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    "Players at Battle Rank 15 and lower will no longer be subjected to continent or faction population queues."

    Let me get this right...

    So new F2P until BR15 can enter Continents WITHOUT qeue...
    But we paying members have to wait in them???
  2. Campagne

    The BR15 restrictions would likely last for a single play session if that.

    Presuming no one exploits the very vulnerable system first-timers will get to the fun a little sooner. Nothing lost.
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  3. Eternaloptimist

    Is this open to abuse, for example, very experienced players opening a new account to get access? Or do you think it just won't be worth their while?
  4. typnct

    Its really exploitable, but its not worth making an account everytime you wait for a queue as it takes longer and i dont think anyones that bored with their life(hopefully)
    Im actually pretty happy with this change, because new players imo need to get some favorable treatment to keep playing as it developes our community :D
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    It is not unfair for new players but i think if i pay Membership, i shouldn't have to wait too...
  6. adamts01

    The entire que system needs to go.
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  7. Bansheedragon75

    Do they actually need to create a new account, would it not be enough to just create a new character?
    Or have they actually thought of that and placed restrictions on it?

    I disagree on the membership part.
    As I said in another thread on this yesterday, I used to be a subscriber and I have always been of the opinion that everyone should wait their turn regardless of status
    I have no problem with members getting perks and benefits, I just dont think this particular perk should be a thing.
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  8. typnct

    The restrictions are player slots(3 free 4th is payable), but id doubt anyone would buy so much character slots to bypass the queue instead of picking the 3 factions