Patch Notes - 2/6

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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    • Infiltrator Update: This is the first iteration of all features. Please point out bugs to us!
      • Infiltrators now can cert into the motion spotter tool. When placed, the motion spotter spots all moving enemy players near the motion spotter on the minimap
      • Gold and Lumifiber Infiltrator armor sets are available in the Depot.
      • Infiltrators now have a Suit slot Adrenaline Pump available for certification.
      • Stalker Cloak is now available but has some known issues with locking out your primary weapon.
      • All Flashlight weapon attachments have been converted into “Darklight Flashlights”. Darklight Flashlights have the same functionality as Flashlights except they now also illuminate cloaked infiltrators that are hit by the light.
      • New weapons can be tested, but they are all very rough.
        • In order of readiest to least ready: Crossbow, NS SMG, Empire Sniper Rifles, NS Sniper Rifle
    • Depot
      • Squad boosts are now available
      • All Alpha Squad and Heroic Boosts now buff squad xp gains by 5%.
      • All squad xp boosts now buff the squad's xp gain by 5% per boost
    • World
      • Adjusted Dahaka to provide more cover in the vehicle bay.
      • Adjusted Zurvan walls to provide more visual awareness inside the base.
    • Balance
      • ESF Racer frames have had their cruising speed bonus increased.
        • Reaver/Scythe Rank 3 now grants around +35 KPH up from +20 KPH
        • Mosquito Rank 3 now grants around +30 KPH up from +10 KPH
      • Coyote Missiles:
        • Inner Radius Blast Range reduced from 1 meter to 0.35 meters
        • Inner Radius Blast Damage reduced from 334 damage to 200 damage
      • Hornet Missiles
        • Projectile Speed increased from 100 meters a second to 125 meters a second
    • Misc
      • Removed the stray chrome laser sights from the VR zone.
    • Known Issues
      • New weapons are missing final names and descriptions.
      • Stalker Cloak can continue prevent equipping a primary after the ability is unequipped
      • All new weapons have some missing animations
      • NS Sniper Rifle is pretty jacked
      • Flashlights look a bit messed up
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed issue where sometimes there were two liberator icons when previewing vehicle items.
      • The NC14 Bolt Driver's Rail slot options are properly available as certifications again.
      • Fixed misspellings on External Fuel Tank certifications
      • Fixed tooltip error in scout radar descriptions.
      • Can now obtain Auraxium Medal on the M9 SKEP Launcher. NOTE: Kills earned before this fix do not count towards progress.
      • Fixed issue where some platinum weapon variants (NS-15MP, NS-11CP and NS-357P Underboss) did not award ribbons.
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  2. Ribero

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  3. Gav7x

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  4. Epicstrat

    Decoy grenades have been bugged from day 1. EMP grenades are currently bugged. Also no mention of the bolt attachment.
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  5. DeadliestMoon

    If you're going to give Infiltrators Adrenaline Pump anyway, then at least buff the LA version to be better. After all the class is all about mobility and speed.
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  6. Xebov

    I dont think that the Bolt Attachment has a Bug. Noone said that the weapon wouldnt move during the chamber time.

    The Crossbows look very nice. In the current version the scope glitches through during reload and the strings glitch a bit during rotation in preview. The dmg values shown on the weapon are not the real numbers and the Sensor ammo does nothing (looks like it is not implemented yet).
  7. Ravenorth

    Great news, time to go testing, but please...

    Fix the EMP nades, broken since PU2 and also ADS times for Phantom and KSR-35 needs to be brought to the same level with Impetus. These weapons should be identical like every other infiltrator weapon(expect SMGs)

    And lumibifer armor seriously? Like the lights on our suits arent already enough...
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  8. Mustarde

    Crossbow completely blocks vision when empty on ammo (at least when using the gold version on PTS)
  9. Mustarde

    will be very fun testing. Excited for this update.

    I'm buying lumifiber first thing
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  10. Pikachu

    NC 2nd fire shotgun mode ignores armor. Kills MAXes with 2 shots, ESF with 4 and some say it kills MBT fast.
  11. Netsurfer733

    Infiltrator update AT LAST!!!

