[Suggestion] Overloading Gate Shields by Brute Force

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeltaUMi, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. DeltaUMi

    Currently, when assaulting a base, there is only one way to get disable gate shields and that is through overloading the shield generators by infantry. One thing is blatantly missing from the assault of a base, and that is the vehicles. When assaulting a base, it would make sense to bring armored support, especially larger bases where gate shields are more prominent, but vehicles are completely useless in base assaults that have shields. The role of vehicles in base assaults are reduced to camping outside the base and farming enemy infantry.

    My suggestion is to allow vehicles and infantry alike to brute force their way through gate shields by firing cannons, rockets, and other high caliber weapons.
    • Gate shields will have a certain amount of hit points that will decrease as it takes damage from enemy fire.
    • Gate shields will regenerate hit points when not taking damage and when engineers use their repair tool on the shield generator.
    • There will be a limit on the amount of engineers that can repair the shield generator at a time.
    • The brute force method will be limited to road access and not the main building access.
    These changes should give vehicles more of role in base assaults instead of camping and waiting for infantry to disable the shields.
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  2. Alarox

    I like this idea.
  3. zombielores

    While your at it, can we please make generator rooms somewhat defensible and out of LoS from most things, I mean their important infrastructures aren't they?
  4. K2k4

    This would be cool.
  5. Sixstring

    I think vehicles should be in control of when the shields go down,it's stupid that you need to leave your tanks unguarded to go help overload a generator....so I can pull said tank into the base. Shield generators should be outside of bases and only damageable by vehicle weapons maybe with a few on high ground walled off so only Liberators can hit them. Give vehicles a role already!
  6. Nintyuk

    One thing too that could happen is firing on shield that's being overloaded it could take time directly off the countdown. But if the generator is up the shield should reform very quickly after being broken.
  7. david06

    I thought that the whole point of the shields is that they delay armor zergs. It's not a gameplay problem unless you sit in tanks all day. Giving the gates HP that players can shoot away will defeat the purpose.

    Most bases you can drive a tank or sunderer inside the base right up to the capture point, I'm not sure what game you are playing. Plenty of vehicle gates can even be bypassed just by driving up the terrain around them.

    The moment the vehicles get inside the base they farm infantry that's why they're kept out, in order to give some defense against zergs and some variety to the fighting. You can always get a gate diffuser harasser or sunderer if you want to go in or just wait a few minutes.
  8. doombro

    I think for vehicle shield gens specifically, you should be able to just blow them up like any other object. They're always put in rooms with a total carrying capacity of one person, anyway.
  9. DeltaUMi

    Sure you can bypass one or two vehicle gates by driving on the difficult terrain around them, but how long do you think it will take for an armored division to do this? This is not mentioning enemy anti-tank weapons blazing towards the tanks. In other words, the only viable role for tanks currently to to camp outside the base and wait for the shields to go down, but usually by the time the shields go down, the base is already secured.

    The current gate shields deny vehicles any significant role in base assaults, instead it divides the mutual support vehicles and infantry have for one another in a game that is supposed to be combined arms. My suggestion will give vehicles an additional role as siege tools that should be an integral part in any base assaults.
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  10. Tavila

    Strongly support this, and I agree with delta's argument. In today's warfare tanks and infantry work literately hand in hand. and it would put higher incentive to the defenders to man the bloody walls to handle the tanks before the gates fall.

    and zergs will be zergs. the shields don't do a hell of allot to stop them anyways.
  11. Taemien

    I don't mind vehicles being useful in taking bases. I really don't. And I actually prefer if they were.

    I do NOT want the number of vehicles brought being a deciding factor. The zerg needs to be discouraged from zerging, not encouraged.

    Find a solution where an organized squad (12) equals the might of 36-48 zerglings (unorganized mass + lonewolves) and I'll get on board with that.
  12. Titan6

    The issue I have with this is no one will bother with the gens anymore. Lets face it, vehicle zergs are a big thing at the moment. So with this in place, it's just making a zergs ability to crack a base wide open that much easier.

    In order to counteract that, they'd have to make the health and regen on the shield enormous and thus, out of the scope for smaller forces.

    I don't think we need anymore reason to zerg than we already do.