[Suggestion] Overwatch type system for Planetside 2?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CarlAdam, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. CarlAdam

    CSGO has a system where reported players will be reviewed by experienced players and come up with a verdict, right now there is a guy on emerald running around with speedhack and aimbot killing everyone and I reckon it's going to be a few hours/days before action is taken?

    What if planetside had an Overwatch system where the community could quickly review the reported players footage and come up with a verdict?
    I don't know how hard it would be to implement but I was thinking players above a certain battle rank and above a certain KDR would be invited to join the program.

    Someone in the dev team could later review the issued temporary bans to see if they're valid.

    ''The Overwatch lets the CS:GO community regulate itself by allowing qualified and experienced members of the community (‘investigators‘) to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate.''
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  2. brutes359

    yes that's totally what we need...To give the hyper elite clans the rights to ban whoever they choose should they have a certain number of members....Just imagine it. Every uptight, hyper lethal, 12 year old clan leader with over 50-100 dudes in his clan being able to instantly gather a mob to ban whatever unlucky fool manages to screw up his 2,000-0 K.D., and if you think any dev is going to waste their time reviewing each and every one of those "Carefully considered bans" then I would ask you this. If they cant spare the manpower to monitor their games for cheaters now. Why would they waste more chasing the rumor spreading of the players themselves? Honestly, giving mobs the right to decide peoples fate in video games has never been a good idea before, and its not going to start now.

    Maybe cheating would happen less if the devs haven't gotten rid of their anti cheat software in response to sweaty max ranks making smurf accounts and going on 500 kill streaks on koltier (Back when it was around) to get banned so they could complain.

    Cheating is nothing new on planetside 2, and I can guarantee you the devs are more concerned with making their next round of microtransaction fuel (Cosmetics) than actually interested in fixing their cheater problem.
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  3. ican'taim

    With the nature and community of this game, this system will go downhill within a matter of days.

    Then you will have all the conspiracy theorists on the forum screeching on how the "secret hacker cabal" has taken control of this new overwatch system and if you speak out you will be banned.
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  4. JustGotSuspended

    As many people objected, many players in this community are immature and will abuse of this. Ofc, the devs could add a system where they review community banned players....which is basically just adding double the work.

    Realistically there's only a handful of players I would actually trust to carry out fair judgement, and most of them have quit or just don't play 24/7 to be a mod. I mean, banning that one cheater that appears every 3 months during off hours isn't really something that could even be achieved through this system. I'm not sure how these players would be picked, but yeah, it'd need to be done really, REALLY carefully to prevent things from degenerating.

    Really there's only one outfit I can think of that's be up for the task, but it wouldn't be a very good idea. Besides, these people would only ban cheaters, so the guys asking for this system would never see the results they want anyways.
  5. Pelojian

    mob mentality is never good for a game as has been stated, imagine mass reporting getting someone suspended automatically till a moderator can bother to even look into it (assuming they always do their job and not issue a canned response) only 10x worse.

    soon you will have outfits that will mass report any and all enemy outfits that can put up a fight and instantly condemn any player on the opposition when their entitled member has authority over their case.

    given the current direction of the game i can't see the devs exanding any anti-cheat systems in this game.

    at least when you have to pay $20-30 for a game with multiplayer, it keeps the young brats out and the cheaters are basically fined each time they return to the game, then the companies could use that extra income to put into anti-cheat and moderation.
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  6. CarlAdam

    It works just fine in CSGO no reason it wouldn't work here, and there would be no mob making decisions, people get randomly selected to view footage and make independent evaluations, bans are only issued if all randomly selected people are in agreement and if you are wrong too many times you get excluded from the program.
  7. DarkQuark

    Welcome to Silicon Valley....
  8. OldSchoolD

    Terrible idea, sorry. What you could do instead, is make a video of this alleged cheater and send it to the devs. If he's really speedhacking and aimbotting chances are he will be gone before you can get a cam load of that guy ;)
  9. Liewec123

    could add an extra "/super-report" option were if enough people (above BR 40) report, the player gets a 24h temp ban.