    But I still need to see a change. Cloaking while standing/crouching in-place will mean that you will have to move an inch in order to enable the almost-total concealment mode. This has been in the game since launch. It basically means that in many of the cases you'd want a cloak to work for the full duration of its 10 seconds or what not, you have to spend 1-2 seconds actually *beginning* to get the cloak to work by needing to cloak, move, and THEN remain in place, almost totally hidden.
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  12. sustainedfire

    Is the Crossbow infiltrator specific, and is it a primary or secondary?
  13. VSDerp

    i thiought we was getting empire specific smgs?
  14. SpaceKing

    Is that the technical term? :p
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  15. thatnanoguy

    I think everything is pretty cool so far, EXCEPT FOR THE "NEW" SMG. THE EXACT SAME MODEL AT THE PDW BUT WITH A THINGY ON THE BARREL!?!?! (The stats are really similar too) Smgs are my fav type of weapon, i was really looking forward to something new :( Please make a new model...
  16. Elrobochanco

    Ok minor non snipers trip report, only messed around for 10 minutes so some stuff like the VS I might be wrong on:

    Straight pull bolts on non ES rifles basically just make all rifles perform like a semi auto, you don't even need to chamber while zoomed in, you just wait .9 seconds and fire again. Realllly guessing this is first pass, because it's kind of stupid. There is zero downside, not even a tradeoff. Your rifle fires faster and you stay zoomed in.

    TR rifle is an smg that zooms in. Its hipfire is just silly. Scope non functional.
    NC rifle is a sniper rifle with a nice cross sight and the ability to become an underbarrel shotgun (single shot still between chambering like the rifle). It's probably just the superior scope but feels more stable zoomed in.
    VS rifle is a battle rifle with infinite ammo, has zero drop as far as I can tell, but the charge up mechanic is barely implemented. You can spam weak (and huge recoil) shots forever almost, but charging gives no indicator of how long you can hold charge (like 1.5 seconds before it auto fires) and when it fires you can't fire at all for several seconds. Might be the meh scope but feels shakier than the NC one.

    The TR one feels OP but probably hated from the users since it's not really a BASR, but it's seamingly very versatile. The NC one seams like a fun joke. The VS one is just a joke, to fire it like a rifle you need to wait 5ish seconds before taking another shot. I like the charge idea, but yeesh this is just feeding all the charge weapon haters.

    NC one has the nicest model, TR one looks just silly/bulbous, VS one looks not complete, a bunch of hard edges but not very Vanu, looks like vanu fanart.

    NS one didn't look very functional at all. Crossbows other people have covered, but (at least the NS ones not the valentines ones) have a neat reload like the NS-7. So again the best art is in the NS gun.

    Oh and the NC rifle is the only one that had an accurate description ;)
  17. Longshotrider

    Ok, some things to report,

    • The Valentines Day Crossbows reload like a VS weapon, are always stuck in the reload model and don't have the same recoil animations as the original NS one.
    • The Normal Crossbow has an issue after reloading the first magazine, this goes for all crossbows and the issue causes the footstep animation to stop working as a still crossbow sits in your arm which has been twisted and shrunk and doesn't actually make contact with the crossbow.
    • The Sound effects for the NS Snipers are not working (probably already knows but just to make sure)
    • The Scoped view of the NS Snipers are below the actual crosshair but the 6x scope at least allows for vision for shooting when scoped.
    • Scope on VS SHADE is not working and it cannot equip other scopes or attachments.
    (Will be editing and adding more Info and Bugs when i find them, Thanks PS2 Devs!)
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  18. Netsurfer733

    Really hope the NS snipers and crossbow animations/graphics etc get fixed asap so we can actually test these things out! They look amazing!
  19. Leadwrecker

    Straight-pull bolts absolutely need to do the same scope jiggle as pump action shotguns and the Jackhammer's burst mode do now. Currently here's no visual indicator that you're chambering a new round, and it turns a bolt action gun into a slower firing SA-sniper that is all around better.

    NC Railrifle's shotgun mode (A shotgun sniper, guys? really?) has a bugged damage category; it effects everything, allowing it to obliterate maxes in two shots or tanks in a couple magazines.

    TR gun's muzzle velocity is utterly pathetic, especially considering that the description flat out says it's supposed to have a high muzzle velocity.

    The Vanu gun is pathetic. It should not have infinite ammo, the charge mechanic needs to be improved, and it should NOT overheat after firing a single charged shot.

    The NS sniper rifle's model looks really cool, but it's ADS is bugged, and if you ask me, the model itself would have been far better suited if you chopped off the long barrel and made it the skin for the NS-15M.
  20. WyrdHarper

    It is a secondary for all classes.

    Bug I noticed on the Crossbows:
    Several of the scopes (3.4x for sure, and I think the other overlay scopes) don't remove the ironsight, so both show up when you are ADSing.

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