Patch Notes 6/16

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  1. Kevmo Developer

    This build is scheduled to hit test server later tonight.

    Liberator Changes

    We are reverting some of the stock armor changes that were presented in the Liberator update.
    • Liberator stock resistance to Armor Piercing rounds is being reverted from 10% back to -20%
    • Liberator stock resistance to HEAT rounds is being reverted from 10% back to -33%
    • Liberator stock resistance to non lock-on rocket launchers rounds is being reverted from -70% back to -88%
    The composite armor benefit is remaining but will be less effective with the stock armor being adjusted.

    Liberator audio adjusted to be more noticeable from greater distances. This does not affect the audio heard for players inside the Liberator.

    C150 Dalton

    To reduce effectiveness against infantry, the Daltons blast damage and size is being adjusted to be similar to an armor piercing tank shell.
    • Inner Blast radius reduced from 1 meter to 0.5 meters
    • Outer Blast radius reduced from 9 meters to 1 meter
    • Blast damage reduced from 700 to 450
    • Blast damage is no longer capable of damaging tanks (or other vehicles normally resistant to explosive damage). Direct hit damage has increased from 1825 to 2000 to compensate.
    • Ammo Capacity
      • Base Capacity reduced from 40 to 20 rounds
      • Certified ammo capacity reduced from 8 rounds per rank to 2 rounds per rank. (Maximum of 40 down from 120)
    L105 Zepher

    The Zepher is receiving a reduction in effectiveness against infantry but will remain a more effective anti-personnel option than the Dalton due to its six round magazine and blast size. In addition, it will be receiving a small direct damage reduction to make the Dalton stand out more in that regard.

    This is the Zepher’s intended role; A variant of the Dalton that trades some vehicle damage for being more forgiving and more effective against infantry.
    • Blast damage reduced from 750 to 450
    • Direct hits now use the same damage type that the Dalton uses
      • This makes the damage more comparable/consistent between the two
      • Direct hit damage lowered from 1200 to 550
      • This will result in some vehicles requiring 1 to 2 more Zepher hits to destroy (except Galaxy).
    • The resist and damage adjustments results in the following changes
      • MAX (3 HK to 4HK)
      • Flash (1HK to 2 HK)
      • Harasser (4 HK to 6 HK)
        • Note: This corrects an issue that the Zepher was superior to the Dalton at destroying Harassers.
      • Sunderer (16 HK to 17 HK)
      • Lightning (9 HK to 10 HK)
      • MBT (10 HK to 11 HK)
      • Phalanx (9 HK to 11 HK)
      • Galaxy (12 HK to 16 HK)
        • Note: TTK was previously identical between Dalton and Zepher, this provides a greater distinction
    • Ammo Capacity
      • Base Capacity reduced from 90 to 60 rounds
      • Certified ammo capacity reduced from 18 rounds per rank to 6 rounds per rank
    Dual-75 Duster

    The Duster is intended to be primarily anti-infantry and needs improvements in this regard. It needs to stand out in that role compared to the Zepher so we are increasing the blast radius.
    • Inner Blast Radius increased from 0.75 meters to 2 meters
    • Outer Blast radius increased from 4 meters to 6 meters

    AP30 Shredder

    We are removing the blast damage on the Shredder to reduce effectiveness against MAX units and personnel. MAXs will be receiving a bump in armor piercing resistance as well.

    • Blast damage removed from Shredder entirely.
    • Ammo Capacity
      • Base Capacity reduced from 1250 to 500 rounds
      • Certified ammo capacity reduced from 120 rounds per rank to 50 rounds per rank.

    ESF Changes

    We are making adjustments to ESF rocket pods and hornet missiles to both better define them and better define the Liberator as the premiere anti-vehicle aircraft.

    Rocket pods will be receiving a direct hit damage reduction that will lower its effectiveness against vehicles. We are adjusting it so that it will take 1 full volley of rockets (no misses) to the rear of an MBT will place it in critical damage instead of destroying it.
    • Mosquito Pods
      • Damage decreased from 475 to 400
    • Reaver
      • Damage decreased from 635 to 550
    • Scythe
      • Damage decreased from 550 to 475
    Hornet Missiles will be receiving a direct damage increase. This increase will bring make hornet missile more effective than rocket pods in certain situations.
    • Damage increased from 1800 to 2000
    Air Hammer Changes

    The Air Hammer is too effective against Liberators and Tanks. This is partially because of damage and the pellet spread.

