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  1. zaspacer

    I think Planetside 2 does have 1 foot in P2W:
    Primary on many Class/Faction combos
    Secondary Weapon
    Scopes (Infantry and Vehicle)
    Better HA Tool (Rocket Launcher)
    Most Top Vehicle Primary/Secondary
    Some Engineer Abilities
    Better Knives
    Resource Rate
    Passive Cert Gain

    Almost no way a non-paying, new player is gonna be able to keep up with me across most Classes/Vehicles without dropping some coin. Sure, they can spend massive hours grinding Certs to Upgrade the Tools for Support Classes... to spend massive hours grinding Certs to Unlock the staples to play well at another single Class or Vehicle, etc. But that's a tough and long road.

    There are a LOT more slots that are purchasable now than at launch. And the average PC player is much better geared up, so players can't do as well with no gear as they did at launch.

    HA might be the best argument for F2P still being in the game (not counting Support roles like Repair Engineer or Revive Medic, since many players are only doing those to Grind and aren't really excited to play PS2 to fix other player's stuff), Since the default TR and VS guns are solid and they can jump into FPS action quickly and competently, and gear up here and there to get better.

    I think the PS2 version sets them up with a nice initial Nest Egg, suitable for building out one Class/Vehicle F2P. And I think that method is a good argument for it being F2P. Not sure if the PC does that or not.

    I have 6 Characters total, but I relied on Passive Cert Gain to buy a lot of basics before I started using most of them. No way I wanted to waste time on garbage Loadouts.
  2. Klypto

    Yes. I frequently pay for the best weapons such as the Orion or Gauss Saw.
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  3. zaspacer

    Everyone may have different tastes, but the BR100's seem to prefer non-Starter Weapons for most Classes. BR100 HA trends with the most used Starter Primaries, while Infil trends with the least used Starter Primaries.

    Infantry Starter Primary Weapon Average Uniques For BR100 (by Faction: Class)

    HA: Orion VS54*......................147
    Engi+LA: Solstice VE3..............91
    Medic: Pulsar VS1....................48
    Infil: VA39 Spectre.....................24

    HA: NC6 Gauss SAW.................91
    Engi+LA: AF-19 Mercenary.........103
    Medic: NC1 Gauss Rifle..............57
    Infil: NC14 Bolt Driver..................63

    HA: T9 Carv..............................130
    Engi+LA: TRAC-5......................87
    Medic: T1 Cycler........................79
    Infil: 99SV.................................10


    * NOTE: the Orion is a highly regarded Weapon, and the only VS HA Primary Weapon more popular than it is not purchasable, so the VS HA does not have a P2W access to their Top Primaries.

    SOE/DBG should have changed the TR/VS starting gun for the Infil to their low tier Bolt Action (or an SMG) a long time ago. It's really just cruel to new players to stick them with the Semi-Auto-Sniper-Rifle... like Instant action is cruel (they even have a Directive now telling directing them to use it)... and starting them by default on Hossin as well.

    I still love playing PS2, but I rarely recommend it to friends anymore. It's very natural for MMO's to have Power Creep and problems for New Players competing with Leveled Up players, PS2 is by no means abnormal in this regard. But it is what it is.

    I know that the survey is a way to unlock additional F2P Weapons, but I don't remember the details on it. So please give me feedback on which of those would also be Top Weapons players would want access to. And I will add the Uniques for those.
  4. 0fly0

    AHAH yeah i'm also happy to wait br 100 and unlock all carbine for realize that my favorite carbine is the solstice or the default cycler for my tr medic.
    Best pay to win game ever.
  5. Obstruction

    Orion is free at BR1. #EmeraldVanu #Free2Win
  6. Noxolan

    Camo gives an advantage. So yes, it has a tiny bit of pay to win.
  7. CorporationUSA

    In real life, yes camo gives you and advantage. In Planetside 2, it's just a costume.
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  8. TheRunDown

    From a new persons prospective, this game looks very much like P2W.
    There are so many things they are designed to eat Certs, so unless you buy your weapons, you'll be a year behind as a F2P player.
    Implant Drop Rate isn't very generous if you're not a full time player, and having to spend Certs on these range of things will set a new player back until late BR50s or higher. A person like me who's BR100 who can eat Tier 4 Implant Energy like candy and not have to worry about it, it's very one sided when I can use a Tier 4 Regen Implant and never have to redeploy or wait on a medic, while farming Infantry inside their own base..

