over 1500 fired, over 1000 direct hits, 10 kills, does that sound OP? Guess the weapon

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  1. St0mpy


    No im not always using it alone.

    No packs of strikers dont make any difference, its still just XP


    ^^ current ESL stats, Striker only best at accuracy (65% average) which is not much good on its own.

    Fact: Measuring by score doesnt make things even. Striker simply is pathetic at stopping people, it just makes some score.

    Phoenix actually stops people (tanks and air and infantry, pretty versitile for an "AV" weapon), it can be curved to hit tanks at their weakest point with no beeps, no warnings, no need for 3 long lockon sequences that even El Stupido couldnt mistake as a threat, it can one shot ESF, again, no warning.

    Might as well send them a text "time to go, im about to load my Striker", and what would their reply? "OK then, you start it up and Ill fire at you for 13 more seconds and if you arent dead ill fly off knowing ill only be 2/3rds damaged at worst if i cant break the lock or glitch the tracking out"

    Very poor weapon, unless you like scoring without killing anyone, in which case go mend some turrets.
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  2. bodmans

    the OP has just realised that lock-on weapons suck, GJ. it only took you 6 months
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  3. bobzebrick

    Yeah I don't understand the hate on this weapon, it entirely depends upon the opponents skill level and not the users. The only people I kill with it usually are terribad ESF pilots who are just hover spamming infantry/tanks or libs at 400-500m stupid enough to hang around. If you are dying to the striker it is really your issue. It's so easy to negate most of it's DPS.
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  4. Guadoc

    It does stop people. It may not in the way you want it to (actually kill them) but if you have more than one or two this is what it is like flying over TR airspace:

    LOCK - evasive manoeuvres

    LOCK - evasive manoeuvres

    LOCK - evasive manoeuvres

    LOCK - evasive manoeuvres

    You get the idea.
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  5. Skippytjc

    Its a horrible weapon. The range sucks and the lock on takes so long its virtually useless against aircraft. Even if you manage to get a few shots off before your target turns a corner or simply is out of range the damage is so pathetic you may as well have not fired at all.

    Me and another heavy last night, both with Strikers, couldn't out damage a single engineer repairing a sundy in plain sight. It was pathetic.

    Out of all the things ive spent SC on in this game this one was the biggest waste.
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  6. Sumguy720

    I think you're right, but I'm not sure what should be done about it. I feel like giving the TR a lockon weapon is hurting their diversity.

    Lockon weapons -- I know it's been said ad-nauseum -- do not require that much skill to operate. So if you make them really good, it basically makes every player who pulls one out a really good player. With things like the phoenix and lancer I feel like you need to get used to the weapon and how to use it.

    If the TR had the same weapon with dumbfire only and more damage or higher velocity I bet it would be a much better contestant on the anti armor field. And maybe it would be more fun/less risky to use.
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  7. manmad

    I agree that the striker should be changed. But i was wondering, how many times did you use it to shoot ESF's out of the sky?

    I often see TR troops just sitting on hills with their striker scaring off ESF's, but they dont get any kills because the ESF can easily fly away or use flares.
    To many ppl use it against ESF's, and just ignore the tanks.

    As i already mentioned, i do agree that the striker should be changed, but it doesnt need more damage. It needs another mechanic, no lockon. More damage will just make it OP.

    The other ESL also suck against aircrafts, so ppl dont use it and waste ammo on them. While TR constantly uses their against ESF's. Its just impossible to do anything against the TR in an ESF, you constantly have to fly away and use your flares. I Mostly just go away and fight NC.

    And to show you that that screenshot mean notting, here is a screenshot of a BR 100 (just the first one i found with more than 1k shots fired with the lancer)

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  8. freeze

    you have no idea how annoying it is to fly against TR.

    on top of HA being one of the most seen classes recently, when facing TR, you also see like 80% of them wielding Strikers.

    it's lock-on spam galore.
    just because you don't get massive kill-spam with it, doesn't mean it's not doing its job.

    making that thing even more effective, will just completely break whatever little balance we have left, when it comes to infantry vs vehicles
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  9. USD

    Nerf the damage on it and let us dumbfire it. At least then we can use it on maxes and turrets.
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  10. Udnknome

    It doesn't matter how much you curve it. If you are behind the target when you fire the weapon, it doesn't matter if you hit it in the front or the rear. Kinda makes backing your rear up against some rocks a useless maneuver when up against this weapon (or Engie AV turret for that matter). Though ESFs take a tank out faster then I can react if they hit it in the back, so I see them as the bigger theat.