    The pellet spread is tuned around hitting ESFs, so with other vehicles being larger targets, some of the disadvantages of the weapon being a shotgun are lost. To compensate for this, we will be adjusting the fall off damage ranges to require the Air Hammer to get in closer.

    Along with fall off, we’re changing the damage type from heavy machine gun to aircraft machine gun. This will leave it mostly alone against ESFs and other light armor, but heavily armored vehicles will resist more.
    • Direct damage is now on aircraft machine gun resist type
      • This essentially means heavy armored vehicles (tanks & libs) will resist more
    • Max damage increased from 150 to 175
    • Base magazine size increased from 3 rounds to 5 rounds
    • Max damage range reduced from 150 meters to 50 meters
    • Minimum damage range reduced from 300 meters to 100 meters.

    Coyote Missiles
    • Increased time required to reload from 3 seconds to 4 seconds
    MAX units
    • Max resistance to AP rounds increased from 48% to 60%

    As mentioned in the 6/13 notes

    Tank Changes
    • Tank primary turrets are now stabilized. (Their elevation will not move with chassis elevation changes, unless it hits the upper or lower constraint)
    • Tank reverse speed and acceleration is now identical to the tanks forward speed and acceleration.
      • Combat Chassis no longer improves reverse speed
      • Racer Chassis applies to forward and reverse evenly
    • Vanguard acceleration is being brought closer to the other tanks.
      • It is still the slowest tank; it was just too slow.
    • Magrider racer chassis now provides +10 kph instead of +15 kph. This brings it in line with the other MBT racer chassis.
    • Effective ranges of most anti-tank tank weaponry is being reduced.
      • Gravity on all primary cannon tank shells is being increased from 4 to 5
      • The 25 meter per second projectile speed scaling between tank cannons is being reduced to 15. High explosive tank rounds will also now have projectile speed change between factions.
        • Lightning / Magrider HE projectile speed is being reduced from 175 to 170
        • Prowler HE projectile speed is being increased from 175 to 185
        • Vanguard HE projectile speed is being increased from 175 to 200
        • Lightning / Magrider AP projectile speed is being reduced from 225 to 215
        • Prowler HEAT projectile speed is being reduced from 225 to 215
        • Prowler AP projectile speed is being reduced from 250 to 230
        • Vanguard HEAT projectile speed is being reduced from 250 to 230
        • Vanguard AP projectile speed is being reduced from 275 to 245
      • Enforcer ML85
        • We’re bringing the range of this weapon down to better differentiate it from the Halberd. The Halberd has a range advantage, the Enforcer has a damage advantage.
        • Direct Hit damage increased from 500 to 550 (Tank version only)
        • No longer has acceleration mechanics
        • Projectile no longer accelerates up to 300 meters per second
        • Launch speed increased from 200 to 230
        • Gravity increased from 3.5 to 5
      • E540 Halberd
        • Gravity increased from 3 to 5
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  2. vanu123

    Will the mag gain anything to compensate it losing its stability advantage?
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  3. Alarox

    As soon as these changes are on test I'll be back to give my thoughts. I encourage everyone else reading this to do the same thing...

    And be constructive.
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  4. doombro

    In PS1, it was the only MBT where the driver had access to a gun.