    I've tried to get several of my friends to play this game, but they can't stand how slow the EXP is as a free player.
    I tried to get my friend to play in my Vulcan harasser, sure he was getting 10x the exp he normally would and a weapon a day if he wanted, but he gave up because he didn't see the point of playing while the only way for him to earn the Certs needed was to play with me who already has a fully upgraded Harasser, he found no joy in just Farming all the time. He's a Vet from PlanetSide 1, so like me he hates PlanetSide 2 and what it has became, and zero PlanetSide in PlanetSide 2. I only play it because there is no other game out on the same scale. Smedly told me PlanetSide 2.0 was going to restore some of that PlanetSide nostalgia, but I doubt it since most of the features seems to have been abandoned.

    I started being a F2P players on my second year of this game, since I own everything I have no need to waste certs on my classes or weapons, I'm basically just in it for the kills and Certs for Implant Packs to craft in to Ultra Charges.

    But this game is very punishing to the F2P players when it comes to Resources and Time, since the first year of PlanetSide 2 being public that is.
  9. FieldMarshall

    New players who have no clue join the game.
    Then get farmed, and see a shiny BR100 on the deathscreen and assume since they got so completely obliterated with no way to fight back, that he must have some sort of pay to win advantage.

    Then they look at the weapons and see 1000 certs to (what they think is an) upgrade.
    A new player who gets farmed with no idea what to do probably wont make more than (im guessing) 30-50 certs a day.
    Most new players i hear about complains that you have to play months to unlock a weapon "upgrade".

    Even though they are not upgrades, they ofcourse dont believe that.
    They also dont think its possible to earn hundreds of certs an hour without boosts by just playing medic.

    They can spend all the money they want on boosters, sub and weapons. They are still going to get farmed by experienced people playing BR1 alts with no unlocks.
    Because you dont pay to win. You pay to unlock things faster. Unlocking things doesent automatically make you better than everyone else.
  10. pnkdth

    I want everything for free, and if I don't get it, it is P2W.
    I want everything for free, and if I have to put in some effort, it is P2W.
    I lost versus someone using a weapon I do not have, it is P2W(and/or OP).

    Add in the fact most games coddle their players making them believe they are the best("You are the chosen one"-trope), and you've created a monster. Essentially players expect to be good at something within the first few hours. In addition, we have the scorn for "tryhards" which has been watered down to anyone who is not a casual player, and using strategies/tactics to win is considered bad behaviour by a lot of people.

    In the end it boils down to one thing, coming up with an excuse for losing, be it abilities, weapons, outfits, factions, lag, or "HAXXXXX!!!!!!!!!" I mean, you(in the general sense) couldn't possibly be losing because you got outplayed. No, no, no. It obviously because X faction and Y weapon is OP, also, I'm lagging and the other player also is cheating. Also, that outfit are such tryhards and only zerg/use OP stuff. Meanwhile, I am not going to change how I play because I AM THE CHOSEN ONE and my way is the correct way no matter what anyone else say.
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  11. Ragnarox

    All of you telling me it's not pay to win? p2w means that on lv1 you can buy all weapons with real money. Skill using this weapons is something else.

    Commie, lock on launchers, full av maxes, full ai maxes, some of the specific weapons (jackhammer, minigun, lasher) , etc etc...

    so yea it's pay to win. But I don't mind I have all stuff unlocked that iI wanted on my BR98.
  12. stalkish

    So tell me.
    A brand new players joins the game.
    Buys all weapons, takes say the AC-X11 out for a whirl, but discredits the already available starter weapon the mercenary (which is way better IMO but still) because the AC-X has a higher damage output.

