Overview of changes currently on test - 12/10/2013

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  1. joshua

    Infantry hitboxes have had small adjustments.
    • The head hitbox has been adjusted to fix a bug that was causing upper chest shots to count as head shots in certain movement states. Actual headshots should be unchanged. *Unearned* headshots will no longer happen.
    • Leg hit boxes have been reduced in size. They now better match the player’s actual geometry.
    Audio adjustments to give better situational awareness
    • Muzzle audio range and direction should be easier to locate now
    • Projectile flybys will now give a better sense of travel direction
    • We reduced the length of projectile impact audio on infantry. It will be easier to tell if multiple bullets are hitting now, instead of multiple bullets all blending together to sound like one impact.
    Nanoweave will now only resist a set % of incoming damage from infantry small arms and rapid fire vehicle weapons. Headshots will always bypass the nanoweave resist and do full damage.

    Flak now resists direct damage from explosive weapons in addition to resisting AOE damage.
    • Rockets and other explosive direct damage has been adjusted to work better with flak armor.
      • For example, rocket launchers do 1000-1335 damage on average now, compared to the 1500-1700 pre-resist damage that they previously did
    • Damage resists on the vehicle side have been adjusted so that rocket damage against vehicles and MAXes is unchanged
    We adjusted how projectile acceleration works on the backend.
    • You’re going to see some projectile values drop, but projectiles with acceleration are all reaching their max velocity much faster now because that data is being interpreted differently
    • The dumbfire rocket launchers have had their gravity slightly increased to compensate for the faster average velocity
    Sniper rifles no longer kill a full health target with one headshot if that target is more than 150 meters away. Nanoweave no longer prevents a one-shot headshot kill if the target is less than 150 meters away.

    Zealot Overdrive Engine changes
    • Reduced speed
      • Forward move speed is now 50% faster than the MAX’s base run speed
      • Strafe and backpedal move speeds are now at 43% faster than the MAX’s base strafe and backpedal speeds
      • Sprint is now the same as the base MAX speed (so the MAX cannot outsprint infantry now), but the MAX now reaches that sprint speed faster when ZOE is active
    • Damage is now the same across all cert ranks and only increases close range damage
    • After activation the ability is active for 15 seconds
    • This ability now has a cooldown. Each cert rank will reduce the cooldown
    • Each cert rank now reduces the amount of damage received when ZOE is active
    MAX AV weapons
    • These now all fire from the weapon barrel. Previously, some weapons fired from the barrel and others from the camera.
    • Damage against infantry has been reduced. Damage against vehicles is mostly the same, with only a few minor adjustments here and there for balance reasons.
    • All weapons have been sighted so that they perform better at range
    Other misc. infantry changes
    • The blast damage of underbarrel grenades has been reduced. They will no longer kill with one indirect shot. Direct shots will still kill with one hit.
    • The AV MANA turret has had its range and blast damage reduced
    Harasser adjustments
    • Reducing effectiveness of repairs from the rumble seat
    • Composite armor effectiveness reduced
    • All Harasser weapons are now “-H” variants. They now do less damage at range compared to the non-H variants on the main battle tanks.
    Adjusting infantry survivability against vehicles in some areas
    • Refactored high damage value weapons so they do less damage to infantry
      • Reduced damage resists on the vehicle side to compensate. Vehicle vs. vehicle damage values will remain near the live values (some weapons are being adjusted for balance reasons).
    • Flak armor will protect against direct hits from rockets, grenades, and similar damage types
    • Added headshot/legshot modifiers in some cases
    All infantry lock-on launchers have been adjusted to have a shorter lock-on range, but they lock on faster at close range.
    • Anti-tank launchers
      • These now have a max lock range of 300 meters, down from 400 meters
      • These will now complete their lock in 1.5 seconds if the target is within 100 meters. They then scale to a 2 second lock time at 300 meters.
    • Anti-air launchers
      • These now have a max lock range of 450 meters, down from 500 meters
      • These will now complete their lock in 1.0 seconds if the target is within 100 meters. They then scale to a 2.5 second lock time at 300 meters and farther.
    • Striker and Annihilator
      • These have a 0.5 to 1.0 second longer lock time compared to the above launchers to compensate for them being able to lock on to multiple vehicle types
      • Fired projectiles now behave like the normal launchers (less hitting vehicles behind cover)
      • The Annihilator is getting a damage increase to offset it having a longer lock time and no dumb fire capability
    • All launchers that can fire without a lock
      • Hip accuracy is being reduced
      • Aimed accuracy is unchanged, though we fixed a bug that was causing them to reach their aimed accuracy before the iron sight animation had completed
    Vehicle weapons are becoming more distinct in their roles
    • General tuning pass on anti-personnel weapons
    • Anti-personnel weapons are now more effective against light armor (Harasser, flash, ESF)
    • Anti-personnel weapons are now unable to damage heavy armor (they were pretty ineffective to begin with)
    • Anti-vehicle weapons less effective against infantry
      • Blast damage adjustments
      • Flak armor now more effective
    We are adjusting some of the vehicle secondary weapons to be stronger counters to light armor targets. Specifically, we want the M20 Basilisk, P525 Marauder, C85 Canister and Proton II PPA to be stronger Harasser counters.

