PC Hotfix - 7/12

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    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) / 13:00 (UTC) for a brief hotfix. Estimated downtime is 3 hours.

    Deep Operative
    • Rank 5 detection sweep now properly triggers while spotted.

    Sensor Shield
    • Rank 4 and 5 detection immunity is now continues up to 15m from a detection device, instead of 25m.

    Robotics Technician
    • The damage resistance element of this implant now applies to Engineers mounted on their MANA Turrets as well.

    Combat Surgeon
    • Reviving an ally with Rank 5 Combat Surgeon will now properly apply small arms resist.
    • For the time being, this stacks with Nanoweave Armor, but will overwrite it as intended in a later update.

    Tank Handling
    • Reverted a change to the new tank handling mechanics that affected reverse steering, and maneuvering on certain slopes.

    IR Smoke (ANT, Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning, MBTs)
    • Has been renamed Smoke Screen.
    • Sunderer's Smoke Screen has been replaced with this ability.
    • Now emits smoke for 8 seconds at all ranks.
    • Cooldown from 30/25/20/15 seconds to 40/35/32/30 seconds.
    • Now immediately clears current spot markers for you and and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now prevents lock-on attempts for 8 seconds for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.
    • Now masks the vehicle's minimap auto-spot signature for you and allied vehicles within 30 meters.

    Dev Note: Allowing IR Smoke to affect nearby vehicles increases its value in teamplay, and gives players additional incentive to choose an ability other than the current go-tos. It also allows for some niche strategies outside of teamplay, ie. disappearing behind cover and clearing your spot markers to help set up a flank or make an escape. The cooldown was increased to reduce spamability, while still remaining reasonably accessible.

    Misc. Additions and Adjustments
    • Freedom Thrusters have been disabled.
    • The outdated “Help” button on the Implants screen has been removed.
    • Koltyr should no longer count toward continent rotation, or spawn an additional ghost instance.
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