[Suggestion] Outpost easy redesign ideas [anti Air/Vehicle spam]

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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    I was thinking of a way to make Outposts etc a bit easier for infantry without too much work load for the devs.

    Underground "side" stream pads:
    Just like the upstreams in the air tower you would use these see through pads in outposts, but change them to allow a use feature. You step on one and press "use", whoosh and you go down via a underground pip line and pop up in another building the same way you use a up down stream. The pips could use similar graphics as the Esamir pips.

    (Technically you could use teleports, but these are hard to see where go. Unlike the pips where you see the general way its going and can estimate the building the player went to...)


    Step on one of these and press "use" and you are transported.


    Via something like this, but a bit more "slimmed down" to another building in the Outpost.


    Outpost Dome shields:
    Instead of redesigning all outposts you could add a generator to some and make these control dome shield that only infantry could pass. You kept the Outpost by controlling the CC (control console, flag etc) and the gen. If you lost the gen Lib spam would kill you off like they do now. Making the outpost a infantry battle regardless of amount of vehicles outside it.

    This dome shield stuff is actually already possible in the game since it was in Alpha.


    Bottom right. Dome shield.


    Special Generator bunkers:
    For smaller squads there is little one can do to have a impact on the wider battle.
    So having smaller areas where squads could defend and have a impact would make sense to me to have in the game. Its a side show, but not without importance.

    I was thinking a set of underground bunker with a few corridors, a middle room between the corridors and a gen room at the end.

    You can easier defend the place vs larger numbers.
    It can be a back and forth battle in the corridor or a push back to the gen and defeat.

    These generators could control key easy to add features at a set radius outposts around it.
    Like for example anti fire shield on top floor air towers and outpost shields for windows. Shield goes down and vehicle spam goes in the window, so to speak.


    Possible entrance area look.


    Corridor, add a few boxes and other cover etc.


    And the final gen room area which opens up more and is harder to defend

    Only thing I think this idea sort needs is that resupply needs to be limited.
    In PS1 some gen hold lasted until the guys inside ran out of ammo. That took both a little luck and allot of skill mind you... however it some times happened. In PS2 with unlimited heal tool, rep tool and ammo packs it might be a issue. Unlimited fits more in a round based game like BF3, I think, and I would hope both the heal and rep tool got "ammo" clips and that ammo packs had a set carry limit between resupplies at AMSs that could be increased with cert points. Making it more or less impossible to run out in the field, but very much so possible in a cornered position like this.

    Btw I had to write this twice because I lost all of it just before posting LoL
  2. JojoTheSlayer

    Gonna bump it now since I posted it at night...
  3. TheEvilBlight

    Give us some PS1 towers for fun and games. We'll hold 'em longer than the Crown, as long the LA's can't jet up to the top.

    (Though the lack of doors could be a problem...)
  4. UberBonisseur

    Ah. Outposts.

    Taken from here:

    Step 1:
    Take Coramed Labs

    Step 2:
    Put the spawn room on top of a building inside

    Step 3:
    Copy-paste it all over Indar

    Seriously though elevation is underrated. If we had this little barrier protection, some decent, easily accessible rooftops, better spawn rooms, and not a whole lot of impact points for Tank shells, it'd work.