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  1. Badname0192

    The Annihilator does not put out that much damage and is avoidable by uncerted pilots due to reload times between shots. Miss the first shot and if the ESF pilot has left your range, you don't get a second shot. Certed ESF equipment with the various counter measures can continue and do their attacks.

    Sorry but there's counters and ways to avoid and counter those counters. I use the Anni when there's loads of air and armor traffic and the damage it puts out is not much, again avoidable as well. I use the Crow when there's more air than anything and stock when in CQB with vehicles, rarely air.

    Fly behind cover, try different angles and stop flying in straight lines. Also, a person who uses lock on rockets like myself, unless I'm no going to lock on you until you're close enough to ensure a second or even third shot if need be due to the low damage out put of each rocket. Due to this, the first rocket sometimes is avoidable just by dipping behind a building or over a ridge, the rockets fly out so far, then they dart quickly to intercept aircraft. If you dip down, or out of view, the rocket will not hit unless it has a clear target. That and they don't chase that long.

    Wish ESF '"NEED 40 + KDR COZ ROCKETZ L33T!" would just learn to simply play the game instead of crying over stuff implemented on the battlefield. Test out your skill there instead of constantly crying on the forums about things that are -easy- to avoid (I mean it,lock ons even in numbers, use flare,stealth, or simply using terrain keeps you in the air).
  2. HamOnRye

    A reasonable change would be to provide flares as standard equipment on aircraft with a 5 second duration and 20 second reuse timer. This would allow pilots to set up strafing runs and bug out, allowing them to have a real role in fights, and prevent the "lol I have rocket pods therefore I am skilled while I hover over the infantry spawn point" horse**** that was the past 4 months.

    For tanks, make smoke standard equipment and put it on a 30 second timer with 10 second duration, and increase the area the smoke covers. This will not make armor immune but will provide a decent defense when they need to get out of a bad situation.

    Both of these changes will allow the pilots & tankers a reason role both solo and in groups, while be excellent tools for the reasonable player, yet will not bring back the crap of parking your tank/ESF in a hot local without fear of getting popped.
  3. TheEvilBlight

    Not sure if I would be able to hit an ESF with the Lancer unless I could lead it on an attack run or was being charged by one: their present evasive patterns to dodge missile attack are pretty good against hitscan weapons.

    When they start giving infantry (please stop giving so many weapons to HA!) bursters we may see a drop in future guided missile buyers, but I'm skeptical. Mechanics changes such as a shift of Annihilator to fire, hold-while-locking may be required (while being able to reload while holding a lock).
  4. biterwylie

    Your talking nonsense. If you get on team chat and say can infantry please take out the Lock On HA team on so and so mound north of so and so. All you will get is silence. You do not need team chat for the HA Lock On squad, it just forms itself as it is easy street solution! This is because HA is the meat of the infantry.

    If you want planet side to only be played by outfits in order for your idea of balance to work, I would suggest you state that.
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  5. phungus420

    I now have a dude in all the factions. Mossy is best IMHO because it is the fastest, and speed kills period. That said a Sythe handles the best, but the Reaver is the easiest to pull the reverse manuever with, which being that the reverse manuever is pretty much the base of any advanced manuever in this game that gives it a huge advantage, especially with the Airhammer, which certed is far and away the best dogfighting gun in the game.

    The whine about the reaver is nonsense, if you're a good pilot, you're a good pilot and all three ESFs are very viable, and all have strengths and weaknesses. And no the Reaver is not seriously crippled like people try to make it out to be.
  6. Kittel

    ... the counter to this is, lets think about it, infantry, holy **** that was hard to think of...
  7. phungus420

    Have you read a word I have typed in this thread? I just went 64 and 12, with half of my deaths being from playing as infantry, the vast majority of my kills coming from Banshee/lolpods. I have no problem getting l33t KDR with lolpods and the Banshee. Nothing has changed about lolpodding hapless infantry you nimwit, other then it being more fun since it now takes skill to avoid ground AA.

    What's dead and gone is A2A pilots being able to counter lolpodders. You can't kill ESFs before they force you to suicide against ground AA. The only way to play A2A ESF is to go with the zerg or your platoon/outfit that herp a derp fights all their battles 4 to 1 and spawncamps (very boring, but you know that's what most of you "organized" guys do), or go to MAX altitude and run behind enemy lines looking for other A2A fighters in the dogfighting side game that exists in PS2, which you don't even know or care about. That's it though, there is no point in being an A2A ESF in big battles.

