PC Hotfix - 11/22

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    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) / 14:00 (UTC) for a brief hotfix. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

    Note: Warbringer title is currently being granted only to the player who purchased the Commander's Bundle, but will be issuing account-wide grants when sale of the Commander's Bundle has ended.

    Bug Fixes and Misc. Changes
    • Speculative Fix for a zone crash is being deployed with this update.
    • TMG-50 no longer uses the Jackal reload animation.
    • ISO-4 minimap display now only appears when the minimap is expanded.
    • Quick Deploy should no longer disable due to overpop unless there are more than 12 allies in the region.
    • Wraith Cloaked Flash now loses energy when the cloak is active.
    • ANT Reinforced Armor now properly states its health bonus.
    • Magrider Gold Aero Trim is no longer broken.
    • Safeguard's old melee damage resistance has been removed.
    • Assassin Tier 5 now properly marks targets.
    • Assassin Tier 5 description has been updated.
    • ISO-4 icon is now less cramped in the implant upgrade screen.
    • Alert timer no longer clips off screen at smaller resolutions.
    • OPEN MAP in the World Map menu no longer clips when player is on a locked continent.
    • Counter-Intelligence should now clear the red indicators when switching loadouts.
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