    It's a strange mechanic they installed to prevent you from looping your shot around to hit it's soft spot. I guess because having the skill to do so is somehow OP. Unfortunately that still leave you exposed to ESF.
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  11. lilleAllan

    Lol, I didn't know the Phoenix stopped people.

    Didn't know you could just curve it to hit a tanks weakest point either. Must have my sensitivity too low.

    This valuable information makes me glad I visited the thread.
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  12. Ranik

    They should scrap the lock. Make it laser guided within 300m like in PS1 and then the Striker would instantly be decent and comparable to the Lancer / Pheonix.

    Why they didn't do this I can't imagine. Chalk it up to one more bad decision
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  13. Aegie

    Unless I am mistaken, "Kills" refers to actual players killed by the Striker and this will only happen when you are shooting vehicles if you destroy the vehicle before the person escapes (i.e. presses "E"). I would think it would be difficult to get player kills with the Striker since after the first couple of "bom, bom, bom" a person is likely to either have a strategy to stop taking damage (like IR smoke or flares) or will press "E". You are correct that the Pheonix and the Lancer will not provide the same kind of telegraph and thus both the other ESRLs are likely to have more kills. However, since the score per hour for the Striker is essentially the same as the Pheonix yet can be fired on fewer targets with a smaller probability of getting the additional "kill" XP then the Striker must be making up for this in other ways- like dishing out more damage more often against vehicles (or dishing out much more damage to aircraft). So yes, you have pointed out the drawback to the Striker- you get fewer infantry kills than with the Lancer or the Pheonix. You also probably get more vehicle assists as well but fewer kills since the damage of one Striker missile < charged Lancer or Pheonix.
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  14. ShayeUK

    4,666 fired, 2,979 hits, 64 kills
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  15. Aegie

    The Striker is comparable, just different and not better than (it's no Prowler). With the Striker you gain ease of use, less punishment for misses, more assists and better accuracy (way better accuracy against air and a lot more g2a damage XP) and (at least in the case of the Pheonix) better range. For these perks you trade, lower probability of getting the infantry kill because the infantry can press "E", fewer targets because you cannot lock-on to infantry, MAXs or turrets (still not sure why they made it so it could no lock-on to turrets) and having to wait for a lock. These are trade offs and if you notice the score/hour is on par with the Pheonix so the Striker has to be making up the ground somehow- my hypothesis is that it makes this up by being far better at shooting the average aircraft than either the Lancer or the Pheonix and that is not too shaby for an AV weapon. Sure you can target whatever you want with the Pheonix, but half of the vehicles are airborn and that half you are unlikely to have much luck hitting.
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  16. Falcon_BR

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  17. Jaes

    You should be in a NC or VS VOIP program when fighting TR sometime, all you'll hear is GOD DAMN STRIKERS!!!!!
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  18. GSZenith

    i was expecting pump...:(
  19. Hosp

    Thread seems like alot of people learning game mechanics more than anything being OP/UP.
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  20. Shinrah

    The problem isn´t that Lock-On´s instantly vaporize your aircraft, it´s that you constantly have to leave the area or risk being vaporized. Even with fully certed flares you have a 20s CD, removing the 4s Lock-Safety you still have 16s until your next CD. 16s are pretty long when every 2nd HA on the ground point´s his Striker/Annihilator/ESAAL at you. So you´re forced to retreat after flaring.

    With ESF´s this isn´t that much of an issue albeit very annoying, especially when you have a dogfight and are forced to run due to locks and flare CD. For Liberators it is a different world, while still pretty maneuverable they can´t easily disengage when they have commited to an attack. Add to that all the Flakk that flies around and you know why most people detest the white "LOCK" on their screens.

    I would very much like for ALL Lock-On´s to be removed and replaced with weapons that require at least some skill, but in exchange reward the proficient user with greater efficiency.
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