    That would balance it out quite well, I reckon. ;)
  5. Ikissyourface

    magrider should have a shield similar to infantry shields. So that when it gets hit it will run and recharge the shield and then gets back into the fight. Its HP can be readjusted accordingly.
  6. Alarox

    And also make the rest of us incredibly frustrated and stop playing. I know I would. I love tanking, but I don't want to do nothing but drive when I'm good enough to shoot and move at the same time...
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  7. GaBeRock

    Thanks for the reload time increase on coyotes, and the buff to hornets! I'll be testing them both out a little later, and try to give some feedback. Aside from that, the shredder mag size nerf was maybe a bit overdone, but I can see the reasoning behind it.
  8. Hentai

    Pls stop don't nerf liberator weapons! nerfing armor is enough nerf for it!
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  9. Chazt

    Loving the changes so far, Libs were getting out of hand. Still not so sure about the tank changes but nothing here seems too drastic, seems like the patch is geared mostly to forcing tanks and libs into more risky situations which I am fine with. Watching tanks shell at each other from across huge fields attempting to inflict even the slightest damage to each other was just a bit sad so hopefully this will force them to get a little bit closer to each other to compensate, and making reverse speed identical to forward just makes sense. Liberators have gotten out of hand since the durability buff, so I am glad to see they are being toned down again, watching one lib shell a base of 20+ people was possibly the most disheartening thing I have ever seen.

    The lolpod damage reduction on esf's has been coming for a long time, still strong but hopefully this will tone it down just a tad. I can say this is probably the most beautiful bunch of patch notes I have ever seen.
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  10. Sixstring

    Why nerf the shredder to the ground? It's been in the game since release and now suddenly it's overpowered? Just another case of the decision makers listening to the wrong people regardless of the state of the game for the past two years,what really changed? People went from ignoring the Liberator to at least bringing them to the fight because of an update which made some pretty insignifant overall changes to resistance and now it gets nerfed to be worse than it was to begin with. If anyone still uses them(and they will) bad players will still get killed and come here to whine about it,then what? SOE is putting us in a situation where we can't use ANYTHING we like too much even if we payed $ for it or else the complaints will build up until it gets nerfed,so what if these weapons weren't scoring kills in their current state would they deserve a buff? It's obvious SOE needs to adapt to how PvP gameplay actually works,you can't just listen to every whiner's knee jerk reaction to getting killed because some of them will tell you they should be invincible while they one shot everyone else no matter what. That's just the way it is.
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  11. Chazt

    I have to say I am for the shredder changes just in the sense that the blast damage wasn't needed, it was just a way to reward gunners even when they miss. As for the max ammo capacity I can see why they did it because as of right now liberators pretty much don't have to worry about ammo. I mean come on, when was the last time you ran out of ammo in a shredder? With its base stats don't you have 25 magazines worth of back up ammo without a single point in the increased ammo pool? By lowering the maximum ammo they force liberators to have to pull out of a battle eventually, even if just to reload before flying right back in and makes the increased ammo perks actually important.
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  12. SamDaMan

    Can't wait to test this out on the PTS. I will post feedback once i get some hands on experience.
  13. AnuErebus

    Just going to echo the concern I had in the first thread I noticed this in. With Dalton and Zephyr having their blast damage reduced to 450 you're leaving infiltrators as still being susceptible to 2 hit kills. If part of the goal is to reduce effectiveness against infantry isn't it fair that we include all infantry classes? 425 or 400 blast damage doesn't seem like that big of a change and it'd make it so Infils require the same number of shots as other infantry classes.
  14. doombro

    Me neither.

    "Later Tonight", posted 2 and a half hours ago. :mad:
  15. Alarox

    Sleep is for the weak.
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  16. doombro

    I won't rest until I get this update downloaded and checked.

  17. Alarox

    My prediction:
    1.) I will cry tears of joy over the stabilization and how Liberators die as quickly from tank rounds as they used to.
    2.) I will cry tears of sadness over the gravity increases and velocity reductions.
    3.) I will be torn over the Enforcer changes: huge range reductions but no more acceleration mechanics and a bit more damage.
    4.) I will be worried over the reverse speed increases but have to laugh at the ridiculousness of tanks reversing at 60-85KPH out of a fight.
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  18. Bushdoctor

    I think my harasser halberd is not included here. NO gravity increase on the H-Variant weapons I presume...
  19. Alarox

    Probably an oversight. Otherwise the Harasser weapons would be inexplicably superior to the tank mounted versions...
  20. Maelthra

    My own prediction is that I might use my Magrider even less and instead I'll try out the Lightning more with its' new-found turret stabilization. I'll have to nab that Lightning AP gun, though. It's the only one I don't have.
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