    What guarantees this player will win, just because they have chosen the AC-X over the merc?
  13. Moridin6

    when i first startred it sure seems like Buying a better tank weapon is the way to go.. membership bonuses.. i mean, its kinda p2w, its not Win though, more like, a large helping hand
  14. Ragnarox

    You can't know anything for sure, mercenary is better in your oppinion. But I think they will play with HA and buy themselves best weapons for it.
  15. Scorpion97

    ps2 is p2w?! Hell no!i consider this game one of the best f2p games I've seen so far,for those who think it's pay to win,please name one combat item that you can NOT purchase by certs?

    Ps2 community is technically one of the most generous communities I've seen so far,they give some thing free from time to time like the NS-11p summerreward in 2014,analyst helmet,cells camo and that new directive LA helmet as well.please name any other competitive f2p game that features ps2's design and give all these gifts?!i played lots of fps games before I stick to ps2.some f2p games put an expiry date on their shop items.for example,a game like wolfteam (which is one of the worst f2p games I've played so far)this game features the "create match/server" can spend money up to $50 to just by very strong items and then you will lose them after 90 days.away from the fact your hard earned GAME money can only purchase an item that lasts for only 24 hours!

    In this game,when you purchase something,you have it permanently and will always find great sales in case you want to spend real for those who think that cert earning is insane,you got those bonus 1500 certs till BR can find some double XP weekends like the last one and get that free 24 hrs XP boost.also,you can go and type "mlgreport"* in the code and see the amount of decals (which are cosmetic items) and the boosts you will win

    Beginners can even go and search for the top players in YouTube like zoran,drathmus,wrel etc. in case they are wondering what should and should NOT be recommended to unlock.etc and to learn how to improve their gameplay

    *some other codes are also perm-available to redeem but I don't remember them,anyone can search about ps2 codes in Google
  16. Villanuk

    But its pointless if you dont have any Nano of your character or defense on your ESF or MBT, you have to earn those via certs, so no way is it pay2win.
  17. Ballto21

    people are calling this pay to win and im just sitting here giggling, having only spent about 40 CDN on this game not counting membership and owning every gun in game on my VS.

    Well, except some max and valkyrie weapons but who the **** owns a valkyrie weapon
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  18. Scorpion97

    Some people adore the pelter,it's as brutal as the hellfire.or the 1 shot laser missile one

    Lol Balto your sig requires lots of attention
  19. Jubikus

    Well they are technically not wrong but the the only thing in the game that could be filed under pay to win is likely not what they believe is causing them to lose. Pay to win is a term used as an advantage a player who pays money gets over a player that doesnt the membership benefit of increased nanite gain fits in the category as minor as it may be to many players who have more nanites than they could use some people do run out and getting them faster would be an advantage.

    That being said the reason they are likely saying the game is pay to win is do to the large power discrepancy between old and new players. There are so so very many things in this game to unlock with Certs all of which gives small edges to the older player. Things like C4 on a light assault upgrades to suit slot weapon attachments and then weapons. Tho most basic weapons are plenty good and their counterparts just sidegrades the Max unit is pile of crap max loadouts almost always use matching weapons and the starter max has none. Couple theese with the fact that even with the 100 free certs per level for the first 15 levels by that time youll only have 1 class mostly certed out if you stuck with that class but a new player is likely to cert into many classes as he doesn't know what he likes yet along with certing out vehicles and the slow grind of getting implants you have a very long grind to get on the same level as many of the high battle rank players. Im currently BR 97 i have most my infantry classes mostly certed a couple vehicles fairly certed but i also have alot of stuff that isnt. All of thees things coupled with the inexperience of the new player with base layout common strategy like not knowing what max crash means can certainly make a new player just feel like he doesnt have the equipment to do what his peers are i mean hell starter gear gives you what 1 burster and thats it 450 nanites for 1 burster and thats all the AA you have access too unless you count the mighty basilisk .
  20. Ballto21

    This game would only be pay to win if people could buy everything with DBC. Suit slots, vehicle weapon upgrades (reload speed ammo capacity etc), class ability upgrades, tool upgrades (like medigun upgrades or recon tool ones), and maybe each individual Medkit. Or if only people who shilled out can unlock the absolute final rank of class and tool abilities.