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  1. thed1rt

    This needs a revamp. Its totaly stupid that if you start off with The Crown you have to purposely lose The Crown and then take it back just to get Purple Bastion points. The game is telling you "lose on purpose if you want to win". If someone is defending a base it should give them 10 minutes of point generation. If even 1 person from the outfit is defending the base it should give the outfit half of the payout for resource points.

    I hate having to tell my outfit "lose the crown on purpose we need the points" it feels horrible like not playing the game right.
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  2. Botji

    I havent done any math on it but wouldnt spending your outfit people and effort taking smaller bases be worth more in the end?

    The exchange rates are very good, instead of taking the crown or whatever purple base you could probably take at least 2-3 normal ones... or take the 'open field' blue bases and hold them, very easy to do.. hard part is actually being the friendly outfit that takes them but shouldnt be a problem if you are more than one person.

    But I kinda agree with your complaint, unowned bases should perhaps reward defender outfits with resources to make it worth keeping them.
  3. JustGotSuspended

    It doesn't really make sense that you only get rewarding for capturing, not defending bases. We've brought up this concern many times, but the devs apparently still don't seem to care.
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  4. RabidIBM

  5. Lausk

    My beef with resources is how bases get captured by one guy who supposedly "contributed" the most. So here we are dumping resources into outfits that can't spend the stuff fast enough among outfits that maybe get an OS once a week through expeditions.

    On Connery we get the 1-2 Recrusion guys that milk the scoreboard and get the facility cap. It's a strange mechanic because we know that those two people wouldn't be able to cap the facility on their own, but we've simultaneously decided they should get 100% of the resource share?

    Don't get me wrong, it's cool having your outfit logo on an outpost for 30-40 minutes while an alert goes, but is it really a mechanic that the broader Planetside community of outfits is able to take advantage of? No.

    For a sandbox game, it'd be great if other outfits besides zergfits and elitefits could obtain meaningful progression when it comes to outfit resources. It's a very strange meta.
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  6. Liewec123

    Yeah defending really is'nt profitable, it's part of the reason that the 3 factions mostly just zerg over underpopped bases while avoiding eachother, because they are rewarded for it, but defending yields little/no reward.

    There is also a fundamental problem with how the resources are given out,
    favouring spawn campers over people defending the points or supporting their allies, or bringing sunderers/routers.
    Your outfit needs 1000 "score" in a base cap to get outfit resources,
    but it only seems to be hostile activities that provide score
    (Like kills and attacking points, defending points or resupplying/repairing yields nothing.)
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  7. thed1rt

    I think if even 1 single person helps defend a base their whole outfit should get 10 minutes of credit timer. At a half payout for defense instead of capture.
    And EVERYONE that assaults a base should get credit but the top scoreres should get better modifiers and extra pay.

    So if 1 person from an outfit helps a capture they can get a reduced 10% payment but no timer. The timer payouts would only be for defense to encourage people to play the game correctly, the 10 minute credit thingy.
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  8. 0neWinged

    The entire resource management with the map is broken. It ONLY allows for zergfits to get the resource timers. It is basically telling people, "Sorry, our game is a choice of these 3 outfits." I agree with your idea of giving 10 min timer but in all honesty with there already being limits to 1 bastion at a time and millions of orbitals already from the zergfits + base builders.

    It would be better just to give the timer to all outfits that were attacking the base and not only 1.

    That is the only way that anyone can actually enjoy the FULL FUNCTION of the game. After being in a multiple outfits, you can't do anything with outfit points unless they ALLOW you to.

    Would really love a dev to respond to this issue as it is a big one.
  9. JibbaJabba

    You're on TR or NC. TR I think?
  10. SteelMantis

    My opinion is that outfit resource generation is fine as is.

    For starters I'm not convinced that making outfit resources easier to get is good for the game. More outfit resources means more OS and Bastion spam.

    Resources for defending sounds nice but also sounds very exploitable. Losing the crown and they retaking it at least required some planning and a group big enough to retake the crown. If we got points (for every outfit with at least a single player at the base no less) wouldn't the best way to gather resources become sitting at the crown all day letting random solo players trickle in and flip a point then retaking the point over and over again?

    Finally, how are you guys even having trouble getting resources? The tiny outfit I lead which is only myself and a handful of new players is still able to pull a couple of Bastions a month. Only use OS when they can turn the tide of a battle and keep expeditions running turning green to blue and blue to purple and there are a reasonable amount of resources available even to microfits.
  11. SawyerAnderson

    I honestly think that after this campaign ends hives should make a return and they can be used to collect these resources from areas in the map random or otherwise it would 1. improve base building outside of muh OS uplink and 2. allow more outfits to use things like anvil etc

    Example my outfit is made up of like 10-15 people and we all personally know everyone irl the chances of us hitting a bastion are probably once a year if that but us being able to drop anvils etc. help improve our tactical gameplay.

    Hell looking at the armory now pruples have been used for a single bastion part and 4 colis and our blues have been used for all of the bubble shields now our reserves are 0 across the board and this has probably been atleast a good 8-9 months for a 10-15 group outfit.
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  12. 0neWinged

  13. 0neWinged

    I would l

    I don't know if you were around for it. But a concept from PS1 is base draining. That would be a lovely thing if they brought that back into the game. Especially with the way continent fights get stuck now a days. A quick tactical drain to neutralize a base link would be spicy.
  14. DataGhost

    Imagine being an outfit large enough to afford the luxury of purposely losing one of the hardest fought-over bases on a continent to retake it and expecting to win it, too. Sounds like you're one of the reasons why Bastion crafting time was doubled and required resources reworked.

    In any case, yes, defending a base probably should award something* somehow, but it is probably going to be very easy (again, especially for large outfits) to abuse this somehow into getting resources even faster. Also defending a base generally takes less time than capturing it (even less than a minute sometimes) so that'd need balancing too. This something* should be another incentive than the base outfit resource, if the crafting costs or resource rewards aren't adjusted accordingly. Maybe a complementary resource (so we have six instead of three) that's required in the same (or some other logical) amount for every craftable. That should at least slow down attacking zergfits a little bit by requiring them to defend in a meaningful way, which in turn helps the outfits currently holding the bases that are being defended.

    I think you're already granted five minutes worth of a resource if your outfit has contributed at least 1000 counted XP towards the base cap, so it's not like you're getting nothing. Do keep in mind, though, that 2/3rd of the time, the base is not owned by your faction and that one of the other two factions is at the same disadvantage you think only affects your faction/outfit. In the end it evens out, but that's not what you think about the 1/3rd of the time it happens to you. So in terms of purple resource gain only, no change is necessary.