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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    As we near the start of Outfit Wars matches, some outfits may need a little extra help with recruiting members.

    Reply down below the following and we may give you a little shoutout on our social media pages!

    Outfit name:
    Outfit tag:
    Main Objective: Example: "Need more members for Outfit Wars, weekly ops, etc."
    Mission Statement: Example: "Our outfit is looking to create a community of friends to have an awesome time in planetside!"
    Discord Link: (if your outfit has a discord server, share it here)
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  2. pseudotaxus

    Outfit name: Hellz Angelz
    Outfit tag: S3X1
    Server(s): Connery
    Main Objective: Here to advertise our outfit as a great choice for Connery VS. While we are in Outfit Wars and would love for any to join us, we're always looking for people who like the group and stick around for what we offer!
    Mission Statement: Half serious, half casual. S3X1 offers a welcoming and respectful space for new players and veterans alike to enjoy most all of the playstyles Planetside has to offer, from comms-oriented squadplay to casual vehicle groups! What we can't train you in, we can direct you to our friends in other oufits.
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/a/yJacQ7d
    Outfit Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/kxGm0fn
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/GTwAGEk
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  3. Lephty

    Outfit name: 22 Engineering Battalion
    Outfit tag: 22BT
    Server: Emerald
    Main Objective: Casual/semi serious ops with focus on fun
    Mission statement: Creating a laid back group to run with consistently and help teach newer players while were at it
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/gallery/9SwXWlt
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/fVvF733f
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  4. Deathshot

    Outfit name: Blue Lions
    Outfit tag: BL
    Server: Emerald
    Main Objective: Casual with serious Ops mixed in
    Mission Statement: The Blue Lions are one of the Original Planetside 1 Outfits to make the transition to Planetside 2, we strive to support all play-styles while also teaching the skills we have accumulated over our nearly 20 years of service.
    Outfit Logo: https://i.imgur.com/hb3lpZ1.gif
    Discord Link: [Redacted] For Newly Recruited Members only
  5. Shadowstrike32

    Outfit name: MARSOC2 ( Martian Assault Response Special Operations Command)
    Outfit tag: MAS2
    Server(s): Emerald
    Main Objective: We need more members for weekly ops and events and Outfit Wars next year. We also play on other factions on different factions during the week. Week usually run a half squad during OPS but would love to work up to a full platoon of 48 or more people.
    Mission Statement: Our Outfit is looking to have a friendly space and happy environment for our members. We run a variety of things while either in game or on Discord.
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/gallery/SFKIO6o
    Discord Link: [COLOR=var(--text-link)]https://discord.gg/Srk8BQfFJq[/COLOR]
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  6. Spitty

    Outfit Name: Better Red Then Dead
    Outfit Tag: BRTD
    Server: Miller
    Main Objective: To Give a place to all people to come together and forget about the outside world, were we laugh and sometimes get serious Were not just an outfit Were Brothers and Sisters, we look out for one another in game and in real life, What are you waiting for Join NOW!!!
    Outfit Logo: [IMG]
    Website: BETD.net
    Outfit Video:
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  7. Mordus

    Outfit name: Freelancers Union
    Outfit tag: FU
    Server(s): Miller
    Main Objective: To provide consistent and properly led platoons with delegated roles.
    Mission Statement: We believe that gaming should not only be fun but long term meaningful. A place where you can develop with the support and resources of an experienced community. We want to provide opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills and experience the game in the best way possible!

    Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/axzCaZq
    Webpage: https://www.fugaming.org/
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    Outfit name: Elementary Beginnings
    Outfit tag: [ELME]
    Server(s): Miller (TR)
    Website: https://www.elme.games

    Main Objective: We are currently looking for more players joining our Outfit Wars Teams for this Season. In addition we provide Platoons and Squads. For more Info join our Discord or read the Mission Statement.
    Mission Statement: ELME is originally a Planetside 2 Outfit which was founded in June 2012. We offer various action like large, coordinated platoon, every Friday and Tactical squads, Discord based, every Monday. In addition we provide specialised vehicle squads, training on all aspects of the game and participation in Jaeger and Community Events as well Outfitwars. We are proud to count ourself among the oldest TR-Outfits on Miller. Coordinated and Strict or Casual everything is possible, fun is the focus for all ELME. We have opened our doors to everyone regardless of the nation or language you speak.
    Outfit Screenshot:
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  9. Thazer

    Outfit Name: Sanguine Enforcers
    Outfit Tag: SNGE
    Server: Miller EU
    Main Objective: To increase our impact on the battlefield and overall enjoyment of our memebrs

    Mission Statement: The Sanguine Enforcers are one of the oldest TR outfits on Miller and it was created with loyalty in mid. As an outfit created by TR, for TR, with 9 years of service under our belt. We pride ourselves with the dedication and loyalty of our members. SNGE is one of the few outfits out there where all members are unique members of the outfit. This has garnered a uniquely cohesive and loyal community with a strong identity. Our members, have formed a close bond of brotherhood in game as well as in the real life. These strong bonds are what allow us to provide those fighting under our banner with efficient and impactful action, outlined by a warm and jovial embrace to people of all walks of life. For our strength, is our unity.

