Patch notes 2014-11-26/2014-12-09 - Decoy nade buff, Icikill, Banshee nerf

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  1. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    • Spitfire autoturrets - many things to test (including decoy nades! and possibly EMP nades)
    • profile/deathsceen backgrounds (aka banners)
    • TankSteerInLocalSpace ini setting
    • various new cosmedics (and modified ones)
    • PS-805 fix
    • PS-527 fix
    • Banshee changes (nerf, audio changes)
    • Directive rewards list
    • fonts on the HUD
    • First Time Events
    • tank steering may be wonky (mouse movement affects steering) (fixed internally)
    • observer cam steering is wonky (A/D rotates instead of strafing) (also affects aircraft in some weird ways)
    • VS weapon camo
    • profile backgrounds, holiday bundle, no-helmet helmet, spitfire icons: imgur / reddit
    • "Infiltrator Decoy grenades can fool Spitfire turrets into shooting at them." (it's a new tip for loading screens)
    • "Holiday Bundle"
    • "Holiday Squad Experience Boost - 14 Day", "Increases xp gain by 50% and squad xp gain by 5% for 14 days. Boost can only be used on this character."
    • "Holiday Ice Knife" changed to "Icikill", added description: "Though no doubt a top candidate for Auraxis' most unconventional weapon, the supercooled crystalline Icikill knife will chill both spines and nearby organs after coming in contact with them."
    • "Members Only 2X XP weekend incoming:<br>December 19th - 21st, beginning midnight PST!", next ones: "January 23rd - 25th; February 20th - 22nd"
    • "Gunner Kill Assist Share - Spitfire Turret", "Spitfire Auto-Turret Crit Kill Assist", "Gunner Kill Assist Share - Spitfire Auto-Turret", "Spitfire Auto-Turret Kill Assist", and other XP-related Spitfire strings
    • "AV Turret" changed to "Engineer Turret"
    • "This variant of the Adaptive Construction Engine can not only quickly construct the standard ammo pack but also a powerful anti-infantry MANA Turret with a projectile shield." changed to "Allows the engineer to construct a MANA anti-infantry machine gun turret. It is equipped with a projectile shield that protects the operator from forward facing threats."
    • "This variant of the Adaptive Construction Engine not only constructs the standard ammo pack but also constructs an anti-vehicle MANA Turret that fires wirelessly guided missiles. " changed to "Allows the engineer to construct a MANA anti-vehicle missile turret. The missile is laser guided and requires the operator to guide the missile to its target."
    • "Equipment Terminal", "Use this terminal to change your class and loadout." (probably a FTE)
    • "LOADOUT" changed to "INFANTRY"
    • added models for helmets: NC PS047, PS048, PS050; TR PS053; VS PS055, PS056
    • added models for Harasser bumpers PS017, PS018, PS019
    • added model for Lightning armor PS002
    • added model for Flash tire spikes PS002
    • added models for Sunderer cosmedics: bumper PS001, cosmetic PS001 (yeah, ithe type is called 'cosmetic', without specifics...), tire spikes PS003
    • added models for MBT (all factions) bumper PS001
    • "Jaeger Helmet" renamed to "Vandal Helmet"
    • "Expert Launcher Banner", "Expert Carbine Banner" and so on (probably the Aurax weapon profile backgrounds), and similarly "Master LMG Banner" and others
    • "Happy Holidays Banner", "Season's Greetings Banner"
    • "Innova Placeholder Title 60 Description" (remember the Daum placeholders? well, Innova is now getting some. just a few. 60.)
    • "Cruise Ship Horn", "Lets everyone around you know that a trip in your Galaxy is comperable to a luxury cruise."
    • "Reveille Trumpet", "Friendly asleep on the job? Wake them up with this horn!"
    • "Harasser Aooga Horn", "Aooga! Classic."
    • "New Conglomerate Horn", "The New Conglomerate theme rocks and you can let others know by using this horn to play portions of the New Conglomerate faction theme." (these will be for MBTs and ESFs, I think)
