Particle PhysX?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Master, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Master

    Haven't heard little to no information how particle physx are coming along. They were removed during the performance update 1, but I feel it's been a while since then. What's the status on the particles effects?
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  2. MasonSTL

    Good question, with out any word on this and nothing about it on the road map, I wonder if they will ever put it back in.
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  3. JudgeDeath

    I hope they get it working ... looked nice.

    Too bad in the old state it caused lagfreezing without any apparent cause and random crashing.
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  4. ScrapyardBob

    Last I heard on one of the Twitch streams (FNO?), think Spring/Summer 2014 until you see PhysX particles re-introduced.

    It might be on the roadmap...
  5. Chipay

    They're on PTS right now
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  6. Bonom Denej

    Are you serious ?

    That makes me happy. I miss those eye candy particles ! And maybe it'll make SLI useful again (using the second graphic card for PhysX duty only).
  7. vulcan78

    This is what the game used to look like before it was consolized. The new Ultra looks like the old Medium. I'm not kidding, ask anyone here who has been playing for a while. What really sucks is that my rig could run the game smoother with PhysX enabled before PU01. Now it just runs and looks like garbage all around. Sony claiming that the game will run at 60 FPS "with the PC graphical options" isn't really anything to brag about considering they basically remade the game around PS4 hardware and similarly configured PC's (single AMD CPU and single GPU).

    "Thanks for paying to play-test the PS4 Beta!"

    "Sony needs more money (always more, whatever the cost), sorry your computer can't play PS2 anymore!"

    "Hope you like the reverse console port!" (usually publishers do a poor job porting a game from console to PC, in this instance Sony took a game, consolized it, and now a sizable portion of the PC community with ample hardware can't run it as well as a PS4, a system that is about 300-400% less powerful.)
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  8. Master


    Ill take a look when I get home.
  9. Master

    dont think its on the roadmap but i've been told that they are on the test server, I will confirm later tonight.
  10. aoyagiaichou

    Can we get something less stupid (i.e. artificially proprietary) instead? There is a number of physics engines better than PhysX.

    (don't even start, I also have some nVidia machines)
  11. Bonom Denej

    I'm pretty happy with PhysX and the thing is already worked out so they probably won't start from scratch. Also, PhysX is not really a full Physic Engine isn't it ? It's just mainly a particle effet engine that is added to the game ?
  12. MasonSTL

    GPU Physics on the PTS as of now

    • Didn't test out the medic gun or the revive grenade
    • Gun sparks and grav lifts still don't have particles
    IMPORTANT: Make sure your particle setting (not the GPU particle physics) isn't set to ULTRA or they don't work, things are actually worse.
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  13. Scatterblak

    or reddit. or maybe twitter. anywhere but the forums.
  14. Master

    Game physics are done by PhysX I believe.
  15. Master

    Thx for posting this.

    At least they have the explosives in, lol. So I guess we would be seeing particles on live in like, 2-3 months...sigh.
  16. aoyagiaichou

    That comes down to how you define "full physics engine" (no caps). It has collision, particles, cloth and fluid... possibly something else I'm forgetting. Seems pretty full to me.
  17. Cowabunga

    This video shows how awesome it looks.
  18. Dark Pulse

    If only I could punch people through the internet every time I hear this phrase...
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  19. Bonom Denej

    Hmm, yeah but what about people running AMD cards ? Or people turning off PhysX ? Isn't PhysX just an engine that adds particles and fluids and other stuff to the game but not the "main" physic engine ? Vehicle collision and debris aren't made through PhysX are they ?
  20. Master

    I believe PhysX runs everything, with particle physX being the visual fluff.