    Prowler Anchored Mode: Data shows that anchored mode is extending the Prowlers range too far and making it too easy to hit aircraft. The projectile speed increase on Anchored mode is being reduced.
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  2. Larington

    Thanks for posting this.
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  3. DJPenguin

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  4. Ronin Oni

    Great stuff in here! :D

    ^This though

    can you even HIT a harasser with a PPA?
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  5. Zeblasky

    Since now
    "Nanoweave will now only resist a set % of incoming damage from infantry small arms and rapid fire vehicle weapons. Headshots will always bypass the nanoweave resist and do full damage."
    And it's 20% last time I checked, so why not make this resistance at least 30%? Cos Flak getting hard buff, and nanoweave getting such hard nerf. Yes, general idea of nerf is kinda good indeed, but why not buff resist percentage to compensate a bit for headshot and other damage vulnerability? It will be just 50 effective HP more than now, but only versus gunfire, if only ALL shots are bodyshots.
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  6. Pixelshader

    is this a nerf to esf noseguns vs infantry?

    not unexpected, but curious as to whether it actually is
  7. Larington

    Ooh, can we have more detail on the change to AV MANA please?

    "The AV MANA turret has had its range and blast damage reduced."
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  8. Snowfake

    "Prowler Anchored Mode: Data shows that anchored mode is extending the Prowlers range too far and making it too easy to hit aircraft. The projectile speed increase on Anchored mode is being reduced."

    This is why you guys need to play your game and not look at numbers. Prowlers will score more hits on aircraft but scoring the 2 hits needed to destroy the ESF is extremely difficult. whereas the vanguard only needs to score 1 hit though it may be slightly harder he gets a much greater reward.
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  9. Edenwolf

    The enforcer canister changes are complete bogus, major face palm.
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  10. WarOtter

    This makes me horribly sad. You've gone and ruined the long range sniping game, the only semi-OHK method in the game that actually required skill.
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  11. SquattingPig

    C85 cannister vs. harassers. Lawl!!!!!
  12. Sian

    PPA can damage vehicles?
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  13. Mexiguy

    The changes to the sniper rifles are complete BS, not only most of snipper my engagements with the Longshot are between 150 and 200m mark, but if you pay close attention to base design most of the good sniping positions are in that distance range.

    All this changes do is making sniping extremely impractical or completely irrelevant during, since snipers will either have to make multiple shots to kill a single target or completely expose themselves, just because the devs want to please a vocal group of engineers that get head-shotted while taking potshots with their AV turrets from max render range and newbie scrubs that like to shoot while standing completely still on open field

    Sniping in this game takes lots skill and practice; if someone manages to line up a perfect headshot from long range he should be rewarded instead of punished just to please the lowest common denominator (aka CoD and BF kids).
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  14. WyrdHarper

    Basilisks are borderline OP after their buff, so the solution is to make them stronger? They are more versatile and pretty darn effective against air, infantry, and armor already. I can 1v1 lightnings and liberators by myself in my blockade sundy (hotseat switching ftw) already.

