PC upgrade: AMD Ryzen performance?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Okjoek, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Okjoek

    For a black friday/cyber monday PC upgrade I'm considering an upgrade from my i5 3450 (4c, 4t that can turbo to 3.5 iirc)

    I'm considering Ryzen 2000 series CPU like the 2600 or 2700, or if there's any holiday discounts then perhaps a 3600 or 3700.

    Do these CPU families have a good performance in Planetside 2?
  2. Towie

    PS2 doesn't seem to utilise more than 4 cores very well and likes IPC and clock speed above all else.

    Although I can't say for certain how they would perform in PS2 - I can say that the 3000 series has very much better performance (IPC or instuctions per clock) than the 2000 series. Not quite up to the latest Intel incarnations but very close and productivity performance is excellent.

    Check out the reviews - the Ryzen 3600 is very well liked from a price/performance point of view; I recall a quote from one of the video reviews suggesting the Ryzen 3600 makes the entire Intel i5 line redundant.
    At the moment - AMD are really on a role and producing cracking processors, even if some Intel processors still retain the 'gaming king' title (at massive cost - and massive heat !)
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  3. Liewec123

    PS2 can run great on the good ole' i7 7700 because clock speed is the main factor that matters :)

    so from a purely PS2 standpoint whatever has the higher Ghz will be best for you.
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  4. TRspy007

    AMD processors are less reliable and overheat way more than intel. Not quite sure what you're saying, but there's a reason intel processors are priced higher than AMD - intel processors are better quality, and offer better sustained performance than AMD.

    AMD processors overheat and burn way more than intel processors, and intel offers better clock speed on most their cores. SUre, they don't have 36 cores, but since planetside 2 relies on a single core, not much point in having more than 4-6.

    Go for whatever has better clock speed, and I can tell you stay away from AMD. They might offer a cheaper price, but in the long run, you'll regret not buying an intel.
  5. Towie

    Maybe you could quote your sources ?

    I follow computing in general and processors in particular (it's somewhat part of my job) and I haven't seen any of this. Indeed, if you want blistering heat, look at the 9900KS.

    - PS2 had a multi-core update a while ago - it definitely utilises more than 1 core - up to about 4 it does OK but after that, you'll see little (if any) improvement at all. Same is true for many older games - newer do better - and anything running DX12 (which itself is multi-threaded)

    - Intel DOES generally offer slightly higher clock speed - and for many games, is still the highest average FPS (can be a bit choppier checking 1% lows) - but the Ryzen 3000 caught up a lot to the point that the difference is marginal. Except in productivity - where the Ryzen is streets ahead at the same price point

    - AMD have kept the same socket over multiple generations (indeed it's one of their promises) - whereas Intel have changed the socket with every generation, sometimes every iteration - this is very much a bonus for those who want an easy upgrade path

    You might be thinking of the AMD Bulldozer architecture from a good few years ago. Now - that was a basket case, granted !
  6. Liewec123

    Jumping in here, 9900k user here, and I have no temp issues atall no matter what I throw at it,
    currently blasting my way through Fallen Order with everything maxed at 2k resolution.
    No temp issues

    I've heard that AND have some awesome processors lined up for the future,
    but for now Intel is the undeniable king of gaming processors :D
  7. Towie

    Yep 9900k is terrific for games - without a doubt. Worth way more than double the price of the Ryzen 3600 ? You will find absolutely no review nor anyone with any credibility suggesting that is the case.

    OP is talking about Black Friday deals on last gen Ryzen vs current and i've given my views on that. If anyone were to suggest any Intel alternative at the same price point - I would have issue.

    Oh and anyone who thinks I might be an AMD fanbois - just check out my (many) responses over the years - i'm absolutely vendor agnostic.
    Indeed I have an overclocked Intel processor - that i've had for very many years - due to the fact that Intel sat on their lazy ar$es for so long with the performance crown, and they've now been caught with their pants down.10980xe ??? Just check out how Linus et al feels about that (yes it's a half price 7980xe but it STILL isn't enough).

    At the end of the day it is us, the consumer, who is the winner.
  8. TRspy007

    I doubt a core i9900k would heat with a game like planetside 2. Obviously, I expect the dude to put 240mm liquid cooling if he gets a processor like that, but I was thinking he should get the 10th gen or even the later gen i7s. i9s are really for extreme gaming, and it's not really essential in an old game like PS2. Investing in a good NVIDIA GPU would be much wiser.

    And I'm quoting personal and online experiences. AMD is lower quality than intel. I had a friend who's chip literally melted thanks to AMD's architecture. Sure, it was years ago, but I still won't trust them. I'd prefer spending a bit more and getting an intel, who I know offers better performance and durability. I know a guy who's been using his i4 since 2012 (the laptop still runs smooth too, and he does "game" often on it. I can't say the same about any AMD user.

    Of course, the final decision is yours, but so far intel chips have proved their worth, and I'll probably never switch to AMD.
  9. gunnner10

    OK, I gotta call you on this because my first AMD CPU I bought back in 2005 (Athlon 64 x2 3800) is still working. The Q6600 I bought later actually crapped out a couple years ago (possibly it was the motherboard though).

    Also, AMD CPUs use less power than intel due to the 7nm size. Check this website out for an education on gaming CPU:

  10. Towie

    Some people just defend their 'favorite' without opening their eyes to what's happening.

    I've had AMD in the past (X2 - when Intel were pursuing the hopeless Pentium Pro) and currently have an Intel (due to the dreadful AMD Bulldozer processors) - if I were to build a new rig today, without a doubt it will have Ryzen 3000 in it.

    But people shouldn't just take our word for it - check out the reviews.

    Latest reliable review of the best processors of 2019:

    9900k just about has a mention due to excellent gaming performance but everything else is AMD; very close on gaming performance but far superior in productivity and utterly dominant in the HEDT space. This is just like every other review.

    Performance per watt is also massively in AMDs favor so this rubbish about AMD overheating is nonsense - and I keep mentioning the 9900KS as a massively power and heat hungry chip - in fact, challenge anyone to find a review saying otherwise...

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