    So congratulations your ground AA has now forced people like me who want to kill other aircraft to lolpod infantry farm.
  8. Excellentz

    Ahh whoops my bad...wasn't trying to say it is seriously crippled or defend people that say that. However, in comparison to the other ESFs, it is by far in last place. I am not saying you can't compete with the others, as I do compete very well... comparison, it is the worst, the margin between them I cannot say.. Just flying around in STOCK mossies/scythes I feel so much more maneuverable than the reaver, at stock... Not to mention the weapon options available for all three are pretty similar and decently balanced. So, we have the same weapons but the worst maneuverability and a bigger hit box. Awesome.
  9. phungus420

    It's all in your mind, the Reaver feels more "floaty" then the sythe and can be kicked into reverse the easiest. I don't even have flares yet :( but I am looking forward to building the reaver up an getting a 6 shot airhammer. Just messing around in the warp gate it seemed like I could keep on target much easier with the reaver then the mossy. Yes Mossy's speed is good, and in a larger air battle (if these ever happen again) that would trump all, but a fully certed Reaver vs Mossy in a duel with two good equally skilled pilots the reaver comes out on top, and that's something all the Reaver whiners ignore.
  10. 13lackCats

    Glad to see yu found something to whine about.
  11. Ozrik

    Annihilators do crap damage period.. Only way your dropped by them is if they have 5-10 people focus firing on you, and in that case 5-10 people focus firing on you with ANY weapon will kill you. Good teamwork will wreck you regardless of weapon.
  12. Zhorg

    Wait, wait - so you're saying that - numbers defeats numbers?
    mind = blown
  13. Badname0192

    Fly higher than I can kill, it is possible + with your A2A loadout you can hit those a2g guys from on high before I hit them from below in most cases. My outfit has two pilots that strictly A2A support when we're rolling anti-vehicle/infantry small squads because of time constraints. They rack up the kills and even sometimes dip within A2G and have to avoid that A2G while still spraying down Mossies and the Purple.

    Also calling someone a names over the internet when they disagree with you over a game?Forget toilet paper, give me some of your thin skin to wipe with.
  14. phungus420


    Your outfit overruns small opostion forces with overwhelming force and has two A2A guys who have nothing to do, and that somehow gives you the experience/knowhow to tell me how to fly A2A in this game.

    Shut the **** Up.

    Edit: Or you're on a low pop server, where platoon vs platoon sized engagements are the biggest thing you see, and the server doesn't cull infantry to 50meter render ranges due to the hard limited server render cap. In which case things are fine and balanced for you, but we are talking about high pop servers here dude.
  15. Cowboyhomer

    It is the meat of the army and there are alot of them but teamwork will work wonders for you...try it. The reason they wont help you is because this is still vehicleside 2 and we are all still tying not to get bombarded from armor and air already.

    You dont need an outfit to work together either...Im not in an outfit and I have a one man outfit on Connery. Just join a platoon/squad and work with them. Sometimes you might have to switch to one that is actually working together but they are there every night... on Mattherson they are at least.
  16. exLupo

    Oh, vehicles were everywhere but when 10-20 HA draw down over, and over, and over, it's pretty impressive. Maybe it was a number of organized outfits with kit policies, I can't say. I was just commenting on what I saw. No exaggeration.

    There was one point where a Goon platoon pulled galaxies, solo pilot, and used them to bomb a TR armor zerg that had just taken a point. Not a single one hit the ground intact. Now, granted, there was flak so I'm not crediting the Anns only for the kills but, man, if you'da seen it, you wouldn't say I was exaggerating. The weapon is super common and is regularly used, without command guidance and in mass numbers. I don't main HA but I purchased it and whenever there's an armor zerg I can't answer with vehicles of my own, the equip term is my first stop and I fire away.
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  17. TheEvilBlight

    One solution would be to prevent HA's from deploying at Sundys, but it would skew things in favor of vehicles and spawn-beaconed HA's.

    Give something for the other classes to survive in vehicleside and less people will go HA and less people will buy guided missile weaponry. Too late now.
  18. GraphicJ

    To appease the casual players I wouldn't be surprised if devs implement that "new" weapon on next patch or hotfix.
  19. jdono67894

    Personally, I can't wait for the new empire specific rocket launchers such as the swarm launcher.
    Being able to lock on and hit multiple targets with a single rocket launcher is going to be very useful.
  20. exLupo

    I can't wait to see those in action. It probably won't be as impressive as I'm imagining but a boy can dream.
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