    and a DBG guy can then check out the data, investigate and take action at a later time.
    and if it is found that it was just malicious gang reporting and the player was innocent,
    then the reporters get long temp bans. (maybe a week? and lose 2000 certs.)
    do too many of these false reports and get perm banned.
    (put a warning for this on the super-report function in big red capitals)
    [YES] [NO]
    if you are unsure, please use regular /report function.

    this way we could get rid of hackers extremely quickly without DBG needing to show up,
    but it also wouldn't be abuseable by people making a new throw away account just to false flag someone due to the rank requirement.
    and people wouldn't want to do it on their real account because of the severe consequences.

    this would be separate to the current /report function,
    the current report function could still be used for when you aren't sure if someone is hacking but have strong suspicions,
    but don't want to risk the blowback if you were wrong.
    but when there is a guy zooming around with aim bot or flying etc, you could use /super-report instead :)
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  10. JustGotSuspended

    yeah csgo is a matchmaking game with far less scale in both complexity and players. It's like comparing an orange to a camel. Yeah, they're made of atoms.
  11. CarlAdam

    I don't see how that's relevant with something as simple as determining one players performance.
  12. JustGotSuspended

    this is slightly better, but I know ASP 100s who've accused me of aimbotting them just because they jumped in front my butcher 8 times in a row.

    BR doesn't really mean much in this game, and idk if it's worth risking banning legit players for a day just because someone is convinced they're hacking. And it's also not entirely fair to punish the guy for falsely believing that guy is hacking. Seriously, some people really believe that stuff, even though they're dead wrong.

    No, I think right now works fine. Cheating has never been a major issue in this game anyways.
  13. RabidIBM

    This is reminding me of League of Legend's "Tribunal" system. That wasn't to do with cheaters, it was regarding flamers etc. but was a similar concept. I don't think it gave players direct authority to punish someone, it was more of a filter for their own people. If the community gave the guy a pass, they didn't even look, if the community was against the guy, they proceeded as normal.
  14. JustGotSuspended

    the sheer scale of ps2 provides anonymity to players reporting. In these tiny matches like csgo or overwatch or whatever, it's quite obvious to determine "this guy's reporting/banning everyone" or whatever. It makes people think twice before they embarrass themselves.

    In this game, there's no way to tell "trspy's the one reporting everyone" or whatever. People feel like they can mass report everyone, because there games scale allows for them to do so while remaining annonymous.

    Another major point to note is Planetside 2's numerous bugs, poor netcode, and the significant effects of lag on the game due to the sheer size and clientside nature.

    You're comparing small-scale finished games to a half-finished, completely mutilated piece of a game. Obviously stuff gonna look more suspicious in Planetside 2 where half your shots hitreg, dudes zoom through structures and instakill you with normal weapons. I don't trust people to manage their anger in this game, or understand the intricacies that govern this game's mechanics.
  15. Demigan

    Not only that, I would throw in something similar to Outfits where the entire Outfit can get deleted and privileges for creating a new one removed from the people at the top. This would require some specifics though since you don't want to remove an Outfit because some malcontents join a large Outfit and do this kind of stuff in the hopes of taking the entire Outfit with them.
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  16. UberNoob1337101

    Regarding players going through walls and terrain, why not just tag players who enter marked areas inside terrain then ban them?
  17. Johannes Kaiser

    There are too many bugs and glitches that can have them get there. Like the age old one of leaving a vehicle too close to a jump pad and falling through the ground. Or leaving a burning vehicle on top of some rocks and get stuck waist-deep in said rocks. List goes on.
    And banning people for what might as well be not their fault and their intention would be unfair. I would say if they stay there for longer than a minute, maybe, because if it is a glitch/bug they will lost likely have redeployed at that point.
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