. So they whine about good players a lot. You should still be careful of who you accuse, because it just makes you look like a fool; even moreso if you're not on emerald, regardless of what some idiots said.
  14. Towie

    No I do not - which is why I said (unknown reasons).

    You need to reread - how can I accuse someone without actually experiencing it ? I was stating the facts only - others have made specific accusations against some of those players in the past, one in particular came up time and time again. But he's no longer playing or taking a break so for now at least, it's all quiet on the Western front.
  15. Jawarisin

    Then maybe you didn't mean it. But it sounded like you were implying it my bad if I missunderstood it.

    I'd say be careful of how you phrase it next time though, you never know when you'll be read by an idiot like me.
  16. Mirta00

    Members of Dasanfall very much hack. Since moving games, I've crossed three of them one of whom said ;

    ''Ps2 is so busted and the community so stupid, that they honestly believe almost continuous 'sub human' reflexes are possible! Hint: They aren't. Nobody is aware all the time. Nobody knows everything. Or why even have recon tools or gameplay elements at all? So yes we cheated at times. Because countless people did and were never banned.''

    Ofcourse those are just one mans words.

    Yet the sillyness of you people is hilarious. Take the one DF person who played with us in my outfit on Cobalt before we left.

    He was literally falling out of the sky and killed a guy just by holding down his mouse button using an LMG.

    Yet when other people try it (as I did?) CoF is applied and you can't hit ****. When experienced infiltrators fire SMG's in your back? Especially after the nerf on HA shields - you usually die pretty fast when ganked from behind right? Haha. Not Dasanfall.

    Their players spin 180 and instantly gun them down - whilst being busy taking fire from completely the opposite direction by other decent players (such as jesters BR 120's I was squadded with at the time).

    3 of us in a biolab saw a dasanfall player soaking an entire Eridani mag - he soaked it all, repeatedly. Instantly killing people with what we now know is the hitbox hack.

    So since I dont play the game and dont care anymore - I can feel free to say: HAHAHAHA don't make me laugh. People like you Jawarsin are either ignorant or lying intentionally. I now KNOW it to be FACT. Because people leaving this game have NO reason to lie anymore. And they are openly admitting it on other games like Overwatch.

    Enjoy your denial kid and maybe see you on better games some day. So that you can see that mechanics is ONE THING. Constantly breaking the boundaries of realistic reaction speed is another. Not my words their either really - but one of the top players CS:GO has ever seen.

    Its denial from cheaters that killed this game thats the truth. 20k players + to what in a few years? Riiiight. ofcourse not.
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  17. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah, this sometimes happens to me too. Clientside lag, accurate headshots, MLG super gaming rig, game mechanic that means TTK of a fraction of a second if you don't miss, saw me coming...............plenty of legit reasons why this can happen.
  18. The Shady Engineer

    Pretty much nailed it.

    Clientside delay is usually in the ballpark 0.2 seconds, and when chaining headshots, most of the top tier weapons can kill you either during that 0.2 second window (before you even see the guy on your screen) or very close to it, leaving you unable to meaningfully react. So all 3 kills in the video are very much possible. Done it before and had it happen to me.

    Sucks but that's how clietnside hit detection works- the peeker gets a massive advantage. Especially if they've got good aim to abuse that small time window.
  19. Ziggurat8

    There seems to be a memory leak on the Ps4 version that makes stuff like this more and more prevalent the longer your play session. The blue screens usually take care of it but when I notice it starting to really get bad I do a full reboot. It really makes a difference.

    It's all anecdotal for sure but I usually start a session (after I've warned up) with a 4 or 5 KDR. Slowly my KDR starts to slip after about 45-60 minutes and I notice I start dieing in situations I normally would dominate, usually to bizarre instant kills like the one you've shown or some other weird lag wizardry. That's usually when I reboot the PS4 maybe get a drink or a snack and then it's back to 4-5 KDR.

    It could very well be the same thing on PC. Try reloading every hour or so and see if that makes a difference at all.

    I've heard of people cheating and exploiting on PS4, but I've never heard anything confirming actual hacking, like modifying game code, yet we have the same lag and instant deaths.
  20. GuhMaster2512

    He is still playing. The guy you are thinking of had an alt called DasAnfall. You can see his videos in the channel I linked earlier.