Paying to win does not work with infantry, but with vehicles...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Slyguy65, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Slyguy65

    Simply put.
    If you buy all the guns for infantry you won't really have any real edge over another individual.


    Buying say the rocket pods...makes you vastly superior to any default ESF when it comes to attacking anything (mainly ground)

    Paying for vehicle weapons are the only real thing that gives people an edge.

    Whether it be a more effective infantry weapon, or more effective ground/air weapon.

    It is still only (by practical means) available to people who PAY

    Most people never even get close to 700 certs because they either have other things to spend it on, or just don't play enough.

    The fact is, people who PAY for the vehicle weapons have a clear advantage...and because of that truth, vehicle weapons should really be brought down in price.

    (IMO everything in the entire store needs a 50% price cut to even be reasonable, cert price wise, and even dollar wise. SERIOUSLY, I just bought L4D 2 and red orchestra for little over 10 dollars back to back....10 dollars, the price of one item...yes yes i know it is technically 7 but most people will buy the 10 dollar one instead of 500 then 2 100s.)

    To not recognize the audacity of the prices makes me think that person is delusional.

    And to then further disagree that paying 7 dollars for said vehicle weapon does not boast any sort of advantage is even more so.

    To stop the blatant pay to win advantage for vehicle users, they need to make the cert costs much more fair and reasonable.
    (700 cert items should be 350
    500 cert items should be 250
    While keeping the SC cost the same that would level out the pay to win and play to pay imbalance)

    P.S Fix the broken scythe...they can dodge G2A rockets without any effort...the vanu seem to have way too much "favor". Just saying the loading screen shows more scythe than anything, as well as the vanu in a MAX while the other two just them being the easiest to play....ya

    Just speaking truth here.
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  2. badname02

    I agree with this one. Haven't found anything to be true Pay2Win upgrades in this game yet, besides rocket pods. Even though they got nerfed -> not having them on an ESF is like having a heavy assault with just a pistol.

  3. Sharpe

    I agree, nerf that loading screen to the ground! It's way too OP and is sincerely affecting my enjoyment of the game! :confused:
  4. Garrix

    Prices were designed around the double and triple sc sales. Most people that want to dump money into sc wait for a double or triple sale. There is a reason they tend to announce them with lots of fanfare - they probably male more on the sales than they do in the month before them.
  5. shd

    Is this a rocket pod rant cleverly disguised as a p2w rant ? :)
  6. MurderBunneh

    Ha ha wait till after fridays triple sale **** gonna hit the fan. I am buy every single piece of anti a/v in the game regardless of its current effectiveness.
  7. kungflu

    try buying a weapon for your flash
    that is almost as good as buying a game from a steam sale that you aren't even going to play.
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  8. Skurcey

    only weapons needed are rockets, A2A missiles, and Dalton/Zephyr... You can still play inf or tank the time you farm to get them
  9. Matti

    Free 2 play or pay to win?
    Here are a few thoughs as well
  10. {joer

    If only everyone that tried to nerf rocket pods actually tried to fly I'd get a lot more A2A kills. :(

    These rants by the clueless grow tiresome.

    But that being said, more to the OPs' second point which is true in a way. Certs are much more important for infantry than buying guns, but then again I still use paid for guns on all my infantry load outs so meh, whatever.
  11. BengalTiger

    How does the time on burners compare with fuel tanks vs with missiles?

    Is there a significant difference that might allow a stock plane to get half a mile away after the rocket pod/missile equipped ESF runs out of juice, or is it just a couple seconds per burn more?
  12. Necron

    Vehicle weapons are P2W over infantry weapons so you want them to be cheaper? That's your argument? Sounds like vehicle weapons need a massive nerf to me to bring them in line with all the side-grades infantry weapons get. I mean it's only fair that no weapons for vehicles are direct upgrades because infantry weapons are all side-grades.
  13. vampwood

    I have about 100 kills with my fury flash though :(

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