    Website: www.SNGE.eu
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  10. ApolloMCProductions

    Outfit name: Vanu Sovereign KatZ
    Outfit tag: VKTZ
    Server(s): Emerald
    Main Objective: Daily primetime ops focused on infantry point holding, breaching, and general objective play to win alerts!
    Mission Statement: Our outfit is an open recruitment community that is committed to excellence on the battlefield, no matter the initial skill level. Because of this, we have developed a strong core of veterans to help train the next generation of players while delivering gameplay experiences that only Planetside can provide, night after night.
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/a/ddc0WqM
    Outfit Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/6jv6XUz
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VKTZ
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  11. Spitty

  12. Kriffel

    Outfit name: German Nightmare
    Outfit tag: GENM
    Server(s): Miller
    Main Objective: More members for your ops 2 times per week
    Mission Statement: We offer a german community on Miller NC to give every german speaking player a home
    Discord Link: discord.gg/AKshKA5mK7
  13. Sierra284

    Outfit name: 333rd Hell Hounds
    Outfit tag: 333d
    Server(s): Connery
    Main Objective: Combined Arms / Small Unit Tactics
    Mission Statement: To make a squad feel like an army, to make every member know how to lead so that no one is leaderless.
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/a/gspD9wr
    Outfit Screenshot: N/A
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VZARYTU3

    Discord Link will last for 7 days (I think)[/quote]
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  14. GrillGames

    Outfit name: Aim Trainer Mains
    Outfit tag: [L33T]
    Server(s): Emerald
    Mission Statement: We are a new and upcoming outfit on the NC we plan to field a team on Outfit Wars. Join us for fun and fast gameplay.

  15. Weavers73

    Outfit name: Formido
    Outfit tag: FRMD
    Server(s): Miller
    Main Objective: The Poodle Outfit on Miller NC! A 19 year old outfit which has built not just an outfit but a poodle family!.
    Mission Statement: A long established outfit which is providing chances for all possible play styles and partakes in many events. Respected by enemy and ally alike, the Poodlefit is welcoming battle hardened veterans as well as curious newbies. We can also help you with improving your leadership skills if you are interested in taking over responsibilities within the outfit. We are looking for open-minded players that do not shy away from a challenge and can carry their own weight in a do-or-die situation. You are required to have TS3 ready and a working microphone (and the necessary mental maturity). You can either follow the in game application process over our outfit page (search for FRMD) or just contact us if you want to give it a shot for a couple play sessions!

    Outfit Camo: Feldspar

    Outfit Video:

    Website & Merch : https://formido.net

    Our Outfit Wars Video!

  16. Mr. Turano

    Outfit name: LAPHing House Brewery

    Outfit tag: (LAPH) mposur Becaause it's what we do Best.

    Server: EMERALD OPS Hours 10am-1PM PST We are the morning shift right before the chaos begins.

    Main Objective: Improve our skills while also enjoying the game to the MAX, Only the finest gentlemen and classiest Ladies get promoted for their impressive skill and composure under pressure.

    Mission Statement: To raise the Meak and new, and get you addicted to the teamplay aspect of the game. MrTuranos is the founder with his trusted #2 RoughneckTreker, They Run ops most days of the week and pull Bassys every saturday. They keep their heads high as they continue to find new Brewery Employees looking to supply Auraxis with cheer and real estate opportunities for rapid expansion. Our employees of the month who have got gifts are as follows and we thank them for their service to the company.








    And the Boots Brothers.

    Special thanks to the hundreds of others who have joined and continue to play, and to Our outfit Allies [OCMG] and [BGLA].

  17. AOD_Arrow5379

    Outfit name: Angels of Death
    Outfit tag: [AODR]
    Server: Emerald
    Main Objective: Operate platoons daily in a casual environment welcome to all skill levels. Provide improvement resources for players wanting to learn, and participate in PlanetSide events.

    Mission Statement: The Angels of Death is a 22+ year multi-gaming community made up of mature, dedicated PC players who value teamwork and community. With thousands of active members playing over 11 games. Clan members get access to our TeamSpeak, Discord, private forums, priority spots in platoons, squad & platoon leading, war assets, and thousands of hours of combined experience in improvement resources. All in a casual, friendly, non-toxic environment. To join, contact an officer in-game/Discord or submit an application at ClanAOD.net.
    Outfit Logo: [IMG]
    Outfit Screenshot: [IMG]
  18. AntDX316

    Outfit name: VSA
    Outfit tag: ISV
    Server(s): Emerald
    Main Objective: Additional Communication Layer
    Mission Statement: Anyone can join. Guides are on the Discord. https://isv.vsa.zone
    Higher-level Outfit Permissions are given to those experienced.
  19. AviatorFox

    Outfit name: THE WILD CARDS
    Outfit tag: TWC2
    Server(s): Connery
    Main Objective: Stay Wild! Have fun with friends and make sure the guns of Auraxis are never silent.
    Mission Statement: THE WILD CARDS are a community forged around making people feel welcome, and providing a place to meet new friends. We always focus on having fun first, with a mix of objective play and platoon ops for pure entertainment. We're always recruiting and have a long history of being the best outfit on Connery VS!
    Outfit Logo:
    Outfit Screenshot:
    Discord Link: Join in game to receive a Discord link in the Outfit Message of the Day!
  20. Amon Tenma

    Outfit name: SoKaar's Legion
    Outfit tag: SKL
    Server(s): Emerald
    Main Objective: With over 5 thousand active members, SoKaar's Legion is the most active outfit in Planetside 2. Dedicated to promoting the growth of new players from novices to seasoned warriors or elite commanders across the battlefield on the Emerald Server, guides, videos, and mentors are available across the Discord server for all members. Come check out our Academy system, designed to train players of all skill levels in disciplines such as leadership, air, armor, construction, and infantry.
    Mission Statement: SKL's goal has always been to initiate, give direction to, and train the newer members of Planetside. If you're looking to try squad or platoon leading, always have felt frustrated by your infantry or vehicle skills, or are just looking for an active community of helpful folks to play with, SKL is the place for you.
    Outfit Logo: https://imgur.com/ODBrleH
    Outfit Screenshot:



    Discord Link: (if your outfit has a discord server, share it here) https://discord.gg/SKL
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