    Not a big fan of the lock-on changes, either. They're basically being buffed in the effective ranges of vehicles, since they can still lock-on at the edge of render distance and beyond, and now lock-on absurdly fast at the ranges at which vehicles can engage. Coupled with making infantry even more resistant to being killed by vehicles, this doesn't bode well for the whole combined arms thing. There are some nice changes here, sure, but mostly if you're infantry (AV mana turret nerf is lovely, though. EliteEskimo will be happy).
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  15. Chlorox

    I am glad you're making the C85 more useful against light armor. When is it scheduled to be more useful against things like infantry?
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  16. doombro

    Only low-flying or hovering liberators and galaxies are easy to hit with anchor mode; and they aren't terribly difficult to hit even without anchor mode. Especially for AP vanguards. Liberators take 3 or 4 shots to kill from an AP cannon. Speaking from experience, that's plenty of time for a good pilot to find cover and get out of the tank's line of sight. ESFs are very hard to hit provided they're not hovering, and even then, it takes two shots from an AP cannon to kill them. After the first shot is fired, landing the second becomes much harder due to the prowler's recoil and ESF's tendency to start flying around once they start taking damage.

    I strongly urge that this change be reverted. It only serves to rob anchored mode of it's intended capabilities in this state.

    I also would like to state that the AT/AA lockon range nerf is a bit overboard. A 100 meter range reduction is way too much. The AA's range didn't need to be nerfed at all. ESF's can fly almost as fast as a grounder rocket can chase them and the fact that most pilots roll flares isn't making them any more effective. G2A rockets take too long to reload for this change to be balanced.

    The striker's capabilities have already been neutered beyond what a good deal of TR heavies consider to be useful. What prompted this change?
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  17. Tenebrae Aeterna

    My thoughts towards the sniper rifle range cap have been spread throughout the forums and can be easily found within my signature links regarding long ranged sniping and the infiltrator as a whole. Extremely disappointed to see this so close to going live.
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  18. Camycamera

    i'd like to test the 150m on snipers thing, lets see what happens.

    and don't nerf my anchor, PLZ :'(

    i am just too pro at taking down those big dumb targets floating in the air :D
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  19. Mikte

    Can't say I'm too happy with the ZOE update. I thought they where fine even if I'm facing one. He did more damage and took more damage. A single rocket to a ZOE MAX more often than not one shot him. But now this cool down on top of the softer armor leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    --NC- Near impenetrable shield from the front (roughly 4 Decimator rockets just to bring it down, with little damage to the armor):)
    --TR- Higher accuracy and faster reload, but can't move (only taking roughly 2 seconds to engage and dis-engage):)
    --VS- Higher damage, Faster Velocity, but armor is much softer equaling more damage from all weapon types (On top of that a small period of active time and a longer period cool down) :mad:

    When I say this I come from both the perspective of fighting as any of the MAX's and fighting against one. On PTS I found taking out a VS MAX(and dying as one) was far easier/faster than fighting either the TR's or the NC's MAX's with the full Flak, ES boost, and weapons suiting the situation (I.E. close quarters or MAX Versus Vehicle). In my opinion to balance this update out, one thing would be to reduce the base armor weakness of a active ZOE/ remove it completely whilst keeping the current cool down. Or to return with the previous configurations of the ZOE with weaker armor and no cool down.

    Rest of the update seams spot on minus the ZOE, keep it up SOE:D
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  20. ChipMHazard

    For the people who don't like some of the changes, help the devs test out the changes on PTS (Giving them metric data) and give them feedback. No reason to cry doom now as these changes are on the PTS for a reason, to test.
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