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  1. MaKiro2

    Today i read the Steam Reviews to this game, and almost every downvote to this game includes: Dont play its Pay2win.
    I dont get it, why do People say this. They could say instead: Im a noob who dies alot so i need a reason to make this game bad because i have to be good in every game i start...
    This Game isnt Pay2Win only Paytogetthingsfaster.
    This misguides new Players who look first the Reviews for the game :/
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  2. BlueSkies

    World is full of stupid people
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  3. RainbowDash9

    welcome to the internet. population: *******
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  4. UberNoob1337101

    Yet more victims of the "Mad cuz bad" syndrome...

    People just need poor *** excuses to justify their deaths, poor aim and poor situational awareness.
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  5. ZDarkShadowsZ

    No game is going to be liked by everyone. Every game will have a certain amount of people who will rant about the game and put their thoughts and feelings into the game based off of what experience they've had of the game. Whenever I look at Steam reviews I don't go by the Most Helpful, I go by the number of positive reviews it has and then I'll read about 1-2 pages just to get an idea, then I'll read some negative reviews to see what the general dislike is. However, I also pay attention to the amount of time played. Granted not everyone is like me, we all look at reviews in our own way, but I'd like to think that the 22,000 positive reviews as opposed to the 3,700 negative will say a whole lot about the game.

    Many people base their reviews off of their gaming experience. Some have over a thousand or more hours put into the game, others will have spent about 10. It's up to the person themselves whose review they'd rather believe. I for one know I'd rather believe a well-structured review by someone who's spent at least 500+ hours on the game to give me some information on it as opposed to someone who's written some usual Steam review meme about their 'diary' on PS2 and has played just 3 hours.
  6. Shatteredstar

    People who expected to jump in, run around like CoD and two shot people from the hip died and saw the gun that killed them would cost time or money, thus to them pay to win because they weren't given everything and died because the game is different.
  7. Villanuk

    Well i can think of 2 reasons.

    1, They have not played the game long enough to understand it, and its does take a while.
    2. The cost is not cheap compared to a normal game ( in cod etc ) where one payment you gets everything included.
  8. orangejedi829

    The game gives off a very strong impression of being P2W, especially for new players.
    Of course, forumsiders just say, "Lol they're just stupid dumb bads, good riddance." and laugh, all the while the game dies a slow but steady death.
  9. customer548

    Steam is nothing more than a giant online supermarket.
    Goods are provided in bulk. Goods must be taken away by customers in the quickest way.
    Each day brings its new must haves, discounts and pre-orders. "Take it today, or you'll miss it OMG"
    Steam customers don't want to spend time with digging in gameplays. They are more appealed by fresh products. They need to understand the game rules within 3 minutes. Then to have a clear path to grind their character.

    Look at the internet Reviews :
    IGN (PC) : 9/10
    Eurogamer : 4/5
    Metacritics : 7.3/10 (Users citics)
    Gamesradar (Ps4) : 3.5/5

    Not bad.
  10. Yuki10

    Who cares why, the bottom line people should not play this game.
  11. Shatteredstar

    The thing is it only does because there is a lot you CAN buy, but buying all of it doesn't do much.

    It would be like having every color in the visible spectrum on sale for 99 cents each for your eye color, your marketplace would be HUGE if they were all posted separately, but in actuality it doesn't have much effect on the game

    If someone cannot or will not look beyond the number of things you can buy they will never appreciate or enjoy the game because they will always be looking for the "best" thing that they can get in a game that really doesn't have anything you can buy that makes you the best.
  12. Hatesphere

    Honestly this game is one of the least pay to win games I have played in the F2P market. Not once have I ever run into the dreaded "that guy paied more money then me to win" feeling. The main problem is its F2P,and the moment someone reads that they will jump straight to "P2W" the moment thing don't go they way they wanted due to previous experience with other F2P games.
  13. Negator

    no, only people who complain in order to look cool shouldnt play this game.
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  14. Ragnarox

    Actually it is pay to win. You can pay for best weapons at BR1.
  15. CorporationUSA

    Even people who don't die a lot will say it's pay 2 win. Some people just don't understand the definition, or they reject the appropriate definition for some reason.

    Just like there are intelligent young-Earth creationists, even though some might call them dumb for their beliefs.
  16. Benton582

    Bottom Line: 99% of those negative ratings either gave up the first three hours, or just came to talk **** without knowledge. They don't deal with the damn learning curve, they just give up.
  17. Benton582

    True! However, how do you expect a noobie to play "Good" with them if they just started without knowing what the f**k is going on?
  18. DeltaValkyrie

    Would be nice though if the game explained clearly that all the weapons are sidegrades not straight upgrades ...

    You also should reintroduce that survey for a free weapon since if they actually had something to compare with they may understand a bit better lol
  19. Shatteredstar

    Best is a relative term also. And you can't pay for a betel either if you do want the "best performing". So nope

    Is the NS-15 the best? Orion? Gauss saw? Msw-r? Armistice? Lasher? What is the best gun in the game?
  20. TechPriestess

    You won't know what weapon is best for you until you've played, everyone has different taste.