Overall do you think prowler or vanguard is more powerful tank?

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  1. Takoita

    Define "more powerful".

    Vanguard currently has a hands down better utility option and its AV secondary is nothing to sneeze at either. Prowler has better acceleration, speed, main cannons are better at AI. Vulcan currently is a waste of slot unless you manage to sneak up on your target point-blank. Oh, and Vanguard has better armor values. That's about it.
  2. Dagonlives

    I think the Vanguard is the better tank once the player becomes efficient at firing the main cannon (IE misses rarely.) It has a ton of armor and a superior special ability. Prowler is a better stock vehicle though.
  3. p10k56

    In low certed category Prowler is slightly better.
    In high certed category Vanguard is much more better but true beast is Magrider:eek:
  4. Goretzu

    In most general situations the Prowler.

    Simply because of its combination of highest DPS and mobility; add cunning use of LD and you have insane viable range as well.

    The Vanguard (with shield) will likely win in a toe to toe slugging match, but that isn't what 99% of PS2 combat in a tank is about.
  5. Cinnamon

    Vanguard is better overall because it is easier to keep it alive and it does good damage against everything. Lightning is the best tank if you want to specialise in anti infantry and it's low profile gives you more running away ability than the prowler.
  6. Goretzu

    Easier to keep alive?
    The shield helps, but the lack of speed and mobility more than counters that.
    In a Vanguard you've basically got to win every battle (not that you do, of course - hence its stats), because the chances of escaping one are pretty limited.
  7. Cinnamon

    Shield is the best escape ability.
  8. Goretzu

    It gives you 8 seconds to get clear, but then you've got 45 seconds of being the slowest least manuverable thing around.

    8 seconds is enough to correct an overextension, not so much to escape any other situation (which is why Vanguards tend to have to fight to the (or a) death more often).
  9. Cinnamon

    Any other tank caught in open territory has to reverse slowly away or show the person shooting them their behind to escape at full speed. Both tactics are bad. Having that 8 seconds to turn and build up forward momentum in any direction is the least bad.
  10. CrashB111

    Too bad none of that DPS means jack **** once a Vanguard presses F to win.

    Because going 5 KPH slower than a Prowler is such a crippling speed disadvantage right?
  11. Gav7x

    It helps in close quarter 1v1 fights, outside that, not so much. just something you pop when almost burning to go back to cover and repair. i found it to be more of a SAVE MY LIFE!!!! shield then a i win shield. i guess to each his own
  12. LegioX

    Vanguard is slow, but if you get a fully certed Racer Frame, she goes pretty fast (atleast i think so)
  13. Hibiki54

    An uncerted and stock Vanguard will beat a stock an uncerted stock Prowler, both fully manned in a head to head open field battle.

    An uncerted and stock Prowler will beat a stock and uncerted stock Vanguard, both fully manned in a close-in turning battle.

    A full shield and uncerted AP Vanguard with uncerted Basilisk will beat any uncerted or certed variant of Prowler. Press [F] and presto.

    A Vanguard, when fully manned and certed, is the king of the open field in 1v1 and 2v1 against other MBTs. It is weak when facing infantry in close.

    A Prowler, when fully manned and certed, is a more general purpose MBT with artillery secondary when invested in Lock Down. What it lacks in MBT verses MBT situations, it excels in close quarter combat with it's ability to mount superior anti-infantry weapons and take advantage of it's twin cannons to suppress.

    In other words, if you want to farm infantry, whine about getting C-4'd out of nowhere and QQ about Vanguard Shield OP, play TR.
  14. LegioX

    I find farming inf pretty easy with the Vanguard. As long as you have good aim with the AP gun you can rack up some kill streaks.
  15. Saool

    Which kind of says it all doesn't it.
  16. FendleyFire

    It's like everyone in this thread has forgotten the Vanguard can cert the instant win [F] button. Also the prowler is only 5kph faster than the Vanguard since it and the magrider got a 10kph buff and Prowler was left as it was.
  17. DramaticExit

    1. Why do you ask?
    2. Why are you not interested in the Magrider?
    3. They are very different and just as powerful as one another in different situations.
  18. cruczi

    Calling it an instant win button is inaccurate, it is a very situational ability. If you use it wrong, you will die, if you think it allows you to overextend, you will die... and if you allow yourself to be outpositioned, it will not save you
  19. Phazaar

    Add to that that the Prowler is better in large battles/zergs (especially where low BRs are included as it's a far better tank uncerted) and you've got the Vanguard being a beast of a tank dueling tank, and that's about it... Oh, good for taking out Libs, too... ;)
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  20. Goretzu

    Again though that's basically toe to toe slugging, something which isn't the majority of PS2 tank combat.