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  1. Hawaiiwong

    Outfit name: Auraxis Iron Guard
    Outfit tag: [AxIG]
    Server(s): Connery
    Main Objective: We are a warhammer 40k themed casual outfit looking for members for our daily ops. As the largest outfit on Connery we pull Bastions twice a week and have other ops that accommodate tanks, air, construction, and infantry. All active members in the discord are welcome to fly the Bastion or drive a Colossus. We promote leaders and active members. Most of all, we are welcoming of new members at any skill level.
    Mission Statement: "We aim to make every playstyle in planetside available and fun for our members, and have an outfit structure to directly reward you for your work and involvement within the community"
    Outfit Logo: https://www.outfit-tracker.com/assets/img/cached/a249b7a9d4301fb28e2f3388a5766f91.png
    Outfit Screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...ide_2_Screenshot_2022.09.23_-_22.38.05.68.png
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/45ymUDyV4x
  2. Muppet Knight

    Outfit name: Training Alliance Task Force
    Outfit tag:[TATF]
    Main Objective: We are Looking for friendly and mature players, who wish to enjoy a friendly environment without any drama. We are looking to rebuild the outfit into one that has regular players and we have a command structure to reward committed players. We use discord for our main comms, our main Outfit nights are on a Tuesday and we have a fun open night on Fridays
    Mission Statement: "Be a thinking but fun player"
    Outfit Screenshot: