PC Client Only Hotifx - (2/9)

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  1. ps_nicto Developer

    This is a client-only update and will require no downtime. Restarting your client will fix the following issues.

    “You’ve been reassigned to Hossin for surveillance duty, effective immediately.”
    “There’s nothing but mud and trees out there, LT! I need to be on the front lines where the action is!”
    “You should have thought about that before shooting Private Hawser in the back.”
    - Conversation between an Unknown Terran Republic Lieutenant and Private

    Bug Fixes and Misc.
    • Squad board should no longer show placeholder data.
    • Queues should no longer state that you are waiting to enter the brozone. Sorry bros.
    • Continent queues should also no longer show members that they should become members.
    • We’ve put the implant charger UI back in its box, hopefully never to be seen again.
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Thread Status:
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