People saying NC have the "best" infantry - are they insane?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghoest, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Ghoest

    Im not complaining about anything in game - since the flinch changes everything seems rather fair.
    And Im not talking about MAXes- much like ESF they arent fair and should be dramatically changed but theres no way to do it with the asymmetrical design the devs chose(NC MAX - good NC ESF - bad.)

    But for hand held weapon you have to be insane to think NC is some how better.

    -sniping is identical across factions
    -SMGs they are all essentially the same - really easy to shoot and about the same DPS.

    Light Assault
    -The best NC gun is the GD-7F
    It is almost the same gun as the VS Serpent.
    Most people including me like the TR Jaguar better which loses a little DPS but is extremely easy to shoot with a bigger clip.

    -Medics are really shooting enough owning the battlefield with fire power to be honest, No one is playing an NC medic for the awesome killing power.
    Its the same for other factions and if anything the TR guns seems slightly nicer with their large cliops.

    -I cant even decide myself whats NC LMG is best. But they really arent much different than the other 2 factions.
    The DPS and accuracy degradation per damage is about the same.
    The NC Special assault weapon the Jackhammer is clearly worse than the pump shotguns all factions have.

    -same for all factions

    -In combat the TR repeater a much more useful weapons.
    But really its just pistols so I dont care.

    If there is a particular weapon you think the NC have that is giving them an advantage
    please explain with details. Im curious.
    But I think the real issue is that one the flinch code made an even playing field - a huge number of teenage Americans switched over to NC for the "America F--- Ya " factor.
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  2. MilitiaMan

    Not sure if safe but the "Bad" word is blocked out, so here goes.

    Why do I play NC?****er.jpg
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  3. Leo Di Caprio

    Flinch fixed?

    Of course we now have the best infantry, aiming while trying to compensate luck tends to work wonders.
  4. drNovikov

    NC does have best infantry, because we have a ****** ESF and a medicore tank, we fight as infantry instead of prowlerfarming or lolpodfarming. Also, our weapons require a lot more skill to use, that's why NC are more skilled as infantry. More skills = better infantry.
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  5. MilitiaMan


    The VG isn't "mediocre", we only have mediocre players.

    VG is an amazing tank but is currently gimped by the tank shake bug =/
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  6. Izriul

    I can imagine every other country behind the door casually looks up and says "okay?"
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  7. turtlestation

    NC has pretty damn good infantry due to the flinch tweaking. Actually, they always did but most people simply used the Gauss SAW and were turned off by its relatively bigger recoil, which is a shame because it is an absolute beast stock and even nuttier with the amazing attachments it gets. Seriously, a stock LMG and it gets advanced foregrip with compensator? Pretty jealous over here.

    Also, NC has always attracted fourth factioneers due to the stock bolt action rifle for Infils and the MAX.
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  8. MilitiaMan

    I still like my EM6 better.

    You should get the VSA - 88 if you don't have it, straight maul with that on my VS.
  9. TheUprising

    NC has the lowest dps in the game, and if they ever get a weapons with high dps like the GD-7F, it generally is the worst of its class. Their CQC abilities are severely lacking.
  10. turtlestation

    SVA-88, yeah, I have it with foregrip, compensator and HV ammo. Pretty good. But still, nothing compares to the feedback and power of an NC LMG. VS LMGs sound like wet noodles being fired from nerf gun tubes.

    edit: I really think weapon feedback outside of its actual stats is extremely important. With my TR character I feel more powerful due to the booming and tight sound of their LMGs. With VS... meh.
  11. TomaHawk

    I'll try to be as constructive as I can...

    This post is the most ****tarded thing I've read all day.

    As you were.
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  12. MilitiaMan

    I like my pew pew laser sounds...
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  13. Shasbot

    You're faction is UP according to you? You wanting buff? SoE, give him buff. :eek:

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  15. xGreedFuSioN

    Your weapons do not require more skill. I have an ALT NC for when I just don't feel like playing vanu, and I tell you, it's practically free aimbot. The bullets do so much damage each, even at long/medium range with the default light assault gun you can pick of somebody with ironsights + 1 shot burst SUPER easy, especially if they're wounded.
    Also, I'd like to point out to OP that NC starts with a 1 shot headshot bolt action and we start with a 2 headshots + bodyshot sniper rifle. Idek why you'd play infiltrator to start out with on vanu or terran.

    NC honestly does have the best infantry. Whenever I see the only action on the map is VS vs NC it makes me cringe because I know we're just gonna get infantry zerged and lose whatever we're defending in about 20 seconds.
    TR I no longer mind fighting. they actually are pretty balanced without that darned prowler.
    I don't want it to seem like I'm whining about VS being underpowered, I honestly couldn't care.
    The days of NC being the underdog are over people, gedda'**** over it
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  16. xGreedFuSioN

  17. Loegi

    MAX and one of the LMGs which apparently has pretty high damage and controllability if handled correctly I guess.
  18. xNPCx

    I would say the balance for infantry is the best it has been since launch. Sure there is still room for some tweaks but I don't think one faction is better than the other two.
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  19. VanuSovereignty

    I agree about TR having the best pistol.
  20. BigMacDeez

    It's ok man, the NC have a sniper rocket now.