    • "Vanu Sovereignty Horn", "This horn demonstrates the technological might of Vanu by playing portion of the technologically advanced Vanu faction theme."
    • "Terran Republic Horn", "Demonstrate strength and loyalty through sound! This horn plays portions of the Terran Republic faction theme."
    • "The Technological Superiority Pack"
    • "The Hostile Takeover Pack"
    • "The Supreme Authority Pack"
    • "The Black Ops Mercenary Pack"
    • the PS4 UI will have some PSN Profile dialog.
    • PS4 will use the same VOIP service
    • some major changes to how fonts are handled, especially for HUD indicators - adding variables such as glow, stroke, tint, size, currently all have the same, default values. (so just adding the code that allows designers/artists to set nice stuff later)
    • added handling for multiple pages of Directive rewards (like the Holiday Event Directives, with a bunch of cosmetics as rewards)
    • Banshee's AOE damage 200@0.5m->150@0.3m, 1@2m->10@1m
    • killing Spitfires grants 25xp. among other Spitfire-related XPs, the spot bonus is 20xp, and squad spot bonus is 30xp - so it's more profitable to spot it and let a squadmate kill it, than to kill it yourself, lol
    • modified Spitfire's angles at which it can aim
    • added Spitfire Autoturret sounds
    • added Spitfire light FX
    • added/modified Banshee sounds
    • added the Areas xml for the quickload continent (they talked about it on the Anniversary stream - a cont you can play on PS4 while the rest of the game downloads, and possibly noob-only; currently using Hossin's sky)
      as usually, I added it to my mapper (currently it's the default map); the only thing we didn't see so far is the large outposts in the middle, and biolab entrance)
    • added some FX called AutoTurret EM
    • modified many models, including: activatable knives, many cover-related models, NC MAX Auraxium armor, TR HA/LA 1st person arms
    • added some more cover models
    • modified Spitfire's colision data
    • new UserOptions.ini setting: TankSteerInLocalSpace
    • added even more Rumble FX, including for lolpods, MAX charge, repair tool, crossbow, jump jets, phoenixes, ...
    • some decals are now allowed as outfit decals, including: the newer country decals, Bird of Prey, Space America, Give Me Liberty, Noble Lineage, Iron Fist, Grand Army, Rebirth, UFOs, Technocracy, and others (PS-805)
    • disabled many FTEs, added a "GroundVehicle PadMoveForward" one
    • in FTEs, info will be displayed for 10s, and controls for 5s. probably.
    • modified sunderer's tail lights
    • modified Vanguard Gold Trim (PS-527)
    • modified Shattered Dreams camo
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  2. GaBeRock

    I'm OK with the banshee splash damage changes, but more leery about the splash radius changes. IMO, the inner splash radius should either stay the same. Or the inner splash dsamage should stay the same.

    Oh well. If it goes in as-is, I'll have an excellent excuse to get the airhammer nerfed.
  3. Bindlestiff

    Harasser and Flash steering seem off to me, as if I am pressing the directions on/off/on/off all the time - no fluidity. Is that just me?
  4. MasonSTL

    it buged on all vehicles. If you move the mouse the steering stops.

    Tanks have something up with them too. Looks like something with the PS4 controls got transferred here or something
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  5. BobSanders123

    Please don't go live, please don't go live, please don't go live.
  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    who do i talk to to get this horn for my MBT as well?:mad: who is responsible for this!!

    why don't MBTs get the same horns like the Flash/Harasser/Sunderer do?
  7. Matt879

    The banshee seems fine now, it can still kill infantry very quickly, can no longer one-clip a max (unless they're 5m next to him and he doesn't have flak armor), and it now has a very distinct and clear sound. It's not been nerfed into oblivion as far as I can tell, but it's a bit worse, I'd like to see how this plays out on live.