"Para" carbine concept

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  1. SolemnSeraph

    I was going to post this in "Off Topic", but there doesn't seem to be one. Anyway, I was bored and thought "Why don't I try to design a new gun that would be cool in PS2?" So here is what I came up with. Please note that this is a quick mock-up. The topology sucks and the texturing is just placeholder. I'm going to add more detail later.

    The idea is a "para"-variant carbine. For those of you who don't know gun lingo, "para" is a suffix added to a weapon designation to indicate it is more compact, making it ideal for airborne troops. So my "para" has a recessed barrel, no stock, and an unusual back-end trigger. The idea is that it would be made for LA's and urban environments. The rear-grip would improve close-range hipfire accuracy, while ruining ranged shots. The ammo is stored in an internal hopper, and the magazine refills it using an electronic receiving unit to transfer ammunition from the magazine to the hopper. Why? I don't have a lore reason yet. Right now it's an NS design because I have yet to design alternate styles. If I do, this would be the TR version. Let me know what you think about the idea. Maybe an optional stock attachment to improve range but reduce hipfire accuracy. Barrel is long enough for it to be pretty accurate.

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  2. Iridar51

    Carbines are already "para" version of the Assault Rifles, and for everything else there are SMGs. Why would we want yet another CQC weapon? Our options are well covered in that department.
  3. Tommyp2006

    Is that pic supposed to look exactly like a sawzall?
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  4. ColonelChingles

    FYI, the entire point of giving shortened rifles to paratroopers is so that it doesn't get tangled on the way down... but once they hit the ground they're expected to unfold their stock and resume using their carbine just like any other carbine.

    For example, the old M1A1 carbines from WWII were designed for paratroopers. In the fall you fold the stock, but when you hit the ground and actually want to shoot the thing you unfold the stock.


    The Russian SKS paratrooper variants and the German FG42 simply shortened the barrel of the weapon but still kept the stock as well:


    Why did most designs opt for a folding stock or even shortening barrel length? That's because a stock is really important to a firearm. Without a stock you're essentially hipfiring all the time. Recoil management would be terrible. Aiming would be all wobbly. It's better to have a carbine with a less accurate and shorter barrel than to maintain the same length barrel and go without a buttstock.

    PS2 has a number of small arms which lack buttstocks altogether (the TRAC-5, Jaguar, all NC carbines except the Bandit, all the VS carbines except the Zenith) and it's sorta not a great idea. All carbines ought to have buttstocks, because without it... well it's not going to go far.

    That and in PS2 we don't even really need parachutes and any infantryman can drop with anything, so maybe a paratrooper version of a carbine might not even be necessary? Although it would be very interesting if jumping out of aircraft limited you to "light" loadouts! :p
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  5. SolemnSeraph

    Hey Iridar. Two things:
    1. Keep in mind that I wanted to post this in an "off topic" forum. I'm not indenting for this to be a suggestion. Just bored and looking for feedback as a concept.
    2. Carbines are not "para" assault rifles. "Para" carbines and SMG's are "para" carbines and SMG's ;) Yes, carbines are the close range weapons in PS2. The idea was that this lone "para" would have specific cqc-themed traits that the carbines and SMG's in game don't have.

    What? Are you implying that I based this off of a Ryobi reciprocating saw? Because that would be absurd of me to do... simply absurd... :rolleyes: lol

    I know all that. Again, I did this just to kill time. I'm not making a suggestion.

    Final note, "para" was a reference to this design, not any sort of function. Obviously we wouldn't ever need para variants.
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  6. Dethfield

    I dont see the point of adding yet another rifle sub-class. How about something unique?
  7. PurpleOtter

    This...Post...Nails...It !!!!
  8. SolemnSeraph

    I'm not quite sure how many times I have to say it:
    I am not suggesting implementation. This is not a suggestion to add a new gun into the game. I only did this mock up for fun. I fully understand that there is no need for such a gun in the game. This was supposed to be posted in "off topic" to avoid such drama, but there is no longer an "off topic" forum. So far, ColonelChingles is the only one who seems to get the point. And for Chungles valid points, I may some alterations. Seriously though, if you guys don't chill the flak out and stop looking at this as a "pls put in game" thread, I'm going to have to close it. And YES: it is based on a reciprocating saw, or as you're calling it, a "sawzall". I did this while waiting for a squadmate to log in, so it's a zero-effort project. [IMG]