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    All PC servers will be taken offline for an update at 6 AM PT on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.
    Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    Battle Rifles
    MG-HBR1 Dragoon
    • Explosive Ammunition arming distance was removed.
    • Explosive Ammunition's splash now deals 75% less damage to allies.
    • Explosive Ammunition no longer reduces velocity by 50m/sec.
    • Single Fire Barrel attachment now works.
    MGR-M1 Bishop
    • Tier 3 Scout Rifle directive achievement no longer requires getting a gold medal on the MG-HBR1 Dragoon.
    VE-LR1 Obelisk
    • Safety Override attachment now works.
    Orbital Strike Generator
    • Should no longer be practically invulnerable.
    • Fixed an issue with Orbital Strike's charging time.
    • Players of all factions now receive an audio notification when an Orbital Strike is inbound, instead of only allies to the strike's owner.
    • Orbital Strike damage area has been reduced, and is now closer to the visible size of the map icon (but still extends beyond it slightly.)
    • Knockback indoors has been reduced both strength and impact area. (While indoors, the knockback area extends to the size of the map icon.)
    Nanite Healing Grenade
    • Now correctly only affects targets within 10 meters.
    • Healing from multiple grenades no longer stack.
    Restoration Kit and Carapace
    • Restoration Kit now heals a flat 70 health per second over time, as the tooltip indicates, and no longer heals a percentage of health.
    • Restoration Kits are no longer overwritten by Combat Medic's Nano-Regen Device.
    • Reviving while Carapace is equipped will not give you more than 500 health.
    Misc. Bug Fixes and Adjustments
    • Vehicle gate shield at the end of the tutorial should no longer be incorrectly sized.
    • Construction Cortium costs should now be reduced as intended.
    • Discounted vehicles should now correctly show the discounted price to pull them.
    • Motion Sensors and Recon Darts work once again.
    • Forward Station no longer appears in the Depot.
    • Routing Spire and Pain Spire now use the correct icon in the Depot.
    • Reduced performance impact of globally visible NPCs.
    • You should no longer receive a deluge of reward notifications at the end of an alert.
    • Cert rewards from alerts and events should now properly reward certs.
    • Fixed an animation issue with wielded knives and consumables, but there may be more work to be done on this.
    • Koltyr should no longer be completely owned by any one faction at any time.
    • Tutorial skybox received adjustments and is now less dark.
    • Purchasing the two recently added character slots now actually lets you create characters in those slots.
    • Infravision and IRNV scopes highlight infantry once again.
    • Players can once again pull Orbital Strike, Glaive IPC, or Flail targeting devices from objects owned by a squad member.
    • Bastion Fleet Carriers no longer experience a sudden loss in engine power while entering the atmosphere.
    Known Issues
    • Microfreezes and hitching continues to be investigated.
    • Utility unlocks can still be shared without being purchased, under certain situations.
    • Squad members cannot deconstruct construction objects within range of an allied Silo. (Silo owners can deconstruct objects within range.)
    • Router Pad placement model issues.
    • Hiding the alert timer in the Interface settings does not currently hide